#VolumeRevolution with TRESemme

Hey all. Lemme tell you, I am drowning in a sea of shampoo. But I love it. I’ve never been overly picky when it comes to my shampoo but as I mentioned in my latest Battle of the Brands, whatever I’m using has to clean my hair. I also tend to use as little as I can simply to reduce how often I have to wash my hair. Scratch the styling products, the conditioner, the blow dryer, curling iron, etc.

With the cold and dry winter though, my hair was starting to get pretty angry with me. Static and knots and weird sticky-upy-bits were happening and I do not have time for such craziness. That’s about when this new TRESemmé trio showed up for me to try.

 This is the TRESemmé Expert Selection Beauty-full Volume trio**. This comes with a pre-wash conditioner, shampoo and then a “volume and softness hair maximizer” (whatever that means). I had heard of reverse washing before but never actually saw a product that you were specifically supposed to use for revere washing. Reverse washing, by the way, is the term used for using your conditioner before shampoo. I can see where the benefits are: the softness and reparitive benefits of a conditioner without it weighing down your hair. This is a bonus for someone, like myself, who needs that extra bit of volume at the roots. I have exclusively been using this trio and here is what I found:

 The conditioner is great. Like I said, I didn’t really use conditioner before so any conditioner would be a change from my norm, but this has been controlling the static in my hair majorly. My hair is much softer and straighter which I wouldn’t have thought possible while staying nice and healthy. I love that it has a pump too which helps control how much I use and like the shampoo, it has the lovely TRESemmé smell.

 The shampoo, for me, is not as much of a win. My hair gets greasy very quickly and so I avoid hydrating products such as oils, conditioners and hydrating shampoos. This doesn’t specifically say it is hydrating but a trick I was recently told is that the less opaque a shampoo is, the more creamy it is and the more hydrating it is. Let me know if that’s not true – I am sure there are exceptions to the rule. This is the typically pearl white creamy shampoo that I had used before which I found didn’t help my hair too much. Though it does clean my hair for sure, I start to notice my hair looks unmanageably oily by day 2 and that just wont cut it for me.

I do find that I get much more volume with these products than I typically do whether that is the shampoo, conditioner, technique or all three, I am not sure. I will definitely continue on with this technique using the same conditioner but switching out the shampoo and let you know what I think.

 Don’t think I forgot about step 3: the Hair Maxamizer. I don’t know why I think that name is funny but I laugh every time. As the name suggests, it is a volumizing styling product. You are supposed to put it root to tip in your wet, clean hair so that’s what I did. It also said to blow dry afterwords but I am not about that life. I woke up the following day with MASSIVE volume in my roots. Like, an inch worth of volume in different sections of my hair. It was pretty intense so I recommend blow-dryi to avoid that mess. Next time, I will follow the instructions.

The product is creamy and smells awesome. I intend to play around with it more and perhaps do a hair tutorial – let me know what you think! Have you tried any of the TRESemmé products? What’s your go-to shampoo?

Til next time, ttfn x


Battle of the Brands: Maple Holistics vs Uhaircare

Hey there all! Today, we’re chatting about a topic that I am not so engrossed in but something super important none the less. We’re talking hair. I have always has extremely healthy hair and my big secret is I don’t do anything to it. Very little heat, no extra product (with one or two exceptions), no dying and hair washing to a minimum. 2 times a week at the very most.

 I get that that is not realistic for some people and that’s totally ok because all hair is different. My hair happens to be very straight, oily just like my skin, thin but plentiful and currently quite long so I am able to get away with that when I use the right shampoo. Allow me to introduce you to two grease fighting shampoos I have been testing out: the Uspa Uhaircare Native Mint Cleanser and the Maple Holistics Degrease shampoo**.

These bottles come with just about the same amount of product which is about 8 oz and claim to clean your hair but are specifically for oily hair types like mine. The Maple Holistics Degrease shampoo also claims to help an itchy scalp which I can’t confirm and be 100% natural while the Uhaircare simply promises volume – something I could totally work with.

Between the smells, I way prefer the Uhaircare Native Mint scent which is very peppermint meets spearmint. The MH shampoo doesn’t smell bad but it has a much more natural spice scent. I would contribute that to its main ingredients list  which includes rosemary, basil, lemon and cypress. Neither scent lingers too long in my hair but it does ultimately smell clean.

How do they compare in the shower though? That’s where it really counts for me. The Uhaircare cleanser requires a pretty thick coat of product despite the “pea sized amount” mentioned in the directions. It doesn’t lather particularly well and you have to take care to coat your full head of hair or there will be a few oily spots left over. The MH shampoo is more forgiving and offers more later with less product meaning it will likely last longer. The bottle does recommend to rinse and repeat which I did the first time I tried it and it does seem to work a bit better but it won’t be part of my regular routine.

With both products, my hair does become clean and I feel that neither is more volumizing than the other. I do feel like my hair is a bit softer and silkier using the Degrease shampoo which could be from mixing up my products since I have been using the Uhaircare cleanser for a longer period of time but it makes me favour it a little more.

