Whatcha Think About the Formula X Delete polish remover?

Hey all. I feel like I haven’t been showin’ any love to my nail polish/ nail polish related things lately and I have been holding onto this post for some time. In fact, this product has already come and gone from my collection of things. I am talking about the Formula X Delete Nail Polish Remover.

I actually didn’t plan on reviewing this even after taking some pictures because I was under the impression is was discontinued. I think what actually happened was it wasn’t showing up on Sephora’s Canadian website for a while and I am totally the type of person that’s like “It’s not exactly where I saw it last time, so it’s lost forever.” I discovered it was still in store to my disbelief and now, like magic, it has reappeared on Sephora.com

So, after that long winded introduction, what do I actually think of the thing? Well, I received this for Christmas 2014 and was thrilled to have a nail polish remover with a pump! It’s the little things guys. This product, however, when used with the flat cotton pads, is extremely annoying because the force of the pump actually shoots product through the pad and onto anything near by – your bed, the desk, your eye, anything. This is totally preventable by putting your fingers over top or using a thicker bit of cotton but it still was a bit surprising if I forgot or someone else used it. Along that same line, if you forget to lock it when putting on the lid, the nail polish remover gets everywhere.

Now the product. I actually wanted to test this against some of the tougher products so I have a nail wrap which is multicoloured with some glitter. I have used it with everything from reds to crimes to glitters and had the same or very similar result. For is text though, I thought the nail wrap kind of spoke for the power of this formula.

The Formula X Delete nail polish remover is just like any other for application. One to two pumps to soak the pad, press on the nail for ultimate exposure, and then slide off. After three slides, this some what glittery nail wrap was completely gone and I would say that’s impressive. I usually have to do some extra maneuvering to get everything but this wasn’t the case here.

One of the other perks is the lack of harsh nail polish remover smell. It does have a scent but it really isn’t nearly as bad as the typical no name nail polish remover I feel like most people use.

And now for the cons. To me, there are a few cons with this and the biggest one would be how sticky it is. It’s not so bad if you give your hands a bit of a moisture barrier before and after use. I’m not sure if it is the nail polish but it did happen every time I used it and made quite the mess. The next issue I have is the price. I can’t see myself spending $13 on a not so perfect nail polish remover especially of this size (150mL/5.4 Oz).

The verdict? I will not be picking this up. It was great while it lasted but I will be sticking to the big, stinky bottle of no name nail polish remover that doesn’t cost more than $5.

Til next time, ttfn x


4 thoughts on “Whatcha Think About the Formula X Delete polish remover?

  1. I picked up a polish remover with a pump and wasn’t that impressed with it either, but I did love the idea of the pump so now I just refill the bottle with the cheap stuff.


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