2 Weeks Using Green Skin Care

Happy 2017 since I haven’t said so already! This year for me is all about health, both mental and physical. I feel a little cheesy because everyone and their mother makes a New Year Resolution to become healthier, but for the first time ever, I feel ready to commit to a resolution. I have spent the last half of 2016 working on my mental health by decluttering, taking a lot of down time, and staying away from stressful things (like the internet). I was becoming overwhelmed with things that I felt like I had to do, and even though I enjoyed many of these things (like posting on my blog or Instagram), it was stressing me out. I wouldn’t say my mental health is at 100% right now, but I do feel ready to shift my focus on to physical health and that includes my beauty routine.

To me, creating a healthier beauty routine starts with removing any unnecessary chemicals and paying attention to the ingredients in your every day products.You might remember I had started in 2016 with some cruelty-free deodorant, which also happened to be fairly chemical-free. This time, I am trying out a chemical-free skin care routine.


Cocoon Apothecary kindly reached out to me about testing out a few products which I was incredibly excited about. I had heard of this local brand before and already had my eye on a few things. I received their Skin Care Starter Kit which has just about everything you need to start a routine: a cleanser, toner and moisturizer. This kit for normal skin types is all about roses so it smells feminine and luxurious. Each bottle contains 20 mL of product which will last approximately a month. Since I was changing my entire routine, I pulled in a few other bits of skin care so I could stay chemical-free which included a serum, a make up eraser cloth and a mask.


I stuck to my typical routine and for the first week, I used the Petal Purity Facial Cleanser**. I didn’t have the highest hopes upon looking at the ingredients and seeing coconut oil which is known to break me out but I still wanted to give it a try. It was pretty painful but that is definitely a me thing, and not the fault of this product but I had to switch to a different cleanser for week two. In the seven days I had used it, I found that this cream cleanser that is extremely gentle and makes my skin feel fantastic. It was soft, smooth and supple but it didn’t make my skin feel clean. All of the cream cleansers that I have tried leave traces of make up especially around my eyes and this was no exception (even with the help of my make up eraser copy-cat). Because of those two things, this cleanser simply wasn’t for me.

This set also came with the Rose Dew Facial Toner** which I liked. It contains one ingredient and has a spray applicator that made me quite happy. The rosey smell is a plus compared to your typical toner and it felt exactly like water. It didn’t strip my skin at all, or leave any residue but it helped keep it fresh. This had a much bigger impact then I thought it would since it didn’t irritate my skin at all. It is a great option for the sensitive skin crowd.

The final step in my routine was the Rosey Cheeks Facial Cream**. I must admit that I was a little nervous to use this as a day cream (due to the lack of SPF) or a night cream (as it is thicker in consistency) but it ended up working great. This thick, non-greasy formula sunk into my skin quickly and kept my face hydrated but not shiny in the least. I focused it mainly around my nose, forehead and chin and it seemed to make quite a difference in the redness of my skin.

A slight disclaimer, I did cheat a little bit and use an acne spot treatment on day seven and a different cleanser for week two to repair any initial damage, but otherwise, these are the results. Although the cleanser was a bust when it comes to my skin, I highly recommend trying this trio out yourself especially if you are just trying out chemical-free skin care or are looking for a new routine for your sensitive skin. If you have any cleanser recommendation for me to try on my oily skin, feel free to let me know!

Til next time, ttfn x


  I have a love/not-so-love relationship with GLAMGLOW. First off, they do have expensive products and their availability is not the greatest in Canada. Secondly, a lot of their products don’t do anything for my skin simply because they target problems I don’t have. However, most importantly, the products that do work, work miracles. Let me show you.
I have this Glam Glow Duo (which is now in a set you can pick up for the same price as one jar of the face mask) that I honestly can say I love. They are probably the only GLAMGLOW products I will ever pay the crazy price for. I do still want to try some of the other products but I just can’t justify the price. Anyway.

First is the GLAMGLOW SuperCleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser which you apply differently than most cleansers. Because it starts off as a mud, it goes on dry all over your face first. This allows it to pull out the dirt and grime just like a mask and it penetrates the skin very quickly. Once it is all over the face, wet your hands and wash it off. It is mud to foam so as you mix it with water, it does lather a bit into a cleanser. I do typically prefer a typical foaming cleanser to remove make up but this products purpose isn’t really to remove make up. It cleanses your pores and my pores need it.

