Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish

I feel like heaven has opened up and the angels are singing. The lovely ladies and gents at Trust Fund Beauty have sent me a trio of polishes to try out! A few key things to note about the brand: They are vegan, cruelty free, non toxic and 7 free. They do mainly create nail polish but they do, in fact, also have 4 distinct lipsticks that I know I am dying to try!


 I am a sucker for their minimalist packaging and (some) of their products witty names. Bitches who Brunch, Boys Tears, Going Commando,  I Kaled It, and Questionable Decisions to name a few. Cute without being tacky. The three shades of polish I received are Bitches Who Brunch**, Flirty & Dirty** and Credit Card Workout**. I’ll be honest: there isn’t a shade I don’t want in their entire collection. Let’s get to the swatches!

Bitches who Brunch**: This is a classy as eff nail polish. With three coats, it is still very sheer but quite classy. It’s a beautiful creme peachy shine.

Flirty & Dirty**: This mauve was an instant favourite of mine. Again, it is an extra classy colour that goes with just about anything but it has that little bit of silver shimmer throughout that makes it that much more special.

Credit Card Workout**: This is much bolder even at first swipe. It is a gorgeous mirror-like shine with some added silver sparkle not unlike OPI’s My Signature is DC from their Coca Cola Collection. This is two coats with no base or top coat.

Left: one swatch. Right: two swatches.

The Trust Fund Beauty nail polish range goes from very classic shades with a variety of nudes and neutrals that will suit any skin tone or nail shape to some pretty outrageous and stunning colours like this super hot pink. All of these shades went on flawlessly, weren’t too thick, and the brush made for an easy application. The polish price range goes from $9-$15 USD with all three above being $15.

This nail polish could very well be a new fave of mine. I definitely have some spare room in my collection that I plan to fill in the near future. What colours do you recommend from Trust Fund Beauty? Is there another cf brand I should check out?

Til next time, ttfn x


12 thoughts on “Trust Fund Beauty Nail Polish

  1. Ah, reviews of this brand keep tempting me further! I’m a fan of the names and packaging- I think Flirty and Dirty is my fave of this bunch 🙂


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