I wore my funkiest lipsticks for a week

Hey all! This week, several blog friends I know have been participating in the #5daylipstickchallenge over on Instagram. I took this challenge as an opportunity to wear some of my funkiest shades that I don’t typically wear and see how it went. Between work, home, life in general and instagram, I didn’t get much – if any – negative attention for any of these looks (which honestly surprised me) and I felt totally comfortable wearing them all day.

Monday: Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick in Chinchilla is a grey lavender colour. I started with the most unique shade in my collection. Go big or go home, I thought. I know many, many people don’t support Lime Crime after some issues they had in the past few years but I did already own this lipstick before anything scandalous happened, and I continue to love the formula.

Tuesday: J Cat Beauty the Big Lip Pencil in Satin (or BLP207 – I think their website goes by number). This is a metallic bronze lipstick which I felt was a tad bit easier to pull off since the brown/taupe lipstick trend. I love this shade, I love the formula, I love the application. I have a few from J Cat and the only complaint I have is the colours on their website do not match the colour you get.

Wednesday: Too Faced Lip Cream in Shimmering Naked Dolly is probably the tamest shade I wore but the amount of glitter in this made up for it’s lack of a bold colour. This peachy nude shade with major gold sparkle is actually so nice. I picked this up in 2014 with their trio lipstick holiday set but didn’t think it looked to good on me. Perhaps I wasn’t quite as pale?

Thursday: NYC Expert Last Lipstick in Blue Rose is a hot fuchsia pink with a bright blue sheen. I feel like this is one shade people might typically wear but for someone who doesn’t typically go for a bold lip, I wear it very rarely. It’s beautiful and that blue that peeks through makes this a unique pop of colour.

Friday: Revlon Colorstay Moisturestain in Parisian is actually not what I planned to wear this week but I forgot that it was Valentines Day at my work this Friday! I don’t love this formula, by the colour is beautiful. 



I don’t think a thing revolutionary happened when I wore these bolder shades but I did love taking a break from my norm. It made me a little more confident in myself, and it really made me realize how pale I am! 

Over on Instagram, I will be posting my lipstick of the day for the rest of February along with several other Canadian Beauty Bloggers! Search #lipstickfebruary to see all of our swatches or follow me on Instagram to see what I have been wearing.

Til next time, ttfn x


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