My face looks cleaner, a little bit tighter and now it’s time for a mask. This is the true miracle worker. This is the GLAMGLOW Supermud Clearing mask. It sucks the dirt and oil out of your skin, tightens the pores up, exfoliates and just makes my face look so even and just better. DO NOT use this if you have any kind of dry skin because it does very effectively get rid of oil. I like to apply it with a brush on all of my problem areas (chin, cheeks and nose) while I use either another mask on my forehead or simply leaving it be.
It works in 15 minutes and the jar lasts a long time if you use it right. On active acne spots, it works just as well as any spot treatment and any swelling is reduced almost instantly. My skin looks clearer, softer and better with just one application. Is it worth the price? To me, yes. Let’s get a little gross just so you can see how well it worked.
I’m sorry in advance for any pain you may have in your wallet, but this product is totally worth it for these results. Right now, you can get a full sized mask and the small size (like I have here) of the cleanser for $76 at Sephora.

Til next time, ttfn X

Taking Out The Trash & #Finish5 for August 2015

I had the idea when seeing the Canadian Beauty Bloggers #Finish5byFall challenge to go ahead and give myself a #Finish5 monthly challenge to get rid of some samples and products that are either getting older, starting to run low or I feel needs to get out of my collection but don’t want to throw away. Since these are products that you might find in my empties posts anyway, I figured I would combine them and tell you all about it!

I started the #Finish5 posts just on twitter but feel that the 140 characters is a little limiting. As you can see, the 4 products I had were left over from July and I did add a couple more products to the mix to finish for August. There is one full sized product in the group and that is my Maybelline Coverstick concealer in green which helps to reduce redness. A few deluxe samples I have include the Benefit Fake Up Concealer and the Temptu S/B Highlighter in Pink Pearl. The rest are foil packets which I count as one unit: the Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Eye Cream, the Tarte Tarteguard 30 sunscreen, the Kaplan MD Lip 20 balm (which also came with a scrub that I used up the month before) and the Make Up For Ever HD Blush in 410.

I was able to finish the Tarte Tarteguard lotion pretty much immediately, as well as the Kaplan MD Lip balm. Neither of these products were groundbreaking to me but I did like the smell and feel of the Kaplan MD lip balm. Its a super hydrating lip mask but it is messy so I would wear it over night. Everything else I have here, I am still working away on. I frequently use the MUFE blush, Maybelline Coverstick and Temptu highlighter in my make up looks but it doesn’t look like I have made a dent in them. I have come to realize I am not a big fan of the Benefit Fake Up Concealer and it doesn’t totally match my right now. I can use it sparingly on spots but because it has a hydrating centre, I don’t know if it is making my spots better or worse…

Moving on to the rest of my empties this month, I have a few skin care items: another two of these Pilitan peel off masks which I purchased off of Ebay. They are cheap and extremely effective as a peel off mask to get rid of blackheads. It is supposed to be a black head pore strip for your nose, but it can be used all over since it is a liquid mask. It hurts but it works. I also used a Montagne Jeunesse Super Mud Fruit mask and a Life Brand Oil Removing Mud mask. I love Montagne Jeunesse masks as an inexpensive but luxurious single mask option and I already have a few of these as backup. The Life Brand mask was a little drying but it worked none-the-less.

A few foils I used up were the Kaplan MD lip 20 mask which was an exfoliating scrub of sorts. I liked this but prefer a the elf lip exfoliater as it is a stick and less messy. I also used the Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Anti-aging cream which was a little too creamy for my liking. I don’t need a thick or overly moisturizing lotion because my skin isn’t overly absorbent. However, my skin is greasy so I used up the Olay Fresh Effects Clear Skin Swirled Mattifier. I may pick up this product to test it out a little more. I feel like the two samples intrigued me enough to give it an honest try in the future.

