Addicted To Blush Tag

Back in March, the lovely and beautiful Melanie from I am not a beauty guru tagged me to do the Addicted To Blush Tag! This tag has been floating around the beauty community lately so I was super excited to be tagged to join the fun!

1. What colour blush suits you the most?

I really love the wind-burned, frost-bitten type of look on myself and to achieve that, I go with a red-pink. I typically will achieve this look with the Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee in Pink Escape which comes off very natural but still quite strong.

2. Pressed/cream/loose blush?

I have never tried a loose blush but I tend to love a cream blush. Though I am oily and it doesn’t always last on me, I find it looks so much more natural and feels better on my skin. I will top it with a powder blush for double the lasting power.

3. Favourite shimmery blush?

I gotta go with the Milani Baked Blush in Dolce Pink. With my acne scarring and large pores, I stay away from shimmer but it’s just a gorgeous shade and an awesome formula.

4. Favourite matte blush?

It’s so hard to pick a matte blush shade that is my number one but I think I am going to go with the Too Faced How Deep Is Your Love? I love the formula of these blushes and they are one of the few matte blushes I own.

5. Favourite cream blush?

I have to go with the Josie Maran blush I mentioned earlier. I love the natural but noticeable flush of this blush.

6. Favourite drugstore blush?

I have to say my favourite and most used blush is Physicians Formula Nude Wear in Rose. It is definitely a light pink shade that I don’t typically go to but something about it looks so subtle and goes with everything.

7. Favourite high end blush?

Though I haven’t dabbled too much into the high end world of blush, I do love the Too Faced Love Flush blushes. They last hours, I love the company, the packaging is the most adorable thing ever, and of course, they have great pigment. What’s not to love?

8. Favourite bright blush?

If I am going bright, I am going for something bold so I would go with one of the two bright shades in my BH Cosmetics blush palette. One is a cool toned pink and one is a super bright orange.

9. Biggest blush disappointment or regret?

Though this isn’t exactly a blush product, I am disappointed in the two blushes from the BH Cosmetics Contour and Blush palette in Light. First off, they are the exact same shade so it is useless to have both in the palette but they are also so pigmented and intense, it would be hard not to look like a clown. I bought this for the highlight/contour shades though so I am not entirely disappointed.

10. Best blush packaging?

Totally 100% going with Too Faced again. I can’t deal with how adorable their stuff is and heart shaped things are totally my thing.

11. What’s on your blush wish list?

I have definitely not tried enough high end blushes so I am going to have to go with some of the Urban Decay Afterglow blushes or the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfecting blush. I have some serious heart-eyes for these two.

12. Number 1 holy grail blush?

I am not sure I could pick one blush or even one brand that is my holy grail because I love different blushes for different reasons. Every company I have mentioned here is fantastic and bonus, they are all cruelty-free!

If anything, I hope this tag introduced you to a few less-talked about gems! I am always interested in recommendations so leave them for me below! If you would like to do this tag, go for it and leave your link below! I would love to hear what you’re faves are. Thanks again to Melanie for tagging me!

Til next time, ttfn x

I didn’t shave my legs for a month

Being a girl is work, guys. We all know that there are pressures to look certain ways or even just do certain things. If you’re a girl, you shave. Shave, wax, pluck, sugar or something. End of story. If you show any signs of laziness, you’re bullied. You know, for doing something outrageous like having hair on your body? I have stopped shaving several times before and if you’re a woman over 20, I am willing to bet you have gone at least a week before shaving before too. Maybe not as intense as a month, but for sure 7 days.

I was inspired by No-Shave November to cold turkey stop shaving my legs. Honestly, I see no point in leg shaving as it is. It’s time consuming, razors are expensive, then there are the nicks and hair growing in all different directions and if you missed a spot, it’s like you didn’t shave at all. I mean, what was the point? Arm pits are a bit of a different story to me because of sweat. The more hair, the more sweat, the more stink.

