#VolumeRevolution with TRESemme

Hey all. Lemme tell you, I am drowning in a sea of shampoo. But I love it. I’ve never been overly picky when it comes to my shampoo but as I mentioned in my latest Battle of the Brands, whatever I’m using has to clean my hair. I also tend to use as little as I can simply to reduce how often I have to wash my hair. Scratch the styling products, the conditioner, the blow dryer, curling iron, etc.

With the cold and dry winter though, my hair was starting to get pretty angry with me. Static and knots and weird sticky-upy-bits were happening and I do not have time for such craziness. That’s about when this new TRESemmé trio showed up for me to try.

 This is the TRESemmé Expert Selection Beauty-full Volume trio**. This comes with a pre-wash conditioner, shampoo and then a “volume and softness hair maximizer” (whatever that means). I had heard of reverse washing before but never actually saw a product that you were specifically supposed to use for revere washing. Reverse washing, by the way, is the term used for using your conditioner before shampoo. I can see where the benefits are: the softness and reparitive benefits of a conditioner without it weighing down your hair. This is a bonus for someone, like myself, who needs that extra bit of volume at the roots. I have exclusively been using this trio and here is what I found:

 The conditioner is great. Like I said, I didn’t really use conditioner before so any conditioner would be a change from my norm, but this has been controlling the static in my hair majorly. My hair is much softer and straighter which I wouldn’t have thought possible while staying nice and healthy. I love that it has a pump too which helps control how much I use and like the shampoo, it has the lovely TRESemmé smell.

 The shampoo, for me, is not as much of a win. My hair gets greasy very quickly and so I avoid hydrating products such as oils, conditioners and hydrating shampoos. This doesn’t specifically say it is hydrating but a trick I was recently told is that the less opaque a shampoo is, the more creamy it is and the more hydrating it is. Let me know if that’s not true – I am sure there are exceptions to the rule. This is the typically pearl white creamy shampoo that I had used before which I found didn’t help my hair too much. Though it does clean my hair for sure, I start to notice my hair looks unmanageably oily by day 2 and that just wont cut it for me.

I do find that I get much more volume with these products than I typically do whether that is the shampoo, conditioner, technique or all three, I am not sure. I will definitely continue on with this technique using the same conditioner but switching out the shampoo and let you know what I think.

 Don’t think I forgot about step 3: the Hair Maxamizer. I don’t know why I think that name is funny but I laugh every time. As the name suggests, it is a volumizing styling product. You are supposed to put it root to tip in your wet, clean hair so that’s what I did. It also said to blow dry afterwords but I am not about that life. I woke up the following day with MASSIVE volume in my roots. Like, an inch worth of volume in different sections of my hair. It was pretty intense so I recommend blow-dryi to avoid that mess. Next time, I will follow the instructions.

The product is creamy and smells awesome. I intend to play around with it more and perhaps do a hair tutorial – let me know what you think! Have you tried any of the TRESemmé products? What’s your go-to shampoo?

Til next time, ttfn x



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