What’s in my Z Palette?

Hello all! This month is Sephora brand beauty month and though I don’t have a whole lot of their make up, I do have a few other things. For example, their Z Palettes.

Several months ago, I was looking into getting a Z Palette simply to consolidate my single eye shadows. I found that I wouldn’t reach for them and with all of the different shapes and sizes, it was a pain to store them. After some online searching, I happened upon the Sephora Collection palettes in their three different sizes. I have the baby and dome sizes.

Most recently, I picked up the baby sized palette to depot my Benefit Sweet Cheeks blush palette. It was so bulky and I never used it because it didn’t fit in with the rest of my palettes. This medium sized palette stores them all quite well and is about half the width (or more).

Top L to R: Benefit Rockatur, Bellabamba, Dandilion

Bottom L to R: Benefit Hoola, Sugar Bomb, Coralista

In my larger Z Palette are my eye shadows. I have a pretty good assortment of them and a lot of room to grow.

Top L to R: Maybelline Vanilla, Bare Minerals Passion, Muse, MUFE D 850, I340

Middle L to R: Urban Decay Oil Slick, Bust, Guilt, Skimp, MUFE M856, MAC Amethyst 

Bottom L to R: Pop Beauty bronzer, Pacifica Celestial, Opal, MAC Black Grape

I depotted the Bare Mineral Inspiration duo as well as a 500 pt perk from Urban Decay for all of those mini’s at the top. Between these two palettes, I have everything I need to make my look and then some! I hope you enjoyed seeing what was in my Z palettes.

Til next time, ttfn x


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