I didn’t find it to hard to avoid shaving for the first 2 weeks since I was home sick and didn’t leave the house. In those two weeks, my fuzzy legs stayed hidden under some pjs and I didn’t think about shaving once. However, I did notice how lovely it was not to spend the 5 minutes or so twisting and turning and maneuvering while trying to take a relaxing bath just to shave my two legs. I noticed that I wasn’t picking up my razor as often (I shave almost every time I bathe because my hair grows that fast) and so it was lasting longer. I noticed that I really didn’t care whether my legs had hair or not and neither did my significant other.

When I was back at work, I faced my first bit of reality. I felt kind of funny about wearing a skirt or a dress so much so that I avoided them. I didn’t feel like I could wear them with hairy legs. At this point, they were very noticeable and I wasn’t about to explain to the 20 people in my office what I was doing with my own body. Despite having a blog, I am a pretty private person. I ended up wearing tights the few times I did wear skirts or a dress and moving on with my life. I turned down chances to go swimming with family, wore only pants and felt like it was some kind of secret. I can’t really explain why.

Something I can’t really explain happened in this time as well. I started to become a little bit proud of my hair. I was almost happy that I had hairy legs but I don’t know why. Maybe I felt accomplished? Liberated? It’s not like anyone other than myself and Roxy knew about it but it was just kind of nice. I don’t really feel ashamed to talk about it so openly but I am a little afraid of the reaction to my legs. I suspect there will be a reaction.

Skin-wise, my legs ended up feeling better. I wasn’t getting razor burn, dry legs, ingrown hair and I started to in turn take better care of my legs. It was a weird and unexpected reaction. I might not be showing them off but they kind of look better than ever except for, you know, the hair. It’s a little crazy how people can be so offended by something so insignificant. It’s so engrained that I debated for some time whether to even post a picture of my legs because of their hair growth. It’s so widely felt that women’s razor commercials don’t even show leg hair.

The grand lesson to take from all of this is that it’s my body. I will do or not do what I want to it. It is going to take me a while to flaunt it as some others already do, but I’m not about to pick up a razor. Let me know what you think, what you do and whether you would accept this challenge.

Til next time, ttfn x

My experience with the Diva Cup

As a woman, you get used to your period… Eventually. You know your symptoms, your solutions, how long it is, when it will be, you buy special underwear that are extra comfey and you don’t care if they get ruined. You even know whether you’re a tampon or a pad girl. But did you know there is another option?

There are several. I am not about to go into the history of menstrual products, but I feel like it isn’t a well known fact that there are choices beyond the two big products. Today, I am here to talk about the Diva Cup which in essence is a menstrual cup which is inserted in the vagina to catch all of the blood that comes out during a period.

There were several things that intrigued me about it – I mean, it’s one of the latest innovations in the world of periods and something I personally have heard very little about. It is also quite different from a tampon and I had a bunch of questions: how do you clean it? When do you clean it? How do you put it in? How do you take it out? How messy is it? How do you store it? Is it uncomfortable? I am still a little unsure myself. What I found worked best was following the instructions which comes with it along with a pouch to store it. I cleaned it after every removal with warm water and a tiny bit of unscented soap. It isn’t nearly as messy as you might think – I feel a million times cleaner than I would with a pad lets say. There are several ways to put it in and it is totally based on your preference. It is much less complicated or crazy as it seems.

In trying this out for the first time, I will say this product is NOT for everyone. Not to go too far into TMI town, but if you’re uncomfortable inserting a tampon, this cup is MUCH bigger. I had a lot of issues between inserting and removing it several times. I feel like my technique now is down pat (pull the little tab out and then use my thumb to pinch it and ‘break the seal’ if you will) but initially, it was a super weird sensation, it was difficult and frankly, extremely uncomfortable.

I also find that I had gotten pretty nauseous and light headed during this process the very first time. I am sure that I am just too in my head about it but needless to say, this is probably not the tool you’re going to want to introduce your 12 year old daughter to who just got her first period. This takes some getting used to and a little determination – at least in my experience.