I finished up two cleansers: the Boscia Lumanizing black cleanser and the Beauty Without Cruelty facial cleanser but neither of them were able to remove my make up and they didn’t really lather so Roxy used the Boscia cleanser up and I used the BWC cleanser to wash up my brushes (which wasn’t very successful but at least I was able to use it up). I also used the St. Ives Apricot scrub as a body scrub to finish it off. The bits in it are a little rough to use on the face but it worked fine everywhere else. Lastly, an expensive spot treatment that I quite liked was the Kate Somerville HydraClear acne gel. I tried to keep this product for as long as I could because I really liked it on my spots. It didn’t dry my skin out and it heals the acne quickly and effectively. It is too expensive for me to invest in right now since my skin is in alright shape, but I will keep my eye on it for future breakouts.

Some bath and body products I have used up are the Tresemme Keratin Smooth shampoo, the Dove Fresh deodorant, the Jergens Natural Glow Gradual self tanner in fair to medium, and my second ever Lush bath bomb (Butterball). I will not be repurchasing the deodorant as I have found a new favourite or the Jergens Natural Glow tanner in fair to medium which is the streakiest thing I have ever applied. The Medium to Dark works 100% fine for me, but this one does not so I am just tossing it. The Shampoo made my hair kind of bouncy and weird but I feel like it worked well. I have about 3-4 shampoos to go through right now so it could be a while before I use this again. The Lush bath bomb was amazing, but I have been turned off by the smell of the Butterball one. My plan is to pick up the Dragon Egg bomb next since I have heard so many good things.

I have a lot of make up and since it is mostly mascara, that is where we can start. I have both Ciate Lash Lights, the Rimmel Volume Flash Scandaleyes mascara and the Make Up For Ever Smokey Lash mascara. These have all reached their expiry and the last two were starting to do funky things to my lashes so I decided to switch them out. I will most definitely pick up the Rimmel Scandaleyes mascara again. Speaking of expire, I have the Laura Mercier Protect Primer which expired in August. I did give it a try in July but didn’t like it at all. I need more than SPF in my primer. To my surprise, I also finished a lip gloss this month! This is the Bite Beauty Fruit Lip Gloss in the shade Current. These smell good and feel pretty smooth and thick on the lips with very minor pigmentation. I used this often at work when my lipstick faded or as a little bit of gloss over a lipstick. Will I pick up another? Not yet. I have many lip glosses to go through before I pick up something new for myself.

A regular product appearance is the Annaballe Skinny Brow pencil in Universal Medium. It is my go to brow product, but I may give the Universal Light a try next. The last two make up products I have here are the Make Up For Ever Ink Eye Liner and the Maybelline Dream Lumi concealer. I already have talked about these two lovely products before, but ICYMI, I love them. I will be picking them both up again in the future once I have gone through a few products that I currently have open.

I have a hair empty to share and it should be no surprise that I have used up the COLAB Dry Shampoo in Rio. It is my favourite dry shampoo to date so I will be picking it up again. I also have the Formula X Delete Nail Polish Remover which worked pretty good but was so so sticky. I don’t know why but it just mixes with nail polish and gets sticky. My hands were always a colourful mess after taking off my nail polish, though it was effective and easy to use. The OPI Natural Base Coat was my go to lately because it was so easy to use. Quick dry time, no stains and it didn’t get tacky. Now that it’s gone, I have tried a new base coat, but I will look at other OPI Base Coats in the future.

We have finished another couple of candles. The first one is an oldie from Yankee Candle which I picked up at Winners a while ago. It was a nice light scent but it didn’t blow me away. The scent payoff wasn’t what I usually expect from such an expensive candle. I also have the Bath and Body Works candle in Island Margarita which was a lovely summer scent. The Bath and Body Works candles are seriously fantastic if you haven’t already tried them. These were replaced with one of my favouite B&BW candles in Watermelon Lemonade to finish off the summer.

