#MOTD: Something Old, Something New

And no, this isn’t another wedding post.

Inspired by Beauty With Emily Fox on YouTube, I took a look through my old favourites from the past few years that I have been blogging and put them to the test to see what I still liked and what was just a phase. Where does the ‘something new’ come in? I had to fill in the gaps with some of my current favourites from my collection. Enjoy!

Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer Original (January 2016)

This primer is still as lovely as ever. I wouldn’t say it is my number 1 primer as I do find that my skin can look a little dry and my pores are still a little bit visible, but I have kept it because I love how it feels on the skin.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation in 110 Porcelain (January 2016)

My favourite thing about this foundation is the colour match. Other than that, I wouldn’t say this is gives me either a matte or poreless finish and it doesn’t feel great on my skin. I no longer support the company as it isn’t cruelty-free but regardless, I am not in love with this product anymore.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer (February/March 2015 and again in October 2015)

For inexpensive and full coverage, I don’t think you can beat this. It does separate a little and the packaging isn’t ideal, but I do like how this looks under the eyes.

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Glow (August 2015)

This was my wedding day blush so you know it is still my number 1. I love how this blush gives life to my skin with a bit of a glow without the oil slick. I prefer cream blushes and find that this one is one of the more pigmented with fantastic staying power.

elf HD Undereye Setting Powder and Tone Correcting Powder (CURRENT)

I am blown away that I haven’t raved about these two inexpensive, cruelty-free powders. I rarely will use anything else. They both set my make up well without oxidizing or drying out my skin. They are easy to use and apply, and keep my oily skin under control. I do need to touch up through the day (I use blotting papers to do so) but these look and feel so good.

Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighter (July 2015)

That glow though. I still love this highlighter. It has a gorgeous, healthy shine to it while being a good balance of natural and glamourous.

Annabelle Skinny Brow Liner in Universal Medium (pictured is Universal Taupe – January 2016)

This is my go-to and it is drugstore. I am constantly using these up and repurchasing them. If there is one item you try from this post, it should be this.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance (February/March 2015)

This is another product that I use every day and have multiple backups of. It is my favourite eye primer because of how smooth it feels on the lids and how beautifully pigment sticks to it.

March Jacobs Twinkle Pop in Honey Bunny (February/March 2015 and again in December 2015)

This isn’t quite an every day product for me, but when I need a pop of glossy, glittery shine, this is the only thing I reach for. I set this with a few shades in the ABH MR palette (next) here but the cream shadow still shines through. It is simply gorgeous.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette (Fall 2016)

Who doesn’t love this palette? It has so many warm tones, a good variety of colour and neutrals, and the formula is simply one of the best.

Annabelle Stay Sharp Metallic eyeliner in Bronzy (September 2015)

This entire range of Stay Sharp products from Annabelle are 100% worth checking out. I have loved everything I have tried. This particular shade is my favourite because it works so well with my eye colour, but they all stay put and are easy to apply.

Marcelle Double Precision Liquid Liner (CURRENT)

I forgot how much I am in love with this matte, drugstore liner. It is easy to apply and pigmented. I don’t know how I haven’t mentioned this one before either because it has been a favourite since highschool.

Buxom Lash Mascara (CURRENT)

This is a super dark, lengthening mascara that doesn’t disappoint. If you are not a fan of the Too Faced BTS mascara because it is clumpy, here is your not-so-clumpy dupe (to clarify, I do love them both).

Bite High Pigment Pencil in Madeira (May 2015)

This shade isn’t available but I am sure Bite has a similar shade in their permanent collection. Bite specializes in lip products so of course, they are amazing. The one and only issue I have is the wear time but honestly, they feel so lovely to apply that I don’t mind.

Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Lip Gloss in D16 (January 2015)

This lip gloss line is no longer available but luckily, I have found a new favourite that is pretty similar and there is no surprise, it is from Bite. The Bite Lush Fruit Lip Gloss line is the same thick and glossy shine that lasts which is what I loved about the MUFE gloss.

I hope you enjoyed this blast from the past – I know I did! Let me know which ones you’ve tried.

Til next time, ttfn x

Playing With Lipstick ft Bite Beauty

I am not typically a person who will play around with my lipsticks. I own only a handful of lip liners and my lip real estate isn’t too big. This Valentine’s day, I decided to give it a try.

