#MOTD: Something Old, Something New

And no, this isn’t another wedding post.

Inspired by Beauty With Emily Fox on YouTube, I took a look through my old favourites from the past few years that I have been blogging and put them to the test to see what I still liked and what was just a phase. Where does the ‘something new’ come in? I had to fill in the gaps with some of my current favourites from my collection. Enjoy!

Bare Minerals Prime Time Foundation Primer Original (January 2016)

This primer is still as lovely as ever. I wouldn’t say it is my number 1 primer as I do find that my skin can look a little dry and my pores are still a little bit visible, but I have kept it because I love how it feels on the skin.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte and Poreless foundation in 110 Porcelain (January 2016)

My favourite thing about this foundation is the colour match. Other than that, I wouldn’t say this is gives me either a matte or poreless finish and it doesn’t feel great on my skin. I no longer support the company as it isn’t cruelty-free but regardless, I am not in love with this product anymore.

Hard Candy Glamoflauge Heavy Duty Concealer (February/March 2015 and again in October 2015)

For inexpensive and full coverage, I don’t think you can beat this. It does separate a little and the packaging isn’t ideal, but I do like how this looks under the eyes.

NYX Rouge Cream Blush in Glow (August 2015)

This was my wedding day blush so you know it is still my number 1. I love how this blush gives life to my skin with a bit of a glow without the oil slick. I prefer cream blushes and find that this one is one of the more pigmented with fantastic staying power.

elf HD Undereye Setting Powder and Tone Correcting Powder (CURRENT)

I am blown away that I haven’t raved about these two inexpensive, cruelty-free powders. I rarely will use anything else. They both set my make up well without oxidizing or drying out my skin. They are easy to use and apply, and keep my oily skin under control. I do need to touch up through the day (I use blotting papers to do so) but these look and feel so good.

Too Faced Candlelight Glow Highlighter (July 2015)

That glow though. I still love this highlighter. It has a gorgeous, healthy shine to it while being a good balance of natural and glamourous.

Annabelle Skinny Brow Liner in Universal Medium (pictured is Universal Taupe – January 2016)

This is my go-to and it is drugstore. I am constantly using these up and repurchasing them. If there is one item you try from this post, it should be this.

Too Faced Shadow Insurance (February/March 2015)

This is another product that I use every day and have multiple backups of. It is my favourite eye primer because of how smooth it feels on the lids and how beautifully pigment sticks to it.

March Jacobs Twinkle Pop in Honey Bunny (February/March 2015 and again in December 2015)

This isn’t quite an every day product for me, but when I need a pop of glossy, glittery shine, this is the only thing I reach for. I set this with a few shades in the ABH MR palette (next) here but the cream shadow still shines through. It is simply gorgeous.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance palette (Fall 2016)

Who doesn’t love this palette? It has so many warm tones, a good variety of colour and neutrals, and the formula is simply one of the best.

Annabelle Stay Sharp Metallic eyeliner in Bronzy (September 2015)

This entire range of Stay Sharp products from Annabelle are 100% worth checking out. I have loved everything I have tried. This particular shade is my favourite because it works so well with my eye colour, but they all stay put and are easy to apply.

Marcelle Double Precision Liquid Liner (CURRENT)

I forgot how much I am in love with this matte, drugstore liner. It is easy to apply and pigmented. I don’t know how I haven’t mentioned this one before either because it has been a favourite since highschool.

Buxom Lash Mascara (CURRENT)

This is a super dark, lengthening mascara that doesn’t disappoint. If you are not a fan of the Too Faced BTS mascara because it is clumpy, here is your not-so-clumpy dupe (to clarify, I do love them both).

Bite High Pigment Pencil in Madeira (May 2015)

This shade isn’t available but I am sure Bite has a similar shade in their permanent collection. Bite specializes in lip products so of course, they are amazing. The one and only issue I have is the wear time but honestly, they feel so lovely to apply that I don’t mind.

Make Up For Ever Lab Shine Lip Gloss in D16 (January 2015)

This lip gloss line is no longer available but luckily, I have found a new favourite that is pretty similar and there is no surprise, it is from Bite. The Bite Lush Fruit Lip Gloss line is the same thick and glossy shine that lasts which is what I loved about the MUFE gloss.

I hope you enjoyed this blast from the past – I know I did! Let me know which ones you’ve tried.

Til next time, ttfn x

#MOTD: My First Video

As you may have guessed, this little tutorial here also comes with a video! I am not sure how often I will include a video, whether this is the style I will stick with, and so on, but I hope you at least enjoyed this one!

