I didn’t shave my legs for a month

Being a girl is work, guys. We all know that there are pressures to look certain ways or even just do certain things. If you’re a girl, you shave. Shave, wax, pluck, sugar or something. End of story. If you show any signs of laziness, you’re bullied. You know, for doing something outrageous like having hair on your body? I have stopped shaving several times before and if you’re a woman over 20, I am willing to bet you have gone at least a week before shaving before too. Maybe not as intense as a month, but for sure 7 days.

I was inspired by No-Shave November to cold turkey stop shaving my legs. Honestly, I see no point in leg shaving as it is. It’s time consuming, razors are expensive, then there are the nicks and hair growing in all different directions and if you missed a spot, it’s like you didn’t shave at all. I mean, what was the point? Arm pits are a bit of a different story to me because of sweat. The more hair, the more sweat, the more stink.

I didn’t find it to hard to avoid shaving for the first 2 weeks since I was home sick and didn’t leave the house. In those two weeks, my fuzzy legs stayed hidden under some pjs and I didn’t think about shaving once. However, I did notice how lovely it was not to spend the 5 minutes or so twisting and turning and maneuvering while trying to take a relaxing bath just to shave my two legs. I noticed that I wasn’t picking up my razor as often (I shave almost every time I bathe because my hair grows that fast) and so it was lasting longer. I noticed that I really didn’t care whether my legs had hair or not and neither did my significant other.

When I was back at work, I faced my first bit of reality. I felt kind of funny about wearing a skirt or a dress so much so that I avoided them. I didn’t feel like I could wear them with hairy legs. At this point, they were very noticeable and I wasn’t about to explain to the 20 people in my office what I was doing with my own body. Despite having a blog, I am a pretty private person. I ended up wearing tights the few times I did wear skirts or a dress and moving on with my life. I turned down chances to go swimming with family, wore only pants and felt like it was some kind of secret. I can’t really explain why.

Something I can’t really explain happened in this time as well. I started to become a little bit proud of my hair. I was almost happy that I had hairy legs but I don’t know why. Maybe I felt accomplished? Liberated? It’s not like anyone other than myself and Roxy knew about it but it was just kind of nice. I don’t really feel ashamed to talk about it so openly but I am a little afraid of the reaction to my legs. I suspect there will be a reaction.

Skin-wise, my legs ended up feeling better. I wasn’t getting razor burn, dry legs, ingrown hair and I started to in turn take better care of my legs. It was a weird and unexpected reaction. I might not be showing them off but they kind of look better than ever except for, you know, the hair. It’s a little crazy how people can be so offended by something so insignificant. It’s so engrained that I debated for some time whether to even post a picture of my legs because of their hair growth. It’s so widely felt that women’s razor commercials don’t even show leg hair.

The grand lesson to take from all of this is that it’s my body. I will do or not do what I want to it. It is going to take me a while to flaunt it as some others already do, but I’m not about to pick up a razor. Let me know what you think, what you do and whether you would accept this challenge.

Til next time, ttfn x


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