Battle of the Brands: Sephora Collection vs Essence

I wanted to sneak in one more blog post before March was through. This month, Sephora Collection was the Canadian Beauty Bloggers brand of the month and I do have one Sephora Brand gem to share.

I am an oil slick. My skin has been improving over the months but I have accepted the fact that I might need a little extra something to help my skin stay a little less shiny through out the day. Introducing every oily girls bffl: the blotting paper.

Not all blotting papers are made equal I’ve discovered. You would think that it is a pretty generic item but that is not the case. I haven’t tried two that were alike so far! However, these two are pretty similar so I wanted to put them to the test. Here I have the Sephora Collection blotting papers and the Essense All About Matt oil control paper. The biggest initial difference is the quantity: you have 50 smaller sheets in the $3 Essence pack and 100 in the $7 (on sale – usually $10) Sephora Collection pack.The price difference isn’t so crazy in my opinion and you can frequently grab the Sephora brand on sale in a variety of types. These happen to be the Vitamin C + E pack.

As far as size, the Sephora brand is thinner but larger while Essence is fatter but noticeably smaller. They are both compact enough to be carried around and durable enough but I have to admit, I much prefer the Essence packaging. Sephora has your typical folded card pack with a little sticky bit to help separate the sheets. The Essence packaging on the other hand it extra fancy. It is a slide-able package with a bit of the sheet poking out. When you pull out your sheet, the next sheet comes up with a little poking out again so it is much easier to grad and go with it. It’s similar to tissue.


The most important thing to me is how the sheet preforms. I hadn’t expected there to be much difference but I could tell right away the Essence sheet was not up to par. I have to use 3-5 to sufficiently mattify my face where I only use 1-2 of the Sephora brand (if that). Here, I did half of my face with one and the other half with the other. Then I went back over the Essence side with the Sephora sheet because it honestly just didn’t cut it. In my opinion, you can see and feel the difference.

I wouldn’t bother giving the Essence blotting papers a try unless you’re looking for something inexpensive that doesn’t get rid of all of the extra oiliness on your skin. A drugstore option that does work is the Clean and Clear Oil Absorbing Sheets. They are quite different than these but worth a try if you are an oily skinned person like myself. I hope you enjoyed this Battle. Stay tuned for another coming soon!

Til next time, ttfn x



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