Primer: I used the Cover FX Calming Primer for the first time here.

Concealer: the BH Cosmetics Studio Pro Perfecting Concealer. I used the yellow shade on my redness and the lightest pinky shade on my undereyes. Following that, I used some Hard Candy Glamoflauge in Ultra Light under my eyes to brighten. After some foundation, I added in a little more and blended it in fully.

Foundation: A recent discovery and favourite is the Gosh X-Ceptional Wear Foundation in Porcelain.

Powder: To set it all, I used the Essence All About Matt powder.

Brows: Quo Brow Focus in Brunette.

Eye shadow primer: Urban Decay Primer Potion.

Eye shadow: I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills World Traveller palette. This was limited edition but many shades are still available. All over everything, I used Soft Peach. In the crease and outter corner, we have some Fudge. On the lid, I added Bellini for a little more shimmer and pigment. Going in with two of my favourite shades of the palette, I put Intense Gaze exactly where I put Bellini, then Pink Champagne on top. In the crease, I added Azure quite heavily and blended until I was happy. I had to touch up with Pink Champagne when I was done.

Eye liner: I added a bit of Annabelle eye liner in Espresso.

Mascara: Too Faced Better Than Sex.

Bronzer: Tarte The Sculpter in Park Ave Princess.

Blush: BH Cosmetics Blush Palette

Highlight: The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer.

Lipstick: Hourglass Liquid Lipstick in Canvas.

Please let me know what you think of my first ever video and this format for a tutorial. All of the products used were cruelty free, but not all of the brushes!

Til next time, ttfn x


October 2015 Favourites & Unfavourites

Hey all! Who had a fantastic Halloween? I know I did. This year, I was a greek goddess and decked out in white and gold to go trick-or-treating with my niece and nephew. Actually, many of my favourite products from this past month snuck their way into my Greek Goddess make up look. What a lovely transition.

 I have reviewed this item this month so I wont go on about it but the Essence All About Sunrise palette has been a go to eye shadow palette for me. I have been playing around with a few different looks from the more subtle to the super gold goddess look I wore this Halloween. For $4.99, I recommend giving it a go especially if you’ve got brown or blue eyes. These colours will make them POP. Keep in mind though that not all of these palettes are made equally. I picked up the All About Candies compact recently with next spring in mind and with the luck I had the first time around, I thought it was going to be great. Wrong. The eye shadows are not nearly as pigmented and aren’t even quite as creamy as the All About Sunrise palette I’ve come to love. It’s a shame because I am really looking for some good pastels.

Keeping on eyes, I found a mascara that could rival my Too Faced Better Than Sex but with a drugstore price tag. I am talking about the Marcelle Curling and Lengthening mascara**. My only con with the product so far is the packaging. The writing on this thing is just on a peel off label which is already peeling off and looking a bit gross. Otherwise, it does totally lengthen and separate. It is a wet formula which I prefer with a curled wand and it isn’t a classic bristle brush which tends to be my fave as well but with the wand being curved, I don’t think it bothers me. Bravo Marcelle, another winner in my books!

I’m including the Benefit Gimmie Brow in this post because I have changed my mind about it. Initially, I didn’t like how this product preformed. It didn’t fill in the sparser areas of my brows and it was kind of clumpy. I’d go as far as saying my eyebrows looks a bit lopsided when I used it. Fast forward to Amy watching Jackie Aina being a genius as always and clean her mascara wands, etc. Duh. It seems like a no brainer but once I did that with my Gimmie Brow, it works 1000x better.

This month, I have a primer, 2 concealers and a foundation favourite. I am not sure if I strayed from these all month to be honest. The primer should be no surprise as I am all into the Smashbox Photo Finish primer line for its smooth feel and poreless finish. This is the mini Smashbox Photo Finish Colour Correcting primer. It doesn’t work miracles but it does reduce the redness on my face that always seems to interfere with foundation. Speaking of, I have been into the MUFE Ultra HD foundation. Again, I have done a review on this glorious foundation that you should check out for more detail and to see how it looks on the skin. Spoiler alert: it looks great.

