Try This Pin: Faux Negative Space Manicure

The past few weeks, I haven’t been keeping up on my manicures. First off, I stained my nails so badly and thought they needed a bit of a breather. I also unexplainably had really itchy cuticles which turned into extremely dry and peely cuticles which was just a gross mess. I have figured out the culprit since then, but it wasn’t until now that my nails are feeling more moisturized (thanks to the Flexitol foot cream – that stuff is heavy duty).

Anyways, after that hiatus, I wanted to get right back into things full force so I started scoping out nail art ideas and different versions of the negative space nail art that I could try my hand at. Like anyone, I turned to Pinterest and was inspired. This super beautiful manicure is glamorous and exactly the feel I was looking for. Just before this, I had placed an order with Beyond The Nail for a nail polish unlike any I have ever seen before, and a few nail decals and guides. I picked out my colours, my base and top coat, grabbed the line vinyl nail guides and gave it a try for myself. All you need is a glittery polish, a cream polish (nothing too similar to each other), the vinyl nail guides and tweezers.
I started with Essie’s Grow Faster base coat followed by this gorgeous glitter named Bare It All from Pure Ice. Once the glitter is 100%, I applied 2 nail guides with a thin space between them alternating on each nail whether they were positioned on the top or bottom of the nail. I used the tweezers to place them just to makes things easier. As I do, I left one accent nail totally glitterfied with 3x coats of polish.

With the guides in place, I applied two coats of OPI’s Amazon, Amazoff on top and quickly removed the guides with tweezers. This way, the polish dries a little flatter. After a generous amount of dry time, I applied the Revlon Diamond Top Coat on each of the nails and voila! The nails are done and this colour combination was perfect. Still bright and eye catching but not the intense neon that I usually associate with summer.

The nails do look a little textured from the glitter. That can happen depending on the glitter you use. For a smoother finish, I would add a thin layer of top coat on top of the glitter to smooth things out. It won’t work miracles but it will flatten some of the rougher edges. I opted to add a second layer of top coat instead and think it worked very well! Let me know if you want to see more Pinterest or nail tutorial posts in the future! I think a home décor DIY will be my next Pinterest post to tackle.
Til next time, ttfn x


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