For September’s #Finish5, I will continue using the Maybelline Coverstick concealer, the Temptu highlighter and the MUFE HD Blush, but I am going to replace the other samples for two full sized products: the No7 (or Boots?) Beautiful Skin Overnight Rejuvenating Eye Balm and the Benefit Gimmie brow. Wish me luck!
Til next time, ttfn x

Finding a New Cleanser

I can’t say I have had a whole lot of luck with cleansers. I don’t have any horror stories to share but nothing really has worked very effectively to clear my skin up. I am on the hunt for something miraculous like my Vichy Normaderm Night Detox cream or the Oxy Natural Action Oil Absorbing Lotion but in a cleanser form. There are a few things I hope for in a cleanser: Removes make up (because if it can’t do that, how well is it ‘deep cleaning’?), doesn’t feel tight or drying afterwords, smells pretty good, noticeably clears out blackheads and doesn’t bleach my towels (I am looking at you Clean and Clear…). This time, i am going to put the Ole Henriksen African Red Tea foaming cleanser to the test. I received this a while ago when I was going through my Ole Henriksen cleansing cloth obsession in a travel size. It is a foam cleanser which is a bonus I think and smells exactly like the Ole Henriksen Truth line of products: a very orange/citrus smell.   
How does this product perform though? The past 2-3 sample face washes I have used did not remove my make up in the slightest (and one was an exfoliator) so I was really hoping this one would. Guess what? It does! I am able to get pretty much all of my face make up free with the exception of my mascara which is always a bit of a pain anyways. This is a very soft feeling formula but obviously is heavy duty enough to remove the layer of make up I wear. I haven’t noticed that it has done any kind of bleaching either which was a big pain with a few other cleansers I have used in the past and my skin didn’t dry out or feel bad in any way after using this product. In a pinch, it also works very well to clean brushes, leaving them smelling very sweet! 
I think it is a little early to say whether it actually does any blackhead clearing. I have been breaking out pretty bad lately but I don’t think it is because of any products I have used (more like all of the sugar I have been eating lately). Once this little spell of acne is gone, I will be able to really see the difference it makes in my skin.
The full size is $38 but I would be willing to pay it if it checks off all of the boxes on my list. Have you found your perfect cleanser?
Til next time, ttfn x

Mini Sephora & OMG Nail Strips Haul

Hauls are always so much fun for me to read/watch. I guess I am just a little bit curious to see what other people are interested in, what might be new out there, older products I maybe haven’t heard of and, let’s face it, I love to see people’s reactions to products. Shopping always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling, but make up shopping is a whole other ball game. I know I am not alone, but just seeing all of the pretty colours and the magical things make up can do is so fun. Before moving out, I did get to do a little bit of online shopping at, you guessed it, Sephora but I also bought few other bits from OMG Nail Strips (speaking of, awesome new product on their website* – check it out!).

First and foremost, I got my super exciting Nars birthday gift. Being VIB Rouge at Sephora, I received both Nars lippies and a black liner. I am not hurting for black liners, but I haven’t tried this liner (I believe it is the Larger Than Life Longwear in Via Veneto) yet so it could be amazingly mind-blowingly different. For the two lippies, I already own the Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien from a 2014 500 point perk (I think…) which also came with the liner. I promptly gave the liner away since, at the time, I had so many to go through. The Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil in Cruella is what I had my eye on when this gift was announced. Natalie received this in January when we went shopping and every time she wears it, it looks so amazing on her! I hope I love it just as much on me.

Speaking of Sephora perks, I got try out a Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème for 100 points. I believe it is an entirely new line of lipsticks but don’t quote me on that. This one in particular is in the colour Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which doesn’t really blow me away. With a very velvety finish though, and a hydrating formula, I am glad I got it. Luxury lippies are always lots of fun to try out – hence why I have so many minis. Marc Jacobs in itself is a fantastic brand that I plan to take a close look at very soon.

Ok, onto actual purchases. As an oily girl, I frequently need a bit of touching up during the day. I like to use the Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets (which last an incredible amount of time since there are about 50 in a pack) but thought it may be time to try something new. I have heard so many good things about the Sephora brand blotting papers and these Vitamin C blotting papers were on sale on Sephora’s website for $5, so I figured it would be a good time to give them a try. Honestly, I don’t know whether the Vitamin C factor will actually do anything special but $5 for 100 papers can’t be beat.

While in the sale section, I saw the Urban Decay Ammo palette complete with a mini Urban Decay Primer potion for only $20. As you may know from my previous empties post, I had a sample of the Primer Potion and instantly decided to purchase. Phenomenal staying power is the words I would use to describe this stuff. The mini Primer Potion is $14, so for only an extra $6, I got a palette? Sign me up. I can finally start to use my new eye shadows without fear so you will be seeing this again soon I am sure! Unfortunately, the deal is no longer available.

