My first foot peeling mask

Before we go any further, this is EXACTLY what it sounds like. You will be seeing my feet and some skin peeling off. You’ve been warned.

Since I can remember, I have had dry, cracking, callused feet. Though I can maintain them a little better now with some daily exfoliation and sanding, I am always looking for products to help out and this looked right up my ally.

You may have heard about these before – I have seen a few videos and posts about it – but it wasn’t until Writing Whimsy reviewed THEFACESHOP Smile Foot Peeling Mask that I decided to place my order. I don’t believe this is the “original” product that I have heard people talk about (which is from a company called Babyfoot and is double the price), but THEFACESHOP is a brand I have tried before so I felt a little more interested. This one-time use package cost about $15.

I picked up this foot mask at THE FACE SHOP store at my mall and soon after, it was on my feet. In the package were two baggies for your feet and two packages with the solution inside. The bags are self-adhesive but there isn’t a tight seal around the foot so for your 60-90 minutes, you have to keep your feet pretty still. I watched a movie.

The concept is very easy: put your feet in the bags, put the solution in the bag, seal it and wait. There wasn’t a weird smell to it and the solution itself was clear and thin like water. I ended up leaving the product on for about 75 minutes and tried not to splash the solution around much. When I had finished, the solution was still there in the bag and was pretty disgusting looking. There was no noticeable difference to my feet at that point. About 5 days later, my tootsies were peeling.


This was about 2 days into my feet peeling. There was no pain as everyone has said but it is a mess. The skin was literally falling off so I pretty much lived in socks. I continued to exfoliate my feet to speed up the process which I think helped immensely. After about 4 days, my feet were done peeling. They were noticeably softer but still callused at my heel a bit.

Would I do this again? Absolutely. I would like to find a cruelty-free alternative to this because though it was messy, it was very effective and easy. I highly recommend giving it a try!

Til next time, ttfn x


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