Time to talk price. Maple Holistics is available on Amazon for $17 for this 8oz bottle or $33 for a 16oz. The Uhaircare brand is also available online for $25 but Roxy bought this from the clearance section of Winners for $5-$8 – score. I am typically all about that $3 Herbal Essences life so I do consider these a bit pricey but since paying more attention to chemicals and cruelty free products, I have been branching out more and feel ok about spending extra on maintaining healthy hair.

Between the two, I am more interested in and plan to purchase the Maple Holistics Degrease shampoo. I prefer the way it performs both as I am washing my hair and the results I have with it. The price is also better which is always nice, and I feel better about what ingredients are in this over the Uhaircare cleanser. I am extremely interested in a few other Maple Holistics products as well so keep an eye out as I am sure you will be hearing more about them!

Til next time, ttfn x

Curl Crazy ft. Irresistible Me

 I am going to be honest and say I am not a hair person. Though I try to keep my hair healthy and manageable, I don’t often do anything with it. It usually goes up in a pony or bun and I don’t give it a second thought. There are those rare occasions, like this weekend, where I do want to do something a little different. That’s where this beautiful, multi-wand hair tool comes in handy. This is the Irresistible Me Sapphire 8 in 1 Curling wand**. It comes with an assortment of 8 different sizes and shapes to give you unique curls, as well as a glove, carrying case a little holder/stand and the handle.

  I have to say, upon first seeing this, I really laughed. It looks inappropriate if you don’t know what it is. But, beyond it’s look, there are some really handy features. I haven’t used a clip-less curler before so I comparing apples and oranges here, but I have never had so many barrel options or such an instant heat up time or a digital display before with any hair tool. These features make this wand so easy to use and convenient. Now that I have used a clip-less wand, I don’t think I will go back. My hair doesn’t get caught on anything, it looks and feels shinier and it heats up mega quick.

 Before use, I applied a heat protector. I love the KQC Thermal Shine spray as a heat protectant because it also gives my hair some extra shine without making it greasy or oily. To start, I picked out a barrel and went for the funkiest one: the pearl. When I first plugged it in I noticed it flashes blue to signify it is off. Once you turn it on and pick your preferred temperature, the screen stays blue and shows you the temperature as it heats up. When it is ready, the screen goes green and the whole process takes under 60 seconds (I actually timed it). Am I the only one really impressed by all that? I was so excited. It was a little difficult to lock the barrel into place but I was eventually able to do so and I am sure it will get easier with time.

Before (featuring Roger).


I had second day hair with no product in it other than the heat protectant.  My hair does tend to have a hard time holding curl since it is so heavy but I think this did a fantastic job. I found the tool pretty easy to figure out. I held the barrel upward and gently wrapped the hair around the barrel to the tip. Since I am no hair expert, I wasn’t really sure how long I should hold the curl in place. I was a little paranoid about holding the hair there too long since seeing that horrifying viral video, so my curls were not overly consistent. I had to recurl a few pieces where I had too much hair and not enough time on the barrel. I prefer the lion mane type of messy curls and I felt that this barrel did the job very well.

 Once I took each 2 or so inch strand of hair around the barrel, I did a little bit of fluffing and sprayed this Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Volume hair spray all over for some extra hold. Thankfully, Roxy had a large can of this since the travel sized one I was using ran out. I love having my hair curled and with this, I think I will be doing it more often. It isn’t exactly quick, but for something different, it is a lot of fun.

How do you feel about curls? Have you tried a clip-less curler? Do you have any advice for me?

Til next time, ttfn x

Battle of the Brands: Tresemme vs Colab

The discovery of dry shampoo has saved my life. Ok, perhaps that is a bit overdramatic but it has at least saved me a lot of time and shampoo. Even now, my hair will get very oily within 24 hrs of washing it but with a little bit of powder on my roots, I am able to go 4 days without a proper shampooing. Like anything when you have oily hair/skin, I will sometimes need to touch up during the day and that’s where these come in.

At Target before they even announced their closing, I picked up this Tresemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo mini to replace the one I had been carrying with me before hand. At the time, I also had a full sized version so I knew it did the job. Little did I know, I would be receiving a package from FarleyCo with two little pieces of heaven: The COLAB travel sized dry shampoos in the scents Rio and London**. What a perfect opportunity to face these two head to head in a Battle of the Brands!

Let’s begin with my dry shampoo needs. Firstly, my hair must appear clean and less strip-y. My hair will kind of clump together when it is oily which I despise so I typically load up until I have single strands of hair again. Secondly, it must still be movable which means no residue, stickiness, or hair spray like stiffness. Lastly, if I can add some volume in there, it’s an added bonus.

Like I mentioned, I had tried a full bottle of the Tresemme dry shampoo before and liked it enough to buy a travel sized duplicate. It is very volumizing and leaves little to no residue but it isn’t that amazing at actually cleaning my hair. Still, I like it and have used a full bottle. A big con for me is the smell which is very similar to the Tresemme hairsprays if you’ve ever used them. They are quite chemically and gross. It also leaves my hair a tad stiff but I feel that it helps the volume is worth it.