Samples and sales and mini’s are obviously my favourite things so there is no shock that I checked out the travel sized section at Sephora. I am all about trying different things and having options, so having a mini product to use just means I can try more things more often. Primers are another product that I really have a whole lot of from ipsy bags, Sephora samples or value packs over the years, but I recently made a pretty important discovery. All these years, I could never find a good foundation match. I always thought it was just because I am so pale, or I am more yellow-toned and things just didn’t match. I knew that I had some discolouration in my face, but I never realized that a bit of green would completely fix my issues. I have a green Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector concealer that I have been using thus far to cover discolouration, but it can be heavy especially on my cheeks. So, though I am not a fan of the original, I picked up the Smashbox Photofinish Color Correcting primer. No, I haven’t tried it yet. I am almost done 2 of the opened primers in my drawer which will promptly be replaced by this so I can give it a good try. I am so excited!

Again, scouring that travel sized beauty section, I came across this Ole Henriksen Clean Truth Cleansing Duo. Since my last haul, I have fallen madly, deeply, truly in love with the Ole Henriksen Grease Relief Cleansing Cloths. These are meant to be oil free and pore refining, but I mostly notice how exfoliating these bad boys are. My face feels so clean and so good after using these, but they are not an every day thing. Being a bit of a hoarder, I promptly looked up what other wipes the brand had and the price. I was hoping and praying I hadn’t just fallen for an extremely expensive product that will only last a month. Amazingly, the brand has several different wipes and several different packages to choose from and for only $19-$22 for 30. The package I received comes with a 10 pack of the Clean Truth Cleansing clothes which are meant to be brightening as well as the African Red Tea foaming cleanser. I am very excited to give these a try as well as the other wipes I am sure to purchase in the future.

Onto the amazing OMG Nail Strips I got. If you recall, around the end of December, I raved about OMG Nail Strips, specifically how long they lasted and how easy they were to remove with nail polish remover. No fuss and no mess but all the cuteness. There are a hundred and one designs from cute little patterns to unique and adorable and intricate artwork. With no shipping cost internationally, and an amazing 5 for $25 deal, I picked up 5 more designs that I am crazy about. I am bursting at the seams to put them all on, especially the amazingly cute nautical design, In The Navy*.
From left to right:
Spilled Paint*
Kitty Love*
In The Navy*
White Hearts*
Painted Rose*

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little haul. Just a reminder that my Deborah Lippmann Glitter Polish draw ends TOMORROW (Feb 28th, 2015) so enter if you’re interested.
Til next time, ttfn x

*affiliate links included

Sephora, Farley Co and Make Up For Ever Haul

Happy February! February is always such an exciting month with Summer creeping closer, Valentine’s Day and, of course, my birthday. This year, the excitement of moving is absolutely overshadowing everything else but I am now packed up and ready to go. Back to January though, I decided to do some shopping near the end of the month plus received some fantastic goodies from Make Up For Ever and Farley Co, both of which I love. From Christmas, I also had $50 Sephora give cards to spend and finally gave in while shopping with my cousin on her birthday. I’m gonna start off with the most exciting thing I got…


My first choice isn’t usually nudes or neutrals, but it always happens that when I get something nude/neutral from someone/a brand, I end up obsessed. This Make Up For Ever Tease Me Lip Set** in Innocent is phenomenal. In truth, I have only tried the lip liner and gloss (which was featured in my Favourites), but the look is fantastic and sophisticated. It is also my new favourite lip gloss by far and hopefully, I can get my hands on a few more soon!



Mid January, I placed a Sephora order when I saw that this Boscia 500 point perk was available. I have been obsessive over skin care and cleansers lately so this little pack of samples was right up my ally. Inside is about 2 oz worth of product between the Detoxifying Cleanser, Purifying Nose Strip, Luminizing Mask and Revitalizing Hydration Gel samples. It isn’t available as a perk anymore, but I know from experience that the brand has great masks so I am pumped to try this out.
With the perk, I got another piece of skin care that I had been thinking about for a little bit. I love the Murad Essential C line from what I have tried thus far and was taking a look at some peels that could help with my scarring. Cue the Murad Intensive C Peel. I haven’t tried it but Murad is one of my go-to skin care brands so I have some pretty high hopes. Perhaps I will review it over the next few months.