If there is one thing I do know about lips, it is that they love to be moisturized so I started with this mini Bite Agave Lip Mask. This was my first time trying these particular lip liners and lipsticks so I started simply by lining my lips with the lighter Bite Beauty The Lip Pencil in 20**. This gave me a feel for the creamy formula which has a bit of a satin finish. Following that, I drew a heart with the deeper, red toned brown in the shade 44**. Due to the creamy finish, the colours blended together to create a softer, pinky hue.

To darken both the heart and the rest of my lips, I used the coorisponding lipsticks from Bite Beauty in the Amouse Bouche formula in Honeycomb** and Whiskey**. 

To finish it off, I threw a Bite Beauty gloss on top (my favourite shade in Honey) of Whiskey for some extra dimension and voila: my Valentine’s day lip!

Since this isn’t exactly wearable, i mixed it all together to create one of my favourite lip colours: A mauve-grey gorgeous colour.

I hope you enjoyed my lippie look! I loved creating a design that ended up meshing together so well. That just shows the creamy nature of the formula. 

til next time, ttfn x

**I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

Even More Trash: Winter 2016

I’m here with Part 2: the make up, nail and hair portion of this Winters trash! If you’re interested in what skin and body care I used up, head over here.

For make up this season, I did a bit of a cleanse and got rid of a few things where not worth the hassle to make it work. I also managed to finish a couple of things. Out of all of this makeup, the only product I plan to repurchase is the Annabelle Skinny Brow Liner in Universal Medium. This is my go to brow product that ends up in ever single empties post. I totally love it and now have it in Universal Light to try out! The products I am tossing are the Benefit Watts Up, Bite Beauty Violet lipstick and MAC Mocha blush. These are all products I could use and muddle around with but it’s more trouble than it’s worth. I have a second Watts Up, the blush doesn’t look or feel right and though I like Bite lipsticks, I don’t have the patience to pull out a lip brush and use the product that’s stuck in the lid or tube.

If you follow my #Finish5 series, you know I’m not a fan of the Benefit Gimmie Brow mainly because I need something with more umph (like the Rimmel Brow This Way). For that reason, this is my first and last tube though I may give the Essense dupe a try. For the elf liner in Brown, it was quite dark and easy to use. Though that’s my favourite kind of applicator, I also really enjoyed the Jesse’s Girl black liner. The reason I don’t plan to repurchase at this point is that the brands are readily available where I am and I have enough liner to last me for months (maybe years). The one product I would repurchase (if only it were a CF brand) would be the Make Up For Ever Ultra HD foundation. This was serious perfection.

You might have seen that I recently decluttered to clean out some of my nail polish but I passed on about 99% of the product that I decluttered from my collection. Here are a few that I did use up. First, a staple in my nail world, the Quo Nail Polish Remover. I pick these up for about $3 (2 for $6) at Shoppers and run through them pretty quick. Also pictured is the Essie Grow Stronger Base Coat which I did like but like many other polishes, it became quite gloopy near the end. The final two here are nail wraps: one from Essie and one from Sally Hansen. Since these company’s are not cf, I will not be picking any more up.

I went through quite a few hair products this season including some amazing Dry Shampoo from COLAB. This is the COLAB Sheer Invisable shampoo in Rio (my favourite scent) and the COLAB Extreme Volume shampoo in Toykio. Dry shampoo and I are taking a break but this is a brand I will be pretty faithful to. The two foil packets in the front are the Drybar Sake Bomb nourishing shampoo and conditioner combo. I may be one of the few people that find “better quality” shampoos are just way too rich for my hair. It becomes so greasy and stringy within a day – sometimes, it doesn’t look like I have washed my hair at all after it dries. For that reason, these just didn’t work for me. I actually typically stay away from typical conditioners except for the Ion Anti-Frizz leave in conditioner here. I have had this for years. I love how it smells and feels. I have a few conditioning products to go through but hope to come back to this soon.

You may have seen my review of the uhaircare Native Mint shampoo and though I like it, I am not too likely to purchase it in the future. If I do happen upon it at Winners again through, I may scoop it up then. The final empty I have here is the KQC Thermal Shine heat protector shine spray. I love this stuff and already have another on the go. It makes my hair feel so healthy and soft without making it feel like there is additional product or anything greasy. I use it even on days I don’t use heat because it just feels so nice. It is available on nailpolishcanada.com for under $15.

We’ve come to an end! I realize it is just about time for a spring empties post (stay tuned! I promise, it won’t be quite so long) but I hope you enjoyed this review. 

