Essense Hidden Stories Highlighters

A few weeks ago while perusing the aisles at Shoppers, I noticed a display full of new products from Essence. I am fairly new to Essence but they have already won me over with the quality of some (but not all) of their products and their price. I decided to pick up a few things but the most intriguing of which were the Essence Hidden Stories Highlighters in Rose in Wonderland and Enter Wonderland.


I decided to give it a try at $3 a pop because not only is this one of the few times I have seen a highlighter at the drugstore, they are both cream highlights which I haven’t really played with before. The shades are quite different from the highlighters that I have used both in colour and texture so I was extra curious how they would look on me.

First of all, lets talk about the formula. If you’re familiar with the Maybelline Dream Bouncy blushes, these are the exact same super soft texture. I found it was easiest to apply these using my fingers vs a brush to get a much more intense highlight which I prefer. These do seem to enhance your pores and dryness if you’re not wearing a pore-filling primer or something smoothing. They also don’t seem to look overly different from each other. Both have a slight pigment (either the rose or lavender) but they both end up being very comparable to a white/silver highlight. I was a tad bit disappointed that these weren’t overly pigmented but cream products do tend to have a more natural look.


 L to R: Rose in Wonderland and Enter Wonderland

The finished product looks lovely and they are very easy to work with. You can build them up a little bit before they look almost glittery but they do blend out evenly. The packaging is what you would expect from the brand: clear inexpensive plastic with some writing on it and no mirror. To me, that isn’t bad at all but I know some people don’t love it. They are compact, small and work best when applied with your fingers making it simple to travel with.

If you’re looking to try these, I would only pick up one shade since they do end up looking similar. They are worth a try especially if you’re looking to try out cream highlighters. They aren’t my favourite but I do like them and plan to use them! Have you tried their Hidden Treasures Cream Highlighters before?

Til next time, ttfn x





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