Trip number 2 to Sephora ended with even more skin care, a liner and a foundation I have been swooning over for months. As I said, those gift cards were burning a hole in my pocket, so I decided to take the plunge and pick up the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation. I have tried samples several times and it always felt great and matched my skin tone fantastically. I really hope that the results are the same now that I have purchased. To my surprise, it even came with a sample of the primer!
While browsing, we ended up in the Urban Decay section where the UD 24/7 Glide On Eye Liner in Freak caught my eye. Colourful liners pull me in every time and this one is such a unique green with a yellow pearlescent glow is unlike anything I have seen. I’m planning a pretty wicked eye look using this eye liner when it gets closer to the summer. What a beautiful piece to add to my collection.
Of course, even more skin care from the aisle of doom, I picked up the Skin Cleanse To Go box of goodies. Before purchase, I had tried the First Aid Beauty Cleanser and the Glam Glow Duel Cleanse Mask and knew I liked them both. Since purchase, I have also tried the Ole Henriksen cleansing clothes and am amazed. I really love these things and may have to splurge for a full sized pack. They removed make up and exfoliated my skin so well. Also in the pack was a Ren Renewal mask. I haven’t read up on it yet, but I have only heard good things about Ren so I am interested in giving it a go. Overall, totally worth it.


Farley Co has also sent me a few goodies for Valentine’s Day. I will be talking about the two COLAB dry shampoos in Rio and London** in an upcoming post, so let’s talk about the I Love… Raspberry and Blackberry spritzer**. It is so fruity and sweet but not sickly. If you prefer a light and flirty scent, it’s perfect especially for an event like Valentine’s Day. The name describes it pretty well I would say so if you’re into the fresh and fruity body sprays, this is right up your ally. There are also a few other unique scents in the line that are available too! I would imagine the Coconut and Cream fragrance would be divine too.

And last, a few impromptu items I picked up at Walmart. The Glamoflauge concealer from Hard Candy is a very popular full coverage concealer that I finally decided to grab and test out. My concealer and foundation are two things I seriously want to improve this year so I figured it was a good time to grab a few different ones to try. That is why I also picked up the Rimmel Clean Finish Matte foundation. I have tried it a few times and so far, I don’t know whether I am a fan or not. However, there hasn’t been much buzz about it that I have seen so I thought it may be good to try out and decide for myself.
That’s all I got in the month of January! I hope you enjoyed and have a few ideas what to splurge on next. Don’t forget that the $160 PayPal giveaway winner will be announced today so check out Twitter today. My Deborah Lippmann nail polish giveaway is still going strong too so feel free to give that a look too!
Til next time, ttfn x

How I Saved My Skin

First off, I know more than anyone that my skin is not perfect. It is acne prone, oily, uneven and frankly, a bit of a mess. So you might be thinking: what am I listening to you for? Well, honestly, my skin now is nothing to what it was before. The two biggest downfalls I had were that I had no consistent skin care routine in place and I frequently touched and picked at my skin. No wonder I couldn’t remember what it felt like not to have a pimple! Skin care becomes more and more important as you age so the sooner you find a routine that works for you, the sooner you can prevent damage.
Disclaimer: I have no medical background and these are simply tips I found helped me put an emphasis on clearing my skin, preventing breakouts and maintaining a not-so-bad completion.
So, as I said, I have 3 main struggles: acne, oil and uneven skin due to scarring. My acne is mostly around my chin and cheeks with some scarring from my teens. There are many different things you can do to reduce the appearance of both of these things while also keeping your skin happy and freak-out free but people take to products differently so test things out and try new things! But, before the skin care products even come into play, I do have a few suggestions…

Picture from my Make Up For Ever Ink Liner tutorial.
First off, wear make up. Obviously, foundation and concealer are a bandaid for the skin problems you have and some can be not so blemish friendly so do your research. But I find that when I do wear make up, I am so much better at not touching my face in fear of ruining my foundation and concealer. An even bigger benefit for me is that I am much more diligent at washing my face because I know the make up needs to get off. Let’s be real, taking off your make up at night is very relieving. When I don’t wear it, I take the lazy way out and just slash my face with water and call it a night. It almost sounds like it is counter productive but as long as you’re using make up that works well with your skin type and you take it off religiously, wearing makeup works wonders.