Til next time, ttfn x

Favourites & Unfavourites for December 2015

Hey all! I recently did a Best of 2015 post in lieu of my December Favourites but I felt like something was missing. I had a few different things I really loved during the month that I wanted to give some extra lovin’ but didn’t make the 2015 list. So, here I am with my December faves (and unfave).
bite beauty violet

Bite Beauty has been on my radar all month long. I was obsessed with the Best Bite Rewind set, I received the Bite Discovery set for Christmas which is beyond exciting, and that’s on top of what I already had from the brand. There is no surprise that I have a fave – but I also have an unfavourite. This has happened to myself and others before from what I have heard but the Bite Beauty lipsticks are prone to breaking or melting. I am not totally sure what happened here as this lipstick duo was simply sitting in my purse when I went for dinner, but the tube fell out and the lipstick squished or melted? I went to reapply it (This is the shade Violet) and noticed this had happened but the second side is totally unscathed. Yet another packaging malfunction I guess.

bite beauty torte hourglass icon
From the Best Bite Rewind set (swatches here), I am loving the Bite Beauty Matte lip crayon in Torte. This is a beautiful brown pink nude shade. The formulas for these are creamy and comfortable but as I mentioned in my review, not matte as they claim. That doesn’t bother me at all and I have been obsessed with this crayon all month. When I need something with some staying power, I have been reaching for the Hourglass liquid lipstick in Icon. Between Christmas, New Years and everything else, I have been so into the red lips but need something to last through visiting, meals, drinks and kisses. This totally does that and more while it stains the lips.

marcelle curling and lengthening mascara marc jacobs twinklepop benefit hello flawless foundation
I mentioned the Benefit Hello Flawless foundation a lot these past few months but here it is again. I have been wearing this without setting it with any powder (which I can do now that I am less oily) and found it even more incredible. I love this stuff. It is just so worth the $50.

I have been using the Marc Jacobs Twinklepop in Honey Bunny almost too much this holiday season. It is a cream shadow stick that gives your lid this amazing shimmer so of course, for the holidays, I wore this all the time.

A mascara favourite that I may have mentioned a few times as well, we have the Marcelle xtention plus curl mascara**. This is possibly my favourite mascara ever. I have been reaching for it over my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara and it is less than half the price. I will be reviewing this soon to give you an idea on how it compares and wears with other mascaras. I think you might love it too!

peter thomas roth rose cucumber mask
As usual, I am all over masks this month but for a change, I am really into hydrating masks. I have two from Peter Tomas Roth that I have been wearing once or twice a week and can pretty much promise will be empty before February. I first started using the PTR Rose Stem Cell mask after a clay mask to firm up and soothe the skin and was overwhelmed by how nice it felt so from there, I started playing around with the PTR Cucumber Gel mask. These two along have been my outstanding favourites but I have been trying out a few more that you will likely see in upcoming #MaskMonday posts. Stay tuned!

sonia kashuk bewitched
On my nails, I have been pretty much naked or wearing the Sonia Kashuk polish in the shade Bewitched. I wore this for about a week with my Evergreen nails just before Christmas, but I had also been wearing this before hand to get me in the spirit! I got this before Target closed its doors in Canada but I know there are dupes out there!

Let me know what you have been loving in the comments! I am always open to beauty suggestions!

Til next time, ttfn x


What I Got For Christmas 2015

Hey all! This year, I decided to do a little haul of what I got this year for Christmas! Please don’t take this as bragging – I just love hauls like this so I thought I would do one this year! This is not to brag but I was extremely spoiled and Roxanne is freaking amazing, just sayin’.

We only have about 3 gift exchanges in total and they are all with family. Firstly, Roxanne’s side did a Secret Santa kind of exchange & from my secret Santa, I received a beautiful tea set. This includes a lovely loose-leaf kettle, 4 varieties of tea and 4 jars to keep them in. I plan to use the jars in my beauty room and add the tea to my collection. Roxy’s mom also gave me a not-Christmas related gift but I thought I would include it in here anyway because it was so sweet of her! She knitted me a hat and scarf but not just any old hat and scarf. The hat has a little spot in the top for my ponytail/bun to poke through and I am obsessed with that! The scarf is also a beautiful knit (do not know what it is called) but it is nice and warm and of course, matches my hat!

