Demeter FOOLPROOF Blending

Hey all! I have raved about Demeter before (over a year ago now) but Demeter has it right. Layering fragrances isn’t exactly a new thing but I personally never think to do it. In case you aren’t 100% sure what layering is, it is exactly what it sounds like: simply using two or more fragrances and blending them together. Preferably, fragrances that compliment each other. That’s where I am a little nervous. I don’t know what will work well together or whether a scent will be too overpowering. There are no real rules, but to give you an idea of what might mix well, Demeter has a little guide.

 Speaking of which, Demeter kindly sent myself as well as several other CBB girls 5 different Demeter colognes to try some of this “fool proof” blending with. Up first, we have the Demeter Duo with Jasmine** and Lavender** which comes with a third, empty bottle to create your own custom scent. I love love love that extra little convenience. There is the option to mix and make as much or as little as you want with the additional funnel and little squeeze tubes.

My favourite thing about Demeter is that the scents are singular making their fragrance more versatile. I can blend together my own personal scent! That being said, the scents are exactly what one might expect. Lavender is a very herbal, floral scent and Jasmine is pure floral goodness. I didn’t think I was that big of a fan of Jasmine but this, I love.

I also received a delicious trio with Gingerbread**, Angel Food Cake** and Hawaiian Vanilla**. Gingerbread is a lovely warm, baked ginger scent – perfect for Christmas if you ask me. Angel Food Cake smells like a light vanilla with that sweet cake base note. Hawaiian Vanilla is straight up pineapple mixed with vanilla which is super fresh and summery.

So what did I blend? The options are endless really. I have blended a heavy dose of Jasmine with a spritz of Lavender which is what I have been loving so far. The Jasmine scent can come off a little strong but when mixed with a touch of Lavender, it evens out and makes it more airy. You may also remember in a recent favourites a mixture I was loving for the house during Christmas and I gotta say, it is still kicking around. What are you itching to blend together?

Til next time, ttfn x


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