Finding an Acne Solution ft Reversa

Skin care has been top of mind this month. I have talked about some discontinued gems, my current cleanser and what products I thought were worth their hefty price tag. Behind the scenes, I have also been trying out some new (to me) skin care that I really wanted to share. Let’s talk toner.

I haven’t found a toner that has done a whole lot for me. I think toners are such a cool product because you can really see all of the dirt and grime that you’re getting off but the past few I have tried haven’t made my skin feel or look any different. They weren’t bad, but they were kind of unnecessary.


A very sweet person from Reversa contacted me asking about my skin care: what I used, what I thought helped and finally, whether I wanted to try one of their products. After taking a look at what they had to offer, how could I resist? The Reversa Solution for Oily and Acne-Prone skin**: A solution for acne, an exfoliating, multi use product with oil control and made in Canada; that gets my two thumbs up but only if it works of course!

Like many skin care products, the claims are amazing: brightens, smooths, acne-fighting, oil-free, tightens pores, clears blackheads and this one even claims to eliminate excess oils and fats. Very intriguing and right up my alley. What does it do? Well, I have been using it for around 2 weeks now and I can confirm that it does quite a bit of what it says. When applied as a toner, it does tingle and makes my skin feel clearer and almost more hydrated. Using this in combination with my favourite moisturizers, it also seems to be keeping my acne at bay with a few time-of-the-month exceptions. The one thing that sets this apart from most toners is that I do see a visible difference. My skin is much smoother, much cleaner, much brighter and much softer than before.



The Reversa Solution can be used as an all over the face toner or as a spot treatment for acne. It is specifically for adults struggling with acne (like myself) and contains 8% glycolic acid which to my knowledge, I had never used before. I tend to use it as a toner but when I focus it in my trouble spots, I notice a difference the very next day. It can be used daily and nightly which is what I have been doing after I cleanse my skin.

Overall, I really love what it is doing for my skin. I think it is a very fair price for what it does at $37. It can also be purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart! Can’t get much better than that. If you have similar acne issues, give this a try and I am sure you won’t be disappointed!

Til next time, ttfn x


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