My experience with the Diva Cup

As a woman, you get used to your period… Eventually. You know your symptoms, your solutions, how long it is, when it will be, you buy special underwear that are extra comfey and you don’t care if they get ruined. You even know whether you’re a tampon or a pad girl. But did you know there is another option?

There are several. I am not about to go into the history of menstrual products, but I feel like it isn’t a well known fact that there are choices beyond the two big products. Today, I am here to talk about the Diva Cup which in essence is a menstrual cup which is inserted in the vagina to catch all of the blood that comes out during a period.

There were several things that intrigued me about it – I mean, it’s one of the latest innovations in the world of periods and something I personally have heard very little about. It is also quite different from a tampon and I had a bunch of questions: how do you clean it? When do you clean it? How do you put it in? How do you take it out? How messy is it? How do you store it? Is it uncomfortable? I am still a little unsure myself. What I found worked best was following the instructions which comes with it along with a pouch to store it. I cleaned it after every removal with warm water and a tiny bit of unscented soap. It isn’t nearly as messy as you might think – I feel a million times cleaner than I would with a pad lets say. There are several ways to put it in and it is totally based on your preference. It is much less complicated or crazy as it seems.

In trying this out for the first time, I will say this product is NOT for everyone. Not to go too far into TMI town, but if you’re uncomfortable inserting a tampon, this cup is MUCH bigger. I had a lot of issues between inserting and removing it several times. I feel like my technique now is down pat (pull the little tab out and then use my thumb to pinch it and ‘break the seal’ if you will) but initially, it was a super weird sensation, it was difficult and frankly, extremely uncomfortable.

I also find that I had gotten pretty nauseous and light headed during this process the very first time. I am sure that I am just too in my head about it but needless to say, this is probably not the tool you’re going to want to introduce your 12 year old daughter to who just got her first period. This takes some getting used to and a little determination – at least in my experience.

Lets talk about the pros because I do think this cup is worth a try. Number one, it is reusable with very little packaging to be disposed of. That’s part of what initially turned this curiosity into a purchase. Next was the one time cost vs a monthly cost for a pack of tampons varying from $4-$8. I was also a little disturbed finding out that there are so many chemicals used to make tampons, my previous preference, but this is product chemical free if you use the right ingredients to wash it. I discovered later that it also is manufactured in my home town (who would have guessed) and is a Canadian product.

Beyond those niceties and what looks good on paper, I gotta say this is the most comfortable thing I have used. It is flexible and really moves with you. I haven’t had any issues with it leaking or doing anything funky and it is easy to maintain. It can also be left for much longer than a tampon or pad with none of the stink or the mess but when it comes time to remove it, it is a little more lengthy than the other two (though somewhat more discrete since there is no noisy waste).

Overall, it’s a pretty big learning curve to get used to it but when you’re used to it, it’s golden. Not perfect and not for everyone, but pretty it works for me none-the-less. I am by no means an expert but hopefully, my experience and opinions were of some sort of help. It was blog posts like these that helped me decide on whether to take the plunge and I’m glad I did.

Til next time, ttfn x


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