My Current Brow Routine

Once upon a time, I really disliked my brows. They are now and have always been bushy and uneven, patchy and hard to shape. When big, bold and heavily made-up brows became trendy however, I figured out a way to make them work pretty well for me. Take a look at my current routine.

My brow maintenance mainly consists of plucking and a little bit of shaving once a week. Since my hair grows in fast, I also have to trim them up and brush them out a few times a week or they are a tad out of control. I will trim them first brushing the inner part of my brow up towards my forehead and the tail down towards my ear just to show me which hair needs to be trimmed up. Once my hair is tidy, I will pluck away the strays with my favourite tweezers from Revlon. Finally, to finish off any maintenance, I will use a face razor (found at Walmart) and shave above my brow until I am happy with the shape.

My favourite way to do my brows is with powder and I use the Quo Powder in Brunette and a angled liner brush also from Quo. I make a bit of an outline with the powder first before lightly filling in any patches. Some parts of my brow are a little stubborn so I will also go in with an eyebrow pencil to finish the job. After one more brush through, voila!



I hope you enjoyed seeing my brow routine in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in seeing this make up look, stay tuned for next week!

Til next time, ttfn x


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