Whatcha Think About BH Cosmetics Brow Products?

Who isn’t all about brows these days? It wasn’t until about 2 years ago that I saw everyone and their sister buying products to make their eye brows stand out. I found my first Annabelle Skinny Brow liner in Universal Medium around then and haven’t looked back. However, I thought it was about time to take a look at other products to see what I might be missing out on.



With that in mind, I picked up 3 different brow products from BH Cosmetics: the Studio Pro HD Brow Pencil, Flawless Brow Gel and the Automatic Eyebrow Pencil. They all are for different purposes and have different uses and looks depending on your taste and of course, eye brows. Classically, there is the Studio Pro HD Brow Pencil which is a twist up brow pencil with a very handy spoolie at the end. This product is similar to most pencils but I did notice it isn’t quite as soft as others. That being said, I like the colour a lot (I have blonde). It is more ashy and since it isn’t as creamy, it makes it hard to go too dark (a feature I like personally).



The Flawless brow gel is quite different than those I have tried. The colour is not right for me in the shade blonde but that’s the only colour I can speak on as they do have 5 in total. It is definitely gold and you can tell when it is applied to the brows as it is slightly reflective. The formula is also weirdly powdery considering it is a liquid. Both of these issues are minimized if you take your finger and pat down your brows as it dries which is what I did here. I do like the wand on it as it is pretty easy to apply and I like that it holds my brows in place which can sometimes be challenging.


 Lastly, is the  Automatic Eyebrow Pencil which I was the most intrigued with due to the shape of the pencil. The flat edge makes drawing in your brows very easy and it is a waxy formula which holds your brows down. The colour I have again is blonde and it is another ashy brown which I think matches well and the only think I can really say about this is that you must comb through your brows after using this product. I didn’t here and as you can see, my brows are all over the map. If there was a spoolie on the end of this, I would say it was pretty much perfect.

Which do I like the best? It depends. On a day to day basis, I would choose the Studio Pro HD Brow Pencil. If I am in a rush, I would pick the Flawless Brow Gel. If I want to make my brows stay in place and make a statement, I pick the Automatic Eyebrow Pencil. All of these products are under $10 from the bhcosmetics.com website and if you have ebates, you can also get up to 15% back on your purchase!

Til next time, ttfn x


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