sephora bite beauty discovery kit

lush festive friends
We also had a gift exchange with my mom/dad and from them, I received some super exciting things! In the beauty area of things, I received the Bite Beauty Bite Discovery kit which was totally on my wish list and a $25 Sephora giftcard. I also received the Festive Friends gift box from Lush which smells incredible. Seriously, seriously incredible.

ott tv box
easy acc power bank

For some tech because mom and I are quite the techy loving ladies, I received a EasyAcc power bank but not just any power bank. It has 4 ports and a flashlight. It’s intense. She also gifted Roxanne and I a Android box for our TV since we don’t have cable! I am pretty excited at the possibilities.

canada mint tweety bird coin

Finally, on the more comfort side of Amy, they gave Roxanne and I a few board games: Monopoly and Battle Ship. I am a big lover of cards and board games (Roxanne not so much) so these were on my Christmas wish list for sure. Mom also gave us a beautiful warm winter throw blanket that I am always a sucker for. My dad very sweetly picked up the Canadian Mint $10 Tweety Bird coin. No, I am not a coin collector, but my parents used to always call me Tweety when I was little and it’s kind of a tradition that I get Tweety Bird memorabilia for Christmas. And what Christmas is complete without getting a pair of PJs. This year, I got my first onsie from Denver Hayes and I am in love. It is a polar bear but it reminds me so much of lambchop, it’s hilarious.

Typically, Roxanne and I don’t exchange gifts so I was so surprised when mid-December rolled around and gifts for me started popping up under our tree. I was freaking out because I hadn’t planned on doing a gift exchange and suddenly, I needed to round up some gifts. While I was sick. And ordering stuff online was not really an option. Luckily, I had a few ideas up my sleeve and some time when Roxy was working.

sephora glamglow gift sexy antiaging and ole henriksen glow
Roxanne killed it with the gifts. She really knows me so well and was able to pick out these things without much guidance from me. Starting with some skin care, she got the Ole Henriksen Cleanse and Glow on the go duo which I have had and enjoyed before. Secondly and very unexpectedly, I opened up the Glamglow Gift Sexy Anti-Age gift set which includes my favourite Supermud treatment from Glamglow as well as the Anti-Aging full sized Youth Mud and travel sized Youth Cleanse as well. There was also the softest brush I have ever felt which I always use to apply face masks.

cinema secrets make up brush cleaner
guerlain meteorites perles

Before moving onto make up, she also happened to pick up the Cinema Secrets brush cleaner which came with a tin to try! This was totally on my list since seeing Dani from Coffee Break with Dani talk about this about a month ago. She also received a delux sample when ordering of the Guerlain Météorites Perles primer and I was pretty floored. I had just seen In The Frow talk about this and was mesmerized so the fact that it was a deluxe sample was like mind-blowing to me.

marc jacobs oh miley and hourglass canvas liquid lip stick
She picked up two unexpected lipsticks for me to try. First of all, the Hourglass liquid lipstick in Canvas which has also totally been on my wishlist for some time and I just never got around to picking it up. It’s gorgeous and I really enjoy this Hourglass formula. I was also totally blown away when I opened Oh Miley from Marc Jacobs. I would never have in a million years guessed I would own this but it is totally stunning. Instant favourite.

make up for ever artist volume 2, too faced return of the sexy eye and smashbox double exposure
Finally, three eye shadow palettes that she picked up for me all of which totally blew me away: the Too Faced the Return of Sexy palette, the Smashbox Double Exposure palette and the Make Up For Ever Artist Palette Volume 2. I am pretty sure every time I opened one of these, I squealed. I haven’t owned palettes from any of these brands and I am so excited to try them out.

I hope you enjoyed this rather large haul. Obviously, I love everything I got but I was particularly excited to spend Christmas day together – no work, no rush, no interruptions. These few days were amazing to spend with family and enjoy some seriously delicious food which is why you may have noticed I wasn’t on social media so much this past week. I hope whoever you are, you had a very Merry Christmas or a happy holiday!

Til next time, ttfn x

Whatcha Think About the Best Bite Rewind set?