Lets talk about the pros because I do think this cup is worth a try. Number one, it is reusable with very little packaging to be disposed of. That’s part of what initially turned this curiosity into a purchase. Next was the one time cost vs a monthly cost for a pack of tampons varying from $4-$8. I was also a little disturbed finding out that there are so many chemicals used to make tampons, my previous preference, but this is product chemical free if you use the right ingredients to wash it. I discovered later that it also is manufactured in my home town (who would have guessed) and is a Canadian product.

Beyond those niceties and what looks good on paper, I gotta say this is the most comfortable thing I have used. It is flexible and really moves with you. I haven’t had any issues with it leaking or doing anything funky and it is easy to maintain. It can also be left for much longer than a tampon or pad with none of the stink or the mess but when it comes time to remove it, it is a little more lengthy than the other two (though somewhat more discrete since there is no noisy waste).

Overall, it’s a pretty big learning curve to get used to it but when you’re used to it, it’s golden. Not perfect and not for everyone, but pretty it works for me none-the-less. I am by no means an expert but hopefully, my experience and opinions were of some sort of help. It was blog posts like these that helped me decide on whether to take the plunge and I’m glad I did.

Til next time, ttfn x

What I Got For Christmas 2015

Hey all! This year, I decided to do a little haul of what I got this year for Christmas! Please don’t take this as bragging – I just love hauls like this so I thought I would do one this year! This is not to brag but I was extremely spoiled and Roxanne is freaking amazing, just sayin’.

We only have about 3 gift exchanges in total and they are all with family. Firstly, Roxanne’s side did a Secret Santa kind of exchange & from my secret Santa, I received a beautiful tea set. This includes a lovely loose-leaf kettle, 4 varieties of tea and 4 jars to keep them in. I plan to use the jars in my beauty room and add the tea to my collection. Roxy’s mom also gave me a not-Christmas related gift but I thought I would include it in here anyway because it was so sweet of her! She knitted me a hat and scarf but not just any old hat and scarf. The hat has a little spot in the top for my ponytail/bun to poke through and I am obsessed with that! The scarf is also a beautiful knit (do not know what it is called) but it is nice and warm and of course, matches my hat!

sephora bite beauty discovery kit

lush festive friends
We also had a gift exchange with my mom/dad and from them, I received some super exciting things! In the beauty area of things, I received the Bite Beauty Bite Discovery kit which was totally on my wish list and a $25 Sephora giftcard. I also received the Festive Friends gift box from Lush which smells incredible. Seriously, seriously incredible.

ott tv box
easy acc power bank

For some tech because mom and I are quite the techy loving ladies, I received a EasyAcc power bank but not just any power bank. It has 4 ports and a flashlight. It’s intense. She also gifted Roxanne and I a Android box for our TV since we don’t have cable! I am pretty excited at the possibilities.

canada mint tweety bird coin

Finally, on the more comfort side of Amy, they gave Roxanne and I a few board games: Monopoly and Battle Ship. I am a big lover of cards and board games (Roxanne not so much) so these were on my Christmas wish list for sure. Mom also gave us a beautiful warm winter throw blanket that I am always a sucker for. My dad very sweetly picked up the Canadian Mint $10 Tweety Bird coin. No, I am not a coin collector, but my parents used to always call me Tweety when I was little and it’s kind of a tradition that I get Tweety Bird memorabilia for Christmas. And what Christmas is complete without getting a pair of PJs. This year, I got my first onsie from Denver Hayes and I am in love. It is a polar bear but it reminds me so much of lambchop, it’s hilarious.

