Whatcha Think About Annabelle Pencil and Liquid Liners?

Hey all! Changing things up a tad from the eye shadow reviews I have been doing to bring you a brand eye liner review. I personally have been pretty interested in the Annabelle pencil liners mainly because of the range of colour (and with the Stay Sharp liner, I am even more into them). Not to jump the gun, but overall, they are really good eye liners especially for the $10 and under price tag. Their liquid eye liners on the other hand… Keep reading.

The selection and different variety I can see in the Annabelle eye liner range is pretty intense. Here alone I have two green eye liners and 5 different formulas. First, we have my favourite by far and that is the Stay Sharp eye liner (pictured are Snow White** and Bronzey**). These are super easy to apply since the tip is always sharp plus they are waterproof so they are perfect in the waterline. My one complaint is that they are misleading as they are labeled as metallic and are most definitely not. I also have the super buttery Smoothliner (pictured is Jade) which is more pigmented, more moveable and totally lovely. These are very similar in consistency to the Urban Decay 24/7 eye liners but don’t have quite the staying power. A mix of these two would be the Smudgeliner (pictured in Limette and Armour but appear to be discontinued). These come with a smudge brush on the opposite end to help smoke out your liner. These stay put and are actually harder to smudge out than the Smoothliner. I do not like using the smudge brush because it tends to get moist… Which is concerning. Can you tell from the picture?

My least favourite of the bunch is actually their liquid liners. The Eyeink2 Duo** is horrible to work with and is neither opaque or buildable. It’s kind of a hot mess. The Eyeink2 Mistake Proof liner and corrector** is a little better as it is somewhat more opaque and I love the corrector end, however, the colour cuts in and out while applying and you cannot build upon this liner when you need to. Both liners end up being patchy and unfortunately, won’t be getting much use from me.

I realized after taking these pictures I do actually own another Annabelle liquid liner formula and that is their original Liquid eyeliner (in Espresso and Black Spark) which I will swatch on Instagram for you. These aren’t the easiest to work with but I like them far more than the Eyeink2 line. They are quite opaque and don’t budge but the applicator isn’t as easy to work with.

As you can see from the swatches, first two black hearts are from the Eyeink2 duo and are useless to me. The rest are quite opaque and easy to handle. I love the shades I own (and totally plan to pick up a few more of the Stay Sharp liners while they are on sale…). Which is your fave?

Til next time, ttfn x


4 thoughts on “Whatcha Think About Annabelle Pencil and Liquid Liners?

  1. Good to know about the liquid liners – I’ve been tempted to try theirs out but they always seem to be sold out whenever I’m looking at them.
    Jade is absolutely stunning! I’m going to keep my eye out for that one. Love how you swatched these!

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  2. I LOVE the stay sharp liners, but like you, the liquid ones are meh. however that old formula you have with those bright green shades, wow. i hope they come out with ones like that in the stay sharp!


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