Battle of the Brands: Maple Holistics vs Uhaircare

Hey there all! Today, we’re chatting about a topic that I am not so engrossed in but something super important none the less. We’re talking hair. I have always has extremely healthy hair and my big secret is I don’t do anything to it. Very little heat, no extra product (with one or two exceptions), no dying and hair washing to a minimum. 2 times a week at the very most.

 I get that that is not realistic for some people and that’s totally ok because all hair is different. My hair happens to be very straight, oily just like my skin, thin but plentiful and currently quite long so I am able to get away with that when I use the right shampoo. Allow me to introduce you to two grease fighting shampoos I have been testing out: the Uspa Uhaircare Native Mint Cleanser and the Maple Holistics Degrease shampoo**.

These bottles come with just about the same amount of product which is about 8 oz and claim to clean your hair but are specifically for oily hair types like mine. The Maple Holistics Degrease shampoo also claims to help an itchy scalp which I can’t confirm and be 100% natural while the Uhaircare simply promises volume – something I could totally work with.

Between the smells, I way prefer the Uhaircare Native Mint scent which is very peppermint meets spearmint. The MH shampoo doesn’t smell bad but it has a much more natural spice scent. I would contribute that to its main ingredients list  which includes rosemary, basil, lemon and cypress. Neither scent lingers too long in my hair but it does ultimately smell clean.

How do they compare in the shower though? That’s where it really counts for me. The Uhaircare cleanser requires a pretty thick coat of product despite the “pea sized amount” mentioned in the directions. It doesn’t lather particularly well and you have to take care to coat your full head of hair or there will be a few oily spots left over. The MH shampoo is more forgiving and offers more later with less product meaning it will likely last longer. The bottle does recommend to rinse and repeat which I did the first time I tried it and it does seem to work a bit better but it won’t be part of my regular routine.

With both products, my hair does become clean and I feel that neither is more volumizing than the other. I do feel like my hair is a bit softer and silkier using the Degrease shampoo which could be from mixing up my products since I have been using the Uhaircare cleanser for a longer period of time but it makes me favour it a little more.

Time to talk price. Maple Holistics is available on Amazon for $17 for this 8oz bottle or $33 for a 16oz. The Uhaircare brand is also available online for $25 but Roxy bought this from the clearance section of Winners for $5-$8 – score. I am typically all about that $3 Herbal Essences life so I do consider these a bit pricey but since paying more attention to chemicals and cruelty free products, I have been branching out more and feel ok about spending extra on maintaining healthy hair.

Between the two, I am more interested in and plan to purchase the Maple Holistics Degrease shampoo. I prefer the way it performs both as I am washing my hair and the results I have with it. The price is also better which is always nice, and I feel better about what ingredients are in this over the Uhaircare cleanser. I am extremely interested in a few other Maple Holistics products as well so keep an eye out as I am sure you will be hearing more about them!

Til next time, ttfn x


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