Whatcha Think About the Best Bite Rewind set?

Hey all! I feel like I am late to the party on this Bite Beauty lippie set, but it just recently came back in stock at Sephora and I picked it up last week or so. Bite Beauty is a brand I haven’t 100% gotten into before but since finishing one of their lip glosses earlier this year, I have been really interested in giving their other products a try including these matte pencils.
best bite rewind swatches

bite beauty best bite rewind
In this Best Bite Rewind set is 4 fair sized matte lip pencils. You have

Cafe: a brown nude;

Torte: a dusty nude pink;

Corlis: a muted red and;

Aubergine: a reddish plum.

bite beauty best bite rewind

Of course, Bite Beauty is 100% eatable which I think is fantastic because you are inevitably going to consume some of your lip product. I love that you can twist these up instead of sharpening them as I don’t really love sharpening lip products specifically but they also are thin enough you can create pretty good lines with them. My one small issue with these is the packaging. The lids were pretty difficult to get off and on two of the four lipsticks, when I did get the lid off, it skimmed the lipstick and wasted product/was messy.

bite beauty cafe torte corlis aubergine swatches
Top L to bottom R: Care, Torte, Corlis, Aubergine

I love how these feel but I don’t think the finish is truly matte. They feel so creamy on and have a bit more of a satin look. That being said, I love a amplified or satin finish and they look beautiful. They do have a ‘fruity’ smell that I didn’t think I liked but something about it is kind of warm and relaxing. I might just be weird! With their formula being so lovely and creamy, the colours don’t last overly long so I think I will fly through them fast.

Overall, I do like these and have the Bite Beauty Discovery kit on my Christmas wish list this year! What do you think of the Bite Beauty Best Bite Rewind? Do you have it? Will you pick it up?

Til next time, ttfn x


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