Clean Your Wands

Hey all! This is not my original idea AT ALL but I wanted to share it since it helped totally change my opinion about a certain product, plus makes many other products much easier to use. I’ve always heard about the importance of cleaning your make up brushes before but what about the products that don’t require that removable applicator?

Mascara, brow gels, lash primers, lip gloss, liquid lipstick and concealer are just a few things I can think of that get germy and gunked up with product and who knows what else. It only makes sense that you should clean them. Like, duh Amy.

Before going into it, I wanna say the only qualm I had about this was “How much product am I going to waste doing this?” and the answer depends. I have noticed with mascara and brow products that quite a bit of product ends up being cleaned off of the wand. The debate to me is whether or not that’s a waste since it is potentially clumpy product that isn’t being useful anyway. It may even be detrimental. Same thing with lipgloss. The sticky and gunked up product that hangs out at the top of the applicator or in the closure isn’t being used and probably shouldn’t be so cleaning it out isn’t wasteful to me. It’s sanitary.

To clean these wands, I simply took one of my inexpensive make up wipes and wiped the wand and packaging down. I immediately noticed that it looked better – important for blogging purposes of course – but it was also easier to take in and out of the tube (especially for lip gloss). They also felt much better in my opinion because the bristles weren’t layered in gunk.

The product that truly made my mind up to do this was actually the Benefit Gimmie Brow which has been clumpy since day one. With the small fibres in the formula, it gets clumped up easily (at least for me) and I am sure there was some foundation and other make up products stuck in the wand after a few uses. Maybe even an eye brow hair if we wanna be gross about this. After a good clean, it is not clumpy at all and works like a dream. It has gone from a waste of money to a potential repurchase.

For testing sake, I ended up doing a side by side comparison of the dirty (top) vs clean (bottom) applied product using the MAC Zoom Lash mascara. Can you see the difference? Either way, it defenitly gives me peace of mind knowing there is less crap stuck on and in these wands plus makes application that much easier.

Til next time, ttfn x


8 thoughts on “Clean Your Wands

  1. I have noticed the same thing with Gimmie Brow. It was not performing like it did when I first got it and I noticed a lot of ‘gunk’ around the top of the tube and on the brush. It was like a new product when I cleaned it up! I don’t know why it never occured to me to do the same with mascara, lip gloss, etc!

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