#Finish5 & Taking Out The Trash for Fall 2015

Well well well, here we are again. Hey all! I’m here with two months worth of empty products, and of course, my #Finish5 which I actually successfully finished something from!

finish 5 for august

Very excitingly, I finished up the Maybelline Coverstick Concealer in Green which I will not be picking up again, and I will explain why a little later on. I did leave the littlest bit in the tube if you can see it, simply because my brush couldn’t pick up any of the product. The remaining four products are not done and don’t look like I made a whole lot of progress. Frankly, I didn’t wear make up for the first half of this month due to sickness so I don’t feel like I used a whole lot of anything.

empty skin care

Now, let’s talk about what I actually emptied the majority of which is actually skin care. I finally finished the VII Code Oxygen Eye Masks** which were awesome for evening out my under eye area overnight. They felt nice, stay on well and I am likely to pick up another set in the future, but for now, I am going to finish up some eye creams instead. I finished several Pilatin Black Head masks as usual. Did anyone want a review of these? They are extremely effective peel off blackhead masks and I would be happy to do a whole post about them. The second mask I have there is my beloved Glamglow Supermud clearing treatment which is sadly 100% gone. It is totally worth the $76, just trust me (or read my full review). I think this was the third one I have gone through in 2-3 years.

The Ole Henriksen cleanser that I have here I did already review and talk about before and I like it quite a bit. I feel like that is mostly due to the fact it is a foaming cleanser which I prefer over anything. and everything. The Elizabeth Arden night cream sample was absolutely lovely to use but I just can’t bare to replace my Vichy Night Detox at this time. My acne is way to under control right now for me to even consider trying something new. I wasn’t entirely sure if the Annabelle Eye Make Up Remover Pads** counted as skin care but I wanted to include them here anyways. These did a good job at removing everything from your eyes whether waterproof or super duper black. I don’t love how oily this was and there had been a few mascaras that didn’t totally come off so I will probably pass on this in the future.

bath and body works aloha waikiki, pumpkin cinnamon bun and turquoise waters

wood craft cracklin fire and slatkin and co s'mores
Three three wick candles we finished include Aloha Waikiki, Turqioise Waters and Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun which I don’t think we will be picking up as they were all quite strong. I prefer something a little more subtle or more fruity/fresh scents. We also used up two mini candles one of which is Slatkin & Co’s S’mores and the other was a Wood Craft candle from the Dollar Mart by my house. They both rocked and I want a million more for next fall… or summer… or spring. Both lovely.

make up empties

Despite not using much make up this month, I used up a few things! The Maybelline concealer I had mentioned already, so lets move on to the other 4 things. I am kind of tempted to pick up the Mac Zoom Lash mascara mini. I really liked how it made my lashes look and I think it would be fantastic for anyone who wanted a lot of length. Speaking of, the Red Cherry falsies in #106 I used for my Halloween Costume and they looked gorgeous. I do still have these to use again and I would totally recommend them! The one product here I would not recommend is the Nars lipgloss in Supervixen from the Bronze Bares All Sephora collection. If you read my Fave/Unfave post back in June, you know my biggest issue with this lip gloss: the packaging. Well, it totally broke. I ended up storing the remaining lip gloss elsewhere because I couldn’t bring myself to toss a barely used $30 lip gloss. The colours is alright, the formula is alright, the brand really hasn’t impressed me yet. Last of my make up here is the Urban Decay De-slick setting spray which I didn’t see make a whole lot of difference in my oiliness so I will also not be picking this up.

nail and fragrence empties

For nail polish, I am not shocked that the OPI You’re So Vain-illa mini is gone. I used that polish constantly this year and have a full sized bottle to replace it! I was not so in love with the OPI Nail Envy and find that the Essie Grow Faster base coat that replaced this works much better. Sorry, OPI.

I don’t talk about perfume too often but I do love and own a full sized Clean Skin perfume. This sample came in a Sephora set and I totally forgot about it so I decided to use it up since I wear it every other day. A new sample for me was the Givenchy Dahlia Divin which smelled pretty but not totally my scent. This had about 3 uses in it.

hair and tool empties

Now for a few random hair and maybe skin and tool type products that I had to get rid of this month. First off, one of the reasons I am not purchasing the Maybelline Coverstick Concealer again is because it has ruined my brush (which is a no-name brush from a set on Amazon that looks a whole lot like a certain amazing looking brush set but for much less). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame the concealer exactly, but this brush got so clogged up with this stuff and it is not easy to clean it off. I actually can’t clean it off. Now all I can think of is how it totally clung to my brush and stained it and frankly, I just don’t trust a product that does that. What might it be doing to my skin? What has it done to my skin? Oh gosh.

Another tool I have sitting there is a little face shaver which I use to shape my brows either when I am a little lazy or in a hurry. This comes in a 3 pack and I am onto the next one. Love these little things. There is an empty pack of Clean and Clear Blotting papers which I have been using since grade 8 or so. I haven’t picked up a pack to replace this yet since I have a Sephora brand set but I think I still may go back to these.

Lately, we have a COLAB Extreme Volume dry shampoo in Paris. I was hoping that this would smell like my favourite Batiste dry shampoo (in Blush) but it did not. I still love the formula but plan to pick up the same formula in Rio for the future.

finish 5 for fall

My #Finish5 products for December include the Temptu highlight, Boots/No7 Overnight Revitalizing Eye Balm and Benefit Gimmie Brow again because I feel like I am so close to finishing them off, but I am not continuing on with the MUFE blush because there is just no way I will finish this anytime soon! This thing is endless and I am kind of glad because I love it. Replacing this and the Maybelline Concealer are the Elf Liquid Liner in Brown and the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer in 125 fair. I love these two and I don’t think it will be hard to finish them up in the next few weeks.

Til next time, ttfn x


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