August 2015 Favourites & Unfavourites

It’s the end of summer! These past few days and weeks, our household is looking ahead to fall. It’s all a little crazy to think about how fast 2015 has gone but I am getting pumped for the coming season! This past month, I was really into natural make up so I have a lot of basics. It’s time to take a look back at what products I loved and didn’t love so much for the past month.

First off, I have a foundation and primer. This Rimmel Stay Matte Primer and Benefit Hello Flawless foundation don’t work very good together unfortunately, but with other products, I have loved the results. The Rimmel Primer really keeps my face mattified and keeps the foundation and concealer on my face where it should be. I definitely like how it looks with the L’Oreal True Match! Make Up Forever Ultra HD foundation (review coming soon) or Rimmel Clean Finish Matte foundation so far but with the Benefit foundation, it ends up feeling cakey and making my skin a little dry looking (which I have never had happen).

This Benefit Hello Flawless foundation is actually my #1 foundation and one of the only Benefit products I really love. Their fairest shade in I’m Pure 4 Sure Ivory colour matches me perfectly, feels great, has good coverage and wear time and isn’t totally matte or totally dewy. If you have a yellow undertone, take a look at this collection of foundations because chances are, they will match you beautifully.

One of my recent brush favourites is one of the first brushes I ever owned and that is the Ecotools Stippling brush. I love using it with my cream blushes and have been just about every day. The application is perfect using this because it only picks up a bit of product with the longer bristles and then blends everything out using the short bristles. I haven’t seen any other stipping brush quite like this before. The size is perfect and the dramatic difference in bristle lengths makes this perfect for me!

This is more of a concealer routine favourite that I have for you. I have been using the Maybelline Fit Me concealer in Fair under the eyes and blending it out with the Ecotools Eye Perfection brush. I then set it with the Bare Minerals powder concealer in Well Rested with the perfectly fitting Real Techniques Contour brush. I love the effect this. It stays all day with very minimal creasing, is quick and easy to apply, has amazing coverage and the only thing I can see as a con is that it might not be brightening enough for some people. I do switch out the concealer often enough if I want more coverage or a brighter look but the brushes and powder are absolutely phenomenal.

One product I have discovered I really don’t like is the L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara. This does nothing for me. I have used it a few times hoping that it will impress me and it just kind of flops. It creates really thick lashes that go everywhere and doesn’t add length though it does have some lift. It also stinks which I can look passed if I liked the mascara but…no.

August was the month of negative space manicures for me. I purchased a few Vinyl nail strips from Beyond the Nail at the end of July and since they arrived, I have been using them every time I paint my nails. The effect is really awesome and these make the process a million times easier then doing it free hand or using tape. Speaking of nails though, I have finally come to the conclusion I don’t like the Revlon Diamond Strength top coat. My nails do have more shine when I use it but unless I use 2 or more coats, my nails just chip. It doesn’t make my nail polish look an smoother or last much longer. With 2 coats, it gets a little gloopy and takes a while to dry. Even glitter nail polish chips off after a day or two with 2 layers.

My skin care favourite is probably no surprise if you read the review I just recently posted. The Reversa Solution for oily and acne proned skin is my #1 toner. I love it. You can’t argue with the results I have had. I will be posting an updated skin care routine next week to round up all of the amazing skin care finds I have been using lately to heal my face and reduce my acne and scarring so stay tuned.

A rather odd favourite I have had this month is lipgloss. I noticed that I completely ran out of one of my Bite Beauty lip glosses near the beginning of the month and that set off an obsession with wearing all of these different lip glosses. I didn’t realize I was using it so much before but obviously if I finished a tube then I must have been applying it pretty frequently.

That’s everything! I predict that my September favourites will have a few fall items hanging around. I also see a certain concealer making its way in there!

Til next time, ttfn x


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