July 2015 Favourites & Unfavourites

July is just about over and with all of the shopping I did towards the end of the month, I have a few favourite and unfavourite products I wanted to share.

Roxy picked up a product from the Dollar Tree of all places called the Oxy Natural Action Oil Absorbing lotion. It claims to remove, refresh, restore, replenish your skin and let me tell you, it really did. I have tried a million things to reduce oil but nothing has worked so instantly as this has. It was only $1.25, but my understanding is that it was about $10-$11 for 60 mL. This thing is a miracle which naturally means it has been discontinued. I was so upset to find that out, but luckily, the Dollar Tree by my house had 3 more bottles that I was able to purchase before it was too late.

I have two face washes here: the Equate Pink Grapefruit Foaming Acne Scrub and the Ole Henriksen African Red Tea foaming cleanser. I do not like the Equate cleanser because it’s so drying. However, the Ole Henriksen cleanser may be the one. Review coming very soon!




If you saw my USA haul, two products really stood out above the rest for me and so I had to include them dispite the fact I only had them for about 1/4th of the month. The Lorac Pro 2 palette is exquisite in texture and pigmentation for most of the shades and there is a good variety of colour to play with even for a girl who is not so into neutrals. The second product is the beautiful Too Faced Candlelight Glow highlighter which was once raved about on YouTube. It was totally worth they hype I had heard at least. It is not natural or dramatic, it is simply the perfect glow that feels like silk when you apply it. It is simply wonderful.

I am not overly shocked that I didn’t get along with the Laura Mercier Protection Primer. Though I love the SPF, it just made me a oily mess by the end of the day and I am glad it’s gone. I would totally recommend this to someone that likes a dewy finish but doesn’t really require much in a primer other than some moisture and SPF. That is just not me!

This product is totally new. The Brow This Way gel by Rimmel is the best eyebrow gel I have ever used! Colour: perfect, texture: crunchy, application: easy.

I am 90% sure this has been in my favourites before but I don’t care. This is the Rimmel (again) Scandaleyes Volume Flash mascara. The wand is huge and gets every lash coated. It gives my lashes so much length, it’s unreal.

Roxy also picked me up this beautiful orange polish from China Glaze earlier this year knowing how much I love the colour. I am wearing it right now (as you can see) and it is such a beautiful, bright pop of colour. I will be checking out more of their polish in the future.

I have included this before but I once again don’t care. It’s awesome. This month, I was able to pick up two of the COLAB dry shampoos in Rio and Paris. They work to invisibly clean, volumize, texturize and freshen my hair way better than anything else. They are wonderful and only about $8. What more could you ask for?

I hope you enjoyed hearing about what I loved this July! Many of these will be in upcoming posts so you can see swatches and full reviews. What have you been reaching for lately?

Til next time, ttfn x


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