September 2015 Favourites and Unfavourites

It’s time again to go through all of the things I have both loved and well, didn’t love for the past 30 days. September was really happy for me as I started using a few old faves and discovered some new things that were totally me. I also went full force into the fall spirit (my favourite season) with some dark colours and even boots.

I don’t typically put non-beauty related things in here, but this month I fell head over heels for these shoes. These are the Galiredien boots from Spring in the colour I am currently obsessed with, Khaki. I have been so attracted to the chunky heeled boots but never went for it because I am horrible in heels and really don’t need the height (I am 5ft10in). However, I decided to give these a try since they were $20 off and just awesome looking. Man oh man, are these comfortable. I have a funny feeling I am going to wear the crap out of these the next few months (and maybe even into winter).

A bit of a shameless plug here: I just got a snapchat this month and I have been so into it. I am glued to my phone laughing at the bloggers and YouTubers I love on this unedited platform. My username (just as it is everywhere else) is newkeybeauty if you’re interested.

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 2.42.06 PM

Screen Shot 2015-10-01 at 4.03.28 PM

Before diving into beauty, I have a really random obsession to talk about: Shark Documentaries. I couldn’t tell ya why if I tried, but I have spent a good 50+ hours this month watching them. Roxy really enjoys the Great White and Shark Attack stories where I prefer learning about all of the different sharks and their habits. Before bed, on the weekend, during lunch I have been just scouring the Internet to find stuff we haven’t seen. I feel like a Shark expert now.

Finally, onto some beauty. I have been loving these two eye shadow palettes this past month. You have already heard me rant and rave about the Anastasia Beverly Hills palette which is so hard not to love, but I have also found my favourite drugstore palette in the Annabelle Smokey Nudes 10 shadow palette. The colours are easy to build up and blend out and I am still really into the whole earth toned eye looks.

Also on my eyes, I have also started using the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara which was an old fave. I picked up the full sized product about a year ago after finishing a sample size when I determined it truly was my new holy grail. Recently, after starting to use a few mascaras that I didn’t really like, I thought I would treat myself and finally open this fantastic mascara. It is exactly what I remember: super black, super thick and lengthening.

I also tried out these two eye liners both from Annabelle. I received a package from the brand and wanted to test out a few things including the Smokey Nudes Palette above. I have used the Annabelle Stay Sharp eye/lip liner line before but this is the Metallic eye version in Bronzey. I have been using this waterproof formula in my waterline lately and it stays put. The colour is also beautiful and flows well with the warm shades I am so into right now. Unfortunately, I gave the Annabelle EyeInk 2 an honest try but it just does not work. The formula is hard to work with and the colour is thin, weird, slightly transparent grey colour. It looks watered down and is impossible to build upon. This was a total bust for me.

A few more make up products I have kind of changed my mind on: the Smashbox Photo Finish Foundation Primer and the Make Up For Ever HD Blush in 410. I have been using these both pretty much every day to try and use them up and along the way, I started to really love what they were doing. The Smashbox Photo Finish primer makes my face make up ready by smoothing everything out and allowing my concealer and foundation to glide on so smoothly. I used to have issues with it making my face slick but my skin care is helping to control my oily issue and it doesn’t seem to be such a problem. The MUFE HD Bluch is (obviously) just a sample but I have noticed it applies so well in comparison to some other cream blushes. I think the colour is so pigmented, looks great on my skin and it blends out well with help from the Ecotools Duo Fibre brush I talked about last month.

I have discovered the ultimate comfort of gel deodorant. This Dove Men + Care Deodorant was Roxy’s but she found it really drying so she asked if I wanted it. Though I don’t typically go for men’s products (razors, deodorant, etc) as some women do, I didn’t want it to go to waste. I am so glad I didn’t. This is the most comfortable product I have ever applied and I just can’t go back to using the powdered deodorants I have always used which now feel rough and painful. I don’t know anything more about the different types of formulas or scents, but I am planning to use this up and give more of the gel-type deodorants a try. Why did no one ever tell me about this?

A shampoo favourite this month is the uhaircare Volumising cleanser which Roxy also picked up and passed along to me (you may remember it from my Winners haul a few months back). This stuff totally degreases my hair while leaving it silky smooth. I can easily go 2-3 days without my hair looking oily which has never happened before. It doesn’t suck the moisture from my hair though as it is still so soft and smooth. I am not sure where else to pick this up other than Winners, but I may just have to go searching.

On my nails, I have really loved the Sephora by OPI Happy Earth Day! which was part of my fall polish picks. I know a lot of people don’t like this olive/khaki colour but I am really obsessed with it this year. This polish is no longer available but I am sure there are some dupes out there. For every manicure I have done lately, I also use the Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops. For $3, they work like a charm to dry my nails and soften my cuticles.

That’s all she wrote! I hope you’re enjoying this weather as much as I am.


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