Typically, Roxanne and I don’t exchange gifts so I was so surprised when mid-December rolled around and gifts for me started popping up under our tree. I was freaking out because I hadn’t planned on doing a gift exchange and suddenly, I needed to round up some gifts. While I was sick. And ordering stuff online was not really an option. Luckily, I had a few ideas up my sleeve and some time when Roxy was working.

sephora glamglow gift sexy antiaging and ole henriksen glow
Roxanne killed it with the gifts. She really knows me so well and was able to pick out these things without much guidance from me. Starting with some skin care, she got the Ole Henriksen Cleanse and Glow on the go duo which I have had and enjoyed before. Secondly and very unexpectedly, I opened up the Glamglow Gift Sexy Anti-Age gift set which includes my favourite Supermud treatment from Glamglow as well as the Anti-Aging full sized Youth Mud and travel sized Youth Cleanse as well. There was also the softest brush I have ever felt which I always use to apply face masks.

cinema secrets make up brush cleaner
guerlain meteorites perles

Before moving onto make up, she also happened to pick up the Cinema Secrets brush cleaner which came with a tin to try! This was totally on my list since seeing Dani from Coffee Break with Dani talk about this about a month ago. She also received a delux sample when ordering of the Guerlain Météorites Perles primer and I was pretty floored. I had just seen In The Frow talk about this and was mesmerized so the fact that it was a deluxe sample was like mind-blowing to me.

marc jacobs oh miley and hourglass canvas liquid lip stick
She picked up two unexpected lipsticks for me to try. First of all, the Hourglass liquid lipstick in Canvas which has also totally been on my wishlist for some time and I just never got around to picking it up. It’s gorgeous and I really enjoy this Hourglass formula. I was also totally blown away when I opened Oh Miley from Marc Jacobs. I would never have in a million years guessed I would own this but it is totally stunning. Instant favourite.

make up for ever artist volume 2, too faced return of the sexy eye and smashbox double exposure
Finally, three eye shadow palettes that she picked up for me all of which totally blew me away: the Too Faced the Return of Sexy palette, the Smashbox Double Exposure palette and the Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Volume 2. I am pretty sure every time I opened one of these, I squealed. I haven’t owned palettes from any of these brands and I am so excited to try them out.

I hope you enjoyed this rather large haul. Obviously, I love everything I got but I was particularly excited to spend Christmas day together – no work, no rush, no interruptions. These few days were amazing to spend with family and enjoy some seriously delicious food which is why you may have noticed I wasn’t on social media so much this past week. I hope whoever you are, you had a very Merry Christmas or a happy holiday!

Til next time, ttfn x

Versatile Blogger Award

I was going through some Twitter Favourites of mine and saw that I was nominated forever ago (Last March) by Lara from Dots In Gold! Thank you so much for the nomination (and I love your blog)! I am very far behind on all of these tags and awards so I thought today was as good as any to do some catch up. Anyways, let’s get to it!


Thank the person who gave you the award and include a link to their blog.

Share seven facts about yourself.

Nominate 15 other blogs and let them know you’ve nominated them.

I don’t often talk about my personal stuff on the blog or social media, so I am sure there is going to be a lot of new information here. I hope it isn’t too boring!

Off to work out in my fave shirt ever 😍

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I am a big Disney princess fan. I couldn’t tell you why but they are just one of my favourite things (the movies, I mean). I love the classics and I love the new princesses. My #1 has to be Ariel from The Little Mermaid (followed closely by Belle from Beauty and the Beast). Both classics, but they are the two I grew up on. I am obsessed.

I did not go to Uni or College. I fell into a job right out of highschool and have been working there since in 3-4 different positions. If I could go to school for anything, I would likely go for photography.

If I could live off of 1-2 foods, it would be pizza and ice cream. Self explanatory.

Birthday BBQ with my fave peepz 🐥

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I am not a social person by any means. I was never very good at making and maintaining friendships for that reason. I am very much a home body and very rarely hang out with people other than my family and Roxanne.

I never wear high heels or running shoes. I don’t find them too comfortable and I am already quite tall (5ft10). Flats and booties all the way.

I do not like warm drinks. I will drink tea or hot chocolate occasionally, but for the most part, I prefer a smoothie, juice, water, energy drink (save the lecture) or pop.