Hey all! I feel like I am late to the party on this Bite Beauty lippie set, but it just recently came back in stock at Sephora and I picked it up last week or so. Bite Beauty is a brand I haven’t 100% gotten into before but since finishing one of their lip glosses earlier this year, I have been really interested in giving their other products a try including these matte pencils.
best bite rewind swatches

bite beauty best bite rewind
In this Best Bite Rewind set is 4 fair sized matte lip pencils. You have

Cafe: a brown nude;

Torte: a dusty nude pink;

Corlis: a muted red and;

Aubergine: a reddish plum.

bite beauty best bite rewind

Of course, Bite Beauty is 100% eatable which I think is fantastic because you are inevitably going to consume some of your lip product. I love that you can twist these up instead of sharpening them as I don’t really love sharpening lip products specifically but they also are thin enough you can create pretty good lines with them. My one small issue with these is the packaging. The lids were pretty difficult to get off and on two of the four lipsticks, when I did get the lid off, it skimmed the lipstick and wasted product/was messy.

bite beauty cafe torte corlis aubergine swatches
Top L to bottom R: Care, Torte, Corlis, Aubergine

I love how these feel but I don’t think the finish is truly matte. They feel so creamy on and have a bit more of a satin look. That being said, I love a amplified or satin finish and they look beautiful. They do have a ‘fruity’ smell that I didn’t think I liked but something about it is kind of warm and relaxing. I might just be weird! With their formula being so lovely and creamy, the colours don’t last overly long so I think I will fly through them fast.

Overall, I do like these and have the Bite Beauty Discovery kit on my Christmas wish list this year! What do you think of the Bite Beauty Best Bite Rewind? Do you have it? Will you pick it up?

Til next time, ttfn x

Fall Haul Y’all 2015

Hey all! Who was about to resist the holiday deals? I must admit, I finally gave in. I have been pretty good all year long about not buying too many beauty products but it was time to do a little bit of shopping!

dr brandt light years away brightening eye cream and color club nail polish


Maybe it’s a little weird, but I am most excited about how good of a deal I got! I believe this product is no longer available, but it sounds like it is exactly what I have been looking for to fix my under eye problem. This is the Dr Brandt Light Years Away brightening eye cream which I got for $20. When I looked this product up, it was for between $50-$95 (there was a big price gap depending where you looked). I love deals like that! What this product claims to do is lighten the under eye darkness that I have a big issue with, minimize lines/wrinkles which I am starting to see and moisturize which never really hurts! I think this will last me quite some time and I am extremely excited to try it out.

dr brandt light years away and color club seven deadly sins nail polish


I picked up a mini 4 pack of the Color Club nail polishes from the Seven Deadly Sins collection. They are textured nail polishes with a mixture of purple and gold which is right up my ally. My only complaint is they don’t mention the names anywhere (but of course, I checked online and found out the colour names). I have never tried Color Club so I am excited to give these a go.

bite beauty best bite rewind and mac up the amp
bite beauty best bite rewind and mac up the amp swatch

Make up

I am obsessed (seriously obsessed) with lipstick right now and was able to get my hands on the Bite Beauty Best Bite Rewind set of 4 matte lippies. They have been sold out for a while but when I was recently at Sephora, they had a healthy supply available so I snatched it up right away. I am obsessed with these four shades. On the same mall trip, I did my first Back To Mac exchange and picked up a gorgous purple Mac Amplified lipstick in Up The Amp. I haven’t heard of it before, but I am so so obsessed with the shade and excited to wear it. One more lip product came from BH Cosmetics who recently launched liquid lipsticks. I grabbed Endora which is a pinky-rose shade. I am not a big liquid lipstick lover, but I thought I would give it an honest try.

bh cosmetics haul

bh cosmetics liquid lipstick, blush and contor kit, studio pro concealer

Also from BH Cosmetics, I finally picked up the light Blush/Contour palette that I have been looking at for months. I wont lie, I am a little disappointed that the shades were darker than they look online/on the packaging, but I still hope to make them work. I was pleasently surprised by how the Studio Pro Perfecting Concealer wheel in Light looked though. I have been hunting down a salmon concealer for my under eyes and this wheel of 5 gives me a good variety of colours (all of which I can use) including two that would be perfect for the job. I love BH Cosmetics.

bh cosmetics sculpt and blend set

bh cosmetics sculpt and blend set


The finial thing I picked up from BH was a brush set that I have been thinking about for probably 2-3 years now. I picked up a similar set on Amazon which to me, eliminated the purpose of getting this 10 piece Sculpt and Blend set, but now that I am even more obsessed with make up, I wanted a second set to try out. BH Brushes are pretty standard but I have never had issues with washing them, bristles falling out, use, breakage, or anything and they are very affordable. I also trust BH Cosmetics as a company, they are cruelty free and I get money back through ebates whenever I purchase from them! These brushes are also very soft and thus far, easy to use.

Til next time, ttfn x