Next up, skip the make up wipes and cleanse. Your face simply does not get clean enough when you only use a make up wipe. Cleansing is the way to go and one that will target a major skin issue is best. For my skin, I love the Murad Essential C Cleanser which helps brighten my skin and reduce scarring. Applying a bit to this brush I bought at Sally Beauty Supply, I wash my face and clear away any extra product with some water (and an adorable face cloth I got from my pal SpiffyKerms). I do find that sometimes, it is hard to get all of the make up off especially around my eyes since its a sensitive area so I use a bit of Coconut Oil and my fingers to massage it away. It’s amazing for waterproof mascara. Just an extra tip!


No matter your skin type, exfoliating is key to a smooth complexion but be gentle! If you’re too harsh with the product or use it too frequently, your skin can become dry and irritated. I look for anything that specifies it can be used daily or has micro beads as they usually are friendlier on the skin. I am hooked on St. Ives and switch between the Green Tea and Apricot scrubs. Once or twice a week, it is a good idea to use a face mask too. You know I am an advocate of face masks since they are my #1 fav skin care product and there are so many out there. Here is a sneak peak at the Glam Glow Duel Cleanse mask that I will be reviewing shortly! Using a mask has a handful of benefits from unclogging pores to locking in the moisture. Find out what mask works best for you and play around with brands and frequency (just don’t overuse it).

Moving away from the face for a minute, there are three body products you should look into to keep your skin glowing: a good body scrub, exfoliating mitts and a foot scrub. Most people forget that more than just the face needs some tlc. Whether you’re in need of some extra hydration or a bit of toning, there is something out there for you. As an acne prone girl, I do occasionally suffer with body acne so I always always always use the Murad acne body wash. It smells fantastic and works even better. Using this in conjunction with the mitts (which were only $3 at Shoppers so there is no excuse), my skin is very rarely dry. As for the foot scrub, I think it’s self explanatory but let me convince you anyways. Feet get the worst of the worst treatment throughout the day. They become wet, sweaty, dry, stinky, and dirty so daily care is a must. Normally, I look for anything with beads in it to keep them soft especially in the summer months. I don’t have a good product recommendation for this one so if you do, let me know. To be honest, I just switch between different brands and grab whatever is cheapest.

Moving back up to the face, it is always a good idea to tone. Again, there is a product to target every skin situation and some are better than others. However, all toners help to restore balance to your skin which is an important part of the skin care process. It’s also one of my favourites! Before toning, I like to do any eyebrow maintenance before I tone my face so that if I have any hair sticking to my skin, I can easily take it off with the toner. Just a bit on a cotton pad does the trick and you can see all the gunk that was on your face.

Moisturize. Your skin will be very upset if you don’t! Keeping your skin as hydrated as it can be will drastically help in the prevention of wrinkles and give you a smooth surface. We aren’t just talking about the face again! Feet, legs, back, butt, hands, arms, neck, face and just about everywhere else are all important. I try to use unscented products myself but it’s up to personal preference. During the day time though, it is never a bad idea to use something with spf since sun damage is not too fun. A quick note: moisturizer should be your last step so if you have any treatments or serums, use them before moisturizing. At least, I always do.

Lastly, a very important bit of skin that takes a whole lot of damage in the course of the day: your lips. Eating, lipstick or gloss application, kissing, breathing and talking can really dry out and irritate your lips especially during a cold or in the cold! Just remember that your two best buds are a lip scrub and lip balm. There are a huge variety to choose from and you can even make your own.

I hope this was helpful and had a few new little tips to boost your skin care. Since skin is constantly changing, I love playing around with different cleansers, masks, exfoliators, moisturizers and more so leave any recommendations below. I would love to see if there is something I can improve upon in my little routine.
What is your favourite skin care product?
Til next time, ttfn x