Battle of the Brands: Peter Thomas Roth vs Fresh

Recently, I went for my very first facial and one thing the facialist said that stuck with me is “Rose is just amazing for all skin types” and I believe it. Rose is meant to help repair, soothe, prevent skin issues such as wrinkling but not all products are alike. For example, here I have two products that in theory are quite similar: the Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Bio Repair Gel Mask and the Fresh Rose Face Mask but even to look at them, they are different in many ways. Obviously, these two masks do have a few similarities. Both masks are beautifully moisturizing and leave you with plumper and more perfected skin. They each are very gentle and feel like they may work for sensitive skin too. I do have oily skin but hydrating masks like these help 100% with keeping my oily skin at bay while keeping my skin soft and plump. Between the two, I feel like my skin is a little more touchably smooth with the Peter Thomas Roth mask.
Here is where we see a few differences. Firstly, the colour and overall texture of these masks are different. The Fresh Rose mask seems much more natural and quite a bit thicker. It has a brown tinge to it which does show slightly on the skin while it’s applied. The PTR mask is a much thinner gel like consistency and feels very lightweight on the face. In fact, once it was dry, you wouldn’t really know it was there. I much prefer the gel texture of the PTR mask. 

As for scent, though they both are rose, I thought the Fresh mask had a much heavier scent.Both masks are on the higher end of things, with the Fresh mask being $72 for 3.3 oz and the PRT mask being $64 for 5 oz. Both of these are sample sizes. Unfortunately, neither brand is cruelty-free. Overall, I find that my skin ends up feeling more hydrated, softer and cleaner using the Peter Thomas Roth gel. Have you tried either of these masks? What do you think?

Til next time, ttfn x


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