Whatcha Think About Essence All About Sunrise palette?

I hope you’ve been loving these palette reviews as much as I have! Eye shadow is definitely my favourite part of make up. You can go kind of crazy with colour and different combinations and textures without looking like a mess (at least if you do it right). This week, I have one of the least expensive palettes I own here to swatch and that is the Essence All About Sunrise palette.

This very shimmery 6 pan palette is only $4.99 at Shoppers Drug Mart and comes in 3-4 different selections of colour. This one is the Sunrise palette as I mentioned which is full of warm browns, coppers and golds, but there is a Chocolate, Nude and Candies palette as well. I was most moved by this All About Sunrise palette for that stunning gold shade in the bottom left hand corner but I am really keeping an eye on the All About Candies palette as well for spring.

 The shadows have a slightly rough texture and don’t pick up a heap of colour when you use a brush but I feel like that helps control the glitter/shimmer fall out. They do show up in swatches/on the eyes exactly as they do in the pan but a bit of the shimmer is lost when you use a brush. I do feel like they are still a great quality for the price and the colours work together very well in my opinion.

Top row, shade 1: This is a shimmery pale nude shade that it great for an inner corner highlight or all over the lid to brighten. The colour is very similar to my skin tone but the amount of metallic shimmer in it makes it unusable for a highlight.

Top row, shade 2: This is the light copper of the palette. This mixed with the next shade I am going to talk about make for a very intense copper eye look.

Top row, shade 3: This is a true copper colour with a metallic shine to it. I think this is perfect all over the lid with a black smudged out eye liner and dramatic lashes.

Bottom row, shade 1: This is the show stopper for sure. This is a pure yellow gold that sold me on this eye shadow. Using this alone again or with a mixture of blacks or browns would be beautiful as a dramatic look any time of year.

Bottom row, shade 2: This is a metallic champagne shade with a smidgen of orange/gold mixed in. It is beautiful all over the lid and mixed with the two copper shades of the palette.

Bottom row, shade 3: This is actually a pretty matte compared to the rest of the palette. This is something I would mix with the golds or lightly use in the crease with any of these colours to make a deeper, darker eye look.

I am sold on the Essence brand personally. Everything I have tried has been fantastic and the price is hard to beat. I even like the super simple and compact packaging that it comes in. What do  u think about these eye shadows?

Til next time, ttfn x


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