I have a love/not-so-love relationship with GLAMGLOW. First off, they do have expensive products and their availability is not the greatest in Canada. Secondly, a lot of their products don’t do anything for my skin simply because they target problems I don’t have. However, most importantly, the products that do work, work miracles. Let me show you.
I have this Glam Glow Duo (which is now in a set you can pick up for the same price as one jar of the face mask) that I honestly can say I love. They are probably the only GLAMGLOW products I will ever pay the crazy price for. I do still want to try some of the other products but I just can’t justify the price. Anyway.

First is the GLAMGLOW SuperCleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser which you apply differently than most cleansers. Because it starts off as a mud, it goes on dry all over your face first. This allows it to pull out the dirt and grime just like a mask and it penetrates the skin very quickly. Once it is all over the face, wet your hands and wash it off. It is mud to foam so as you mix it with water, it does lather a bit into a cleanser. I do typically prefer a typical foaming cleanser to remove make up but this products purpose isn’t really to remove make up. It cleanses your pores and my pores need it.

My face looks cleaner, a little bit tighter and now it’s time for a mask. This is the true miracle worker. This is the GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing mask. It sucks the dirt and oil out of your skin, tightens the pores up, exfoliates and just makes my face look so even and just better. DO NOT use this if you have any kind of dry skin because it does very effectively get rid of oil. I like to apply it with a brush on all of my problem areas (chin, cheeks and nose) while I use either another mask on my forehead or simply leaving it be.
It works in 15 minutes and the jar lasts a long time if you use it right. On active acne spots, it works just as well as any spot treatment and any swelling is reduced almost instantly. My skin looks clearer, softer and better with just one application. Is it worth the price? To me, yes. Let’s get a little gross just so you can see how well it worked.
I’m sorry in advance for any pain you may have in your wallet, but this product is totally worth it for these results. Right now, you can get a full sized mask and the small size (like I have here) of the cleanser for $76 at Sephora.

Til next time, ttfn X


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