#MOTD: Go To Make Up Ft. Rimmel London

I have always been drawn to Rimmel products ever since I found my favourite Scandaleyes Flash Volume mascara. They have a wide variety of products at an affordable price and fantastic quality. They just don’t typically disappoint me which is perhaps why I have a little bit of everything from them. This is pretty much my go to make up (though I do frequently switch up the blush and eye shadows for a bolder look).

rimmel stay matte primer  

rimmel wake me up concealer  

rimmel clean finish matte 

I always start with a primer and this one is new to me. It is the Rimmel Stay Matte Primer in 003. I am not sure what the difference is in shades but it comes out as a white lotion that feels pretty balmy. I am going for quite a matte look today as you will be able to see as we go through the different products. I first did some concealing with the Wake Me Up concealer. I know a lot of people love this stuff but I am not one if those people. I find the formula really thin and wet which is why I don’t feel like it works too well for me. The shade is a little too dark for me so I used it under my foundation with just a bit under my eyes and on some of the scarring I have. For foundation, I have the Clean Finish Matte foundation in 120 Ivory which you might have seen before. This is very, very thick and pretty full coverage.

rimmel match perfection concealer and rimmel stay matte powder

under eye blending  

Before I set my face, I wanted to do a second layer of concealer but this time with the Rimmel Match Perfection 2 in 1 concealer and highlighter in the shade 125 Fair under my eyes again and on my cupids bow to further conceal my dark circles and brighten my face up. To set everything, we have another matte product and a classic: it’s the Stay Matte translucent powder which I love as you can see by the very worn packaging. On top of the powder, I concealed once more with the Match Perfection concealer just under my eyes to finally cover things up to my liking. Yes, it is a bit excessive but it really conceals everything!

rimmel brow this way  

rimmel scandaleyes eye shadow pencil  

Rimmel eye shadows in 28 Burgundy Palace

Rimmel eye shadows in 28 Burgundy Palace on eyes  

Onto the fun stuff, we have another new product from Rimmel (or at least, the packaging said new) and that is the Brow This Way gel in Blonde. It is hands down the best brow gel I have used and the colour is just right so I am very pleased. I am in love! As an eyeshadow base, I used the Rimmel Scandaleyes pencil in Bulletproof Beige. I typically use an actual primer because my eyelids are pretty oily but this held up very well considering how creamy it is. To set it, I took this little 5 colour collection of Rimmel eye shadows in 28 Burgundy Palace and used the middle pink shade all over my lid and into the crease to make things more blendable. All 5 colours are shimmery which works for me but might not for everyone. With the upper right wine colour, I made a bit of a V in the outer corner to define my crease. On top and in the inner corner, I blended in some of the lower right lilac shade to lighten things up. These blended together really well and I am pleased with how rosy, light and shimmery it turned out.

rimmel scandaleyes volumeflash mascara   

rimmel scandaleyes volumeflash mascara swatch

rimmel natural bronzer and rimmel blush

rimmel kate nude
 Next of course is my beloved Scandaleyes Volumeflash mascara that I have been using the past few months. It is on its last legs but still turns out flawless as you can see. To finish off the face make up, I took the Rimmel blush in Coral which I quite like (even though it has horrible fall out when you dip your brush in). I also used a bit of bronzer to be fancy and contour. This is a favourite bronzer to date: the Rimmel Natural Waterproof Bronzer in 21 Sun Light which has a bit of shimmer and is a tad bit warm toned, but I always reach for it and it lasts all day. On the lips is a new Kate Moss nude lipstick in number 45. I am in love with this type of nude-pink-brown lately so you will be seeing a lot of this and similar colours.

rimmel london full face make up  

rimmel london full face make up 

Here is the finished look in all its glory. I will say that despite all of the mattifying I tried to do, I was still oily by noon but that’s ok. I like the look, nothing faded (other than the lipstick after eating of course) or moved and smudged so I would call it a success. If there is a brand you want to see me create a look with, let me know!

Til next time, ttfn x


7 thoughts on “#MOTD: Go To Make Up Ft. Rimmel London

  1. My first ever setting powder was the Rimmel Stay Matte and I love it so much that I don’t think I’ll ever stray. And it’s so affordable too!
    I love the look!


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