I used to be a really big reader but haven’t picked up a book in 4-5 years. I don’t have much of a reason except that I have been filling my time up with other things. I read more blogs and articles than books now.

Feel free to partake in this award if you want to! If you do, please let me know! Tweet me or leave a link in a comment.


Til next time, ttfn x

My Messy Make Up Storage

Honestly, since I have taken these pictures, I have already moved stuff around. I am just like that and always have been. Specifically, I have moved my make up storage (and dresser, computer and all of that jazz) into my own little office! Roxy and I moved our second floor around a few weekends ago and she gave me my own space to take pictures, edit, write, get ready for work, do make up and whatever else I want! However, the layout of my desk is still pretty similar to what I have here.

 So my actual vanity is a really old wooden desk that my parents gave me when they moved a few years ago. Ever since, it has been my vanity. It’s in pretty rough shape but I love it. It stores all of my stuff and I never have to worry about ruining it with nail polish or anything else.

 On top, I have a small chest where I keep my day to day stuff. My mascara and brow products including some tweezers and spoolies. I also keep my deodorant as I am notoriously bad at remembering to put it on otherwise (TMI?).  Lastly, I put anything I am trying to use up: samples, make up that is getting close to expiring or products that are running low and in my head, I now have to race to finish them up.  Since moving my stuff around, I have divided this up a little bit better into mascara, brows, brow tools and products to use up.


 On the other side of my desk is the little Dollar Store mirror and all of my many brushes. They are sorted by size and use. Short eyeshadow brushes, tall eyeshadow brushes, Foundation/concealer brushes, powder brushes, and that container at the back is where I keep my dirty brushes. As you can see, I needed to do some brush cleaning.

 Then, my drawers are sorted into how I do my make up. Starting with the top left drawer, I have all of my open moisturizers, primers, sprays, foundations, concealers and powders. I try to keep only a few in use at a time but sometimes, I just get too excited about a product or I want to review it or it was a hand me down make up product that had already been opened and used.

 My biggest drawer holds all of my eye products: primers, palettes, singles, liquid and pencil eye liner, cream bases, false lashes and glue, pigments and a sharpener. In comparison to some people, my eyeshadow drawer is quite tame, but to me it feels huge. I hope to downsize it a little bit but eye shadows are not a quick thing to use up.

 My top right drawer holds my highlighters, bronzers and blush. I do not have too many of any of these and pretty much stick to my favourites but they are there if I ever feel like venturing out.

 Onto the lip drawer. Left middle holds my glosses, liquid lipsticks, lip pencils, liners and regular lipstick. The layout isn’t too great but it works for me. 99% of the time, I use lipsticks and I can see everything I have perfectly.

   The right middle drawer is hair. I use very little hair products so in here are mostly dry shampoos, brushes, headbands and hair ties. Nothing too interesting. My straightener, curling irons and hair dryer are too big so I keep them in the bathroom for the rare occasion that I actually use them!

 Bottom left is my perfumes, body sprays and hand creams. The smelly stuff. I typically forget to put on anything so when I moved my vanity, I took these out of my drawer and put them on my dresser so they are right there and I can put something on before walking out the door. My nail tools have taken over this drawer now with a bunch of cotton pads, extra polish (backups of my favourites), remover, clippers and much more.

 Lastly, my bottom right drawer stores all of the unopened make up, skin care, containers, travel sized body and whatever else that I can shop through when I run out of something or want to try something new. They are sorted into bags so I can just grab my mascara extras or foundation extras or extra masks. I have quite a few things to go through as you can see!

Under my desk is (usually) a garbage to throw out make up wipes, cotton pads or whatever else, and my bag full of empties. The bag is getting pretty full so keep an eye out for a new Taking Out The Trash post.

That’s my make up storage for you. It is all organized in its own little way. Any suggestions on prettying it up would be much appreciated!

Til next time, ttfn x