Battle of the Brands: Boscia vs Pilaten

I am all about these types of peel off masks. I so so satisfied to peel the mask off, no matter how painful, and see how many blackheads came with it. How big, how deep, where they were on my face. It is just of oddly satisfying.

For a while, I had heard a lot about the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask which seemed very promising. However, when I initially had a sample to try, I recall being pretty disappointed. That’s when Roxanne and I discovered the Pilaten Black Head Pore Strip on Amazon. After quite some time using these, I thought it was time to compare and see what the differences actually are (or is it all in my head?)
  L: Boscia R: Pilaten

The biggest difference here is most obvious in the picture above. The Boscia mask is far more creamy, and thick, making it slightly harder to spread. It also separates quite noticeably where some of my pores are if you only apply a thin layer. In contrast, the Pilaten mask is thinner and easier to spread, making it much easier to get an even application. As you peel each mask off, the Boscia mask is noticeably more rubbery and flexible while the Pilaten is quite paper-like. However, as for the results, both pull out your blackheads in a similar fashion. Both hurt to peel off, though the Pilaten mask is meant to simply be a nose strip. They are actually quite similar products once they dry.

A 2.8 oz Boscia Luminizing Black Mask is $42 at Sephora, while you can get a very decent amount of the Pilaten masks on Amazon for $2-6 depending on how many packages you get. Each package has enough for 2-3 masks depending on how much of your face you’re covering. I can’t confirm whether either mask is cruelty-free.

Let me know whether you have tried either of these before and what you thought! If you have any cruelty-free recommendations, let me know that too!

Til next time, ttfn x


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