5 Ways to Change the Look of an Eye Shadow

Hey all! I don’t know where I got this idea but I thought I would pass on some knowledge to help you get creative with your eye shadow and use the same shade multiple ways for a different effect. These 5 techniques to applying your eye shadow totally changes the look of your shadows making for a more versatile shade.

jesses girl baked eye shadow, benefit bad gal lash, covergirl fixstick concealer, urban decay primer potion, maybelline fit me concealer, rimmel london brow this way
In each picture, I am wearing:

Primer: the Urban Decay Primer Potion under my eye to keep the concealer in place.

Concealer: the Covergirl Fixstick in Light underneath the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in Fair.

Brows: the Rimmel London Brow This Way in Blonde to fill in my eye brows.

Eye shadow: the Jesse’s Girl Baked Eye Shadow in Ocean Breeze.

Mascara: the Benefit Bad Gal Lash mascara.

jesses girl ocean breeze mac 239
First up is the way I imagine most people apply eye shadow and that is by itself with a regular eye shadow brush. I used the MAC239 brush which is your typical eye shadow brush. It is fluffy and therefore, it blends the eye shadow on and deposits just enough product making it less likely to crease or it will at least take longer to crease.

jesses girl ocean breeze
To compare, I used a brush from BH Cosmetics to pat on the eye shadow. As you can see, I already had creasing with this method. That’s because my brush picked up and placed a lot of the eye shadow. This brush is better for packing on the pigment since it has much stiffer bristles which are packed tighter making for a flatter brush.

jesses girl ocean breeze urban decay primer potion
Next up, this is the way I typically will apply eye shadow and that is over a primer. This is the original Urban Decay Primer Potion. A primer will help adhere the product to your eye lid better making it last longer, preventing creasing and as you can see, it makes the shadow appear darker since it is holding onto more product.

jesses girl ocean breeze marc jacobs twinklepop honey bunny
In place of a primer, there is also an eye shadow stick. An eye shadow stick will change the effect of whatever you place on top of it. If it’s white, the pigment will really stand out. If it is shimmery, it will give it some extra shimmer. This is the Marc Jacobs Twinklepop in the shade Honey Bunny which is a champagne shimmer. It brought out the sparkle in the blue shadow while helping it stick just like a primer.


jesses girl ocean breeze mac prep + prime fix+
Finally, you can also use a spray for some eye shadows. With this shade, since it is baked, I knew it would be unscathed if I used a little bit of the Mac Prep and Prime Fix +. With this formula, as you can see, it makes the shadow appear wet on the lid and therefore, enhances any shimmer or glitter in the eye shadow.


bh cosmetics brush mac prep + prime fix + urban decay primer potion mac 239 marc jacobs twinklepop
Most eye shadows can be used any of these 5 ways for a slightly different appearance making each eye shadow more unique and versatile. These can even be combined for different purposes for example, using a primer to keep your shadow in place but also using a cream eye shadow for a different texture. Ugh, I love eye shadow. Let me know what you think!

Til next time, ttfn x



15 thoughts on “5 Ways to Change the Look of an Eye Shadow

  1. These tips are so great Amy! I really love the Twinkle Pop – I’ve never tried Marc Jacobs beauty products before, but I really want to – so I’m definitely going to have to buy one of these!


  2. This is an AWESOME instructional! It’s the kind of post that I love to see, but that I personally hate doing because it can be so time consuming to set up and take multiple shots of. Love it!


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