Whatcha Think About… Jesse’s Girl 9 Pan Eye Shadow Palettes?

Hey all! It’s about time for another eye shadow palette review and this time, I am hitting the interwebs. These Jesse’s Girl 9 Pan Eye Shadows palettes are only available (to my knowledge) on their website but I did receive my first one from an ipsy bag in February 2014 (wowza). It’s one of the couple of products I liked enough to buy from ipsy if that says anything.

 As the product title indicates, you get 9 different eye shadows in each palette and the total cost is – get ready for it – $3.99 US. Pretty good if you ask me. For the quality, I am a little iffy. I do like it because the eye shadows are in a great assortment of colours per palette and come with mattes and slightly shimmery shades, but the actual quality is a bit powdery and have some fall out it seems. It’s still easy enough to work with despite those two drawbacks.

 I have 2 of the 4 palettes: Ticked Pink from ipsy and Brown Eyed Girl. Tickled Pink ranges from light pinks to purples to deep brown reds and despite such a range, the shades do work together for the most part. The colours in this one are nice but the light pinks and purples don’t swatch well at all. I like the palette primarily for the red-browns. This is the less pigmented of the two as Brown Eyed girl contains yellows to oranges to golds and each colour does show up very well.

 Ticked Pink

Shade 1: this is a glittery white-pink shade. Not quite suitable for highlighting but a nice inner corner or lid shade.

Shade 2: this is the least pigmented shade of the bunch surprisingly as it looks like a beautiful baby pink. Disappointing.

Shade 3: this lavender shade is not super pigmented but it still gets the job done. It can be built up and looks nice over a white base.

Shade 4: this is the darker purple of the  palette and though it doesn’t blow me away, I still like the shade to mix with the previous 3 shades and it is the most pigmented of these non-red shades.

Shade 5: now we’re talking. The rest of these are ah-may-zing. This is a pinky red shimmer which is perfect over the matte shadows for a pop or on its own for the lid or inner corner.

Shade 6: this is the red of the palette with a little bit of gold shimmer. Definitely an all over the lid shade.

Shade 7: this one is my fave of the bunch as it is a lovely burgundy reddish brown. In the crease with a mix of these other shades, it looks awesome.

Shade 8: the next two look very similar but this is a touch brighter of a red. This is pretty smooth and looks awesome with the other reds of the palette.

Shade 9: this is browbeat shade of the palette. It is buttery and helps darken any eye look easily.

Brown Eyed Girl

Shade 1: this is a pale yellow colour that is surprisingly pigmented and buttery. I like it as a lid colour best.

Shade 2: next up is an peach shimmer shade that looks lovely as an inner corner colour or to mix with a matte shade for some sparkle.

Shade 3: this shade to me looks like a all over the lid to help blend type of shade. It’s a kind of orange brown shade but not overly pigmented.

Shade 4: this is the shimmery tan shade that I like on the inner corner or to glam the crease up a tad.

Shade 5: this is my number 1 shade of this palette. It’s a beaut. It’s a golden orange shade that is super pigmented and awesome for fall. Use it on its own or all over the lid for a beautiful warm pop of colour.

Shade 6: his is a slightly browner version of the above colour. It is lovely to blend into the crease.

Shade 7: here is another red brownish colour but this one is a little warmer than the ones in the Tickled Pink palette. It’s beautiful in the crease or outer corner or even under the waterline.

Shade 8: again, these next two shades are similar but this one is a slightly lighter version. This is a bronze sort of shade, perfect to mix with anything in this palette.

Shade 9: this is a slightly darker, less warm shade of bronze that would look good in the outer corner or crease.

 Are they worth it? If you are looking for a good scale of colours, I would say it’s a good call. There are better eye shadows out there for sure, but I love the layout, price and colour selection that the Jesse’s Girl 9 Pan Palettes offer. What do you think? Which do you like more?

Til next time, ttfn x


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