The COLAB Sheer Invisable dry shampoo on the other hand is much nicer feeling and gives a similar volume without the smell. It is a finer mist which makes my hair feel more light weight while still holding the volume. I would say they are pretty comparable though this one smells much, much better. There are also several scents available through COLAB if this is a big factor for you. COLAB also has the added bonus of being developed by an Internet personality, Ruth Crilly from A Model Recommends, which is always fantastic to see.

 The prices for these travel size products are pretty comparable with COLAB being priced at $5.50 through FarleyCo and Tresemme sitting at around $4 when I purchased it at Target. Both also come in larger sizes.

All in all, I prefer the COLAB dry shampoo since it feels very light and not as stiff in my hair. I am also excited try all of the different scents to find my favourite.
Til next time, ttfn x

A New Dry Shampoo?

While browsing the grocery store aisles a week or so ago, I came across this new product from Herbal Essences. What truly tempted me was the price – $3.99 or so – for a voluminous dry shampoo. Most that I have seen, whether they are good or not, have been at least in the $6-$8 range, while some go up to even $20. So, into my cart went the Herbal Essences Body Envy Instant Clean Dry Shampoo. Boasting of a “uplifting citrus scent” and a “lightweight, fresh feel”, this 140g product sounded pretty good.

The only troublesome sounding thing was the little badge on it saying “clean feel 1st day”. I am a very oily person, but even I don’t have greasy hair the same day I wash it. Who doesn’t have clean hair the first say they wash it? Sounds a little bit silly to me. Despite that, I wanted to really put this stuff to the test.

My day 3 hair – no product or dry shampoo added. Pretty gross looking. Like I said, I wanted to really give this thing a test. The smell was my first clue as to how this product would be. I wouldn’t say it was citrus or even all that great. It smelled like a chemical orange hair spray, which I don’t really want to smell like personally. But, something I would deal with if it worked amazingly.

Next was the disgusting product buildup. I have heard of dry shampoo looking dusty in darker hair but haven’t experienced it before. I can’t imagine that this is what it looks like though. It makes my hair look dry and flaky. I assumed that once I gave my hair a good rub with my fingers and a brush through, that the product would disperse more evenly but it seemed to separate into small flakes.

Lastly, how my hair felt which was probably the worst part of this whole experience. This stuff felt like I sprayed a whole lot of extra hold, extra sticky hair spray in it. It was not movable or lightweight in the slightest. It gave the tiniest amount of volume and made my strands look less separated, but at a much greater cost than it was worth.

I suppose it did make my hair a tiny bit less greasy and a tiny bit more voluminous, but it make it look so much worse in my opinion than oiliness ever could. I couldn’t even work with it afterwards so it just went right up into a pony tail until I could wash it when I got home. There is still a whole lot of product left, but I think this is going to go directly into the garbage.

The verdict? Never ever again. I can’t find an actual pro for this product. I could try it on first day hair for a bit of volume, but after the product dandruff and stiffness, I really don’t want to. 

Til next time, ttfn x

Quick, No Heat Hairstyle: Side Braid

This hairstyle really doesn’t seem like much and that’s because it isn’t. But, hear me out. I had initially done this simply to get my hair out of the way as I have a tendency to play with my strands. Whenever I have worn it though, I get compliment after compliment, so I figure it’s a keeper. 😉
Basically, it is a mixture of a side pony tail and french braid. It took me about 5 minutes to do but looks kind of complicated.
First, I recommend texturizing your hair a bit, especially at the ends. It will help hold the braid. I always part my hair to the right when I do a left side pony tail to offer a bit of balance to the look, so that’s what I did! Gather together all of your hair to which ever side you want the pony tail on. Already half way done!
The hardest part for me is starting the braid. I never know exactly how much hair to initially start the braid off with, so I usually go a little bit to the left of where a centre part would be and then start parting the hair until the knuckle of my index finger hits my hair line. I gather that hair and divide it into 3. I am not sure if this is technically a french braid, but I find it significantly easier to braid when I start in the middle and work my way up (See picture below).
braid start
I use the “1 2 Grab” pattern, as I like to call it, until I hit my ear. Make sure when you do this though, you aren’t grabbing the new hair very tightly. It looks better when the braid swoops (is that a word?).
half way done braid
When you get to your ear, I separated the remaining hair into 3 and added them to my current braid. Oh, one other tip! If your hair, like mine, tends to fall out a bit on the right side, try twisting the inner strands of hair a bit. It keeps my hair from falling out.
at the ear braid
Braid the rest of your hair and take a little elastic to end it!
finish braid
An optional step is to fluff the braid up to make it look a little thicker and messier.
looking down braid
Seriously easy, no fuss hair style for ya! If you do this hairstyle, please tag me on instagram and show me! I’d love to see!

What’s your go to hairstyle?

Til next time, ttfn x