Then there is concealer. I have the Hard Candy Glamoflauge in light and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla. Again, Jackie convinced me to pick up the Nars concealer in the How To Cover Up Dark Circles video she posted and I am glad I did. The price tag is steep but to give it a try, I picked up the mini (available at Sephora in 2 shades) and we will see how far that goes. The Glamoflauge, however, I have had and used for a while but it always seemed a little greasy and heavy. That what the Sephora brand blotting papers I have here are for! After applying, I blot my under eye area and set with powder and voila! It is SUPER bright and less creamy/heavy plus a tiny dab goes a very long way. I have been switching between these two for the past month and I am sure I will continue to do so into November.

For some skin care, I have the Ole Henriksen African Red Clay Foaming cleanser and though I don’t consider it a fave necessarily, I have determined I love foaming cleansers 110% more than the creamy, gel or oil cleansers. I find it easier to work with and it really, really cleans my face. This stuff is almost gone and I am disappointed that it is the last foaming cleanser in my collection of cleansers.

Speaking of disappointing, I have an unpopular opinion to share. I was going to review this product but decided against it for now because I really don’t have much to say about it. I am talking about the Bioderma Sebum H2O Micellar Solution. It works exactly the same as a make up wipe but for 3x the cost plus the use of 3 or more cotton pads. I removed half my face with my Life Brand make up wipes and half with this and the only differences were the Bioderma side didn’t feel as stiff but it also took twice as long to remove and didn’t take off as much as the make up wipe side. Not worth it for me at all.

This little acne spot treatment sample has been working some miracles for me. I broke out randomly last week after being pretty clear for a while and so I whipped out this treatment. I have always liked Murad and this Acne Spot Fast Fix does the trick on my pimples, that’s for sure. As an added bonus, it smells really good and lasts forever.

I have also loved the Lippy Girl Lip Love Lip Conditioning stick this month. I put it on my lips at night and by morning, my lips are a) still coated in a layer of moisture, b) totally matte lip stick ready and c) feel super soft. Its organic, vegetarian and cruelty free as an added bonus plus is smells like Mint/Eucalyptus.

Finally, my last fave is a perfume. This is just a sample of the Aerin Amber Musk perfume but it has lasted a while and I plan on asking Santa for a bottle for Christmas this year. It smells really cozy and warm. I actually kept this sample because it reminds me of my favourite thrift store. Everyone compliments me when I wear it and I love how it lasts on my skin so hopefully, I can get my hands on at least the roller ball before this sample runs out!


I’ve been promising a giveaway for a while when I hit 555 followers on my instagram and overnight, it seems to have happened! 5 is obviously my favourite number so this milestone must be celebrated! Here are a few of my favourite things from the past year or so. You could win them all!

Included in no particular order: the Rimmel Scandaleyes Volume Flash mascara, the Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer, the Marcelle Forever Sharp eye liners in Black and White, the COLAB Volume Extreme travel sized dry shampoo in London, and the Montagne Jeunesse Super Fruit Mud mask.

CANADA ONLY. Open until December 1, 2015. I will announce winners in my December 3 post as well as on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please enter below!

My Favourite Things

Til next time, ttfn x

On Fridays, We Wear Pink

  October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the perfect time to support the men and women out there going through this critical illness. I have known a few cancer survivors but even more victims of this terrible disease and it’s time for that to change.
Today is all about supporting those who need it and I wanted to do it in the funnest way I can: by wearing pink. Dress for the Cause is today! If you don’t know what it is, it is basically a day of raising awareness, donating and fundraising for Breast Cancer research and I have participated for several years (at work). Since I am a make up addict, I do have some pinks in my make up collection and what a better time to share. In times of darkness, sometimes all you need is that little bit of pep and bright pink.

For the lips, I have Chatterbox and Girl About Town from MAC for the most opaque and beautiful pink I can manage. I must confess, I am not one for a plain pink lip. I prefer plums, oranges and nudes, but every so often, a pink comes out. Something a tad more subtle would be the Rimmel Moisture Renew lipstick in Piccadilly Pink or Oxford Street Fuchsia. I hate the taste of these but they are so comfortable to wear and look beautiful. Find me on Snapchat (newkeybeauty) to see my #motd for today using one of these lippies!

I almost forgot to include these fantastic waterproof lip liners from Annabelle and Marcelle. I have a few of these and they last so well on the lips through everything. This is the Annabelle Stay Sharp liner in Strike a Rose** and the Marcelle Forever Sharp liner in Coral Pink**. They are always sharp for the most precision you can get. On top of any of these pinks, I like the NYX Butter Gloss in Apple Strudel. These are super comfortable though a little thick sometimes.

Pink blushes are more my speed and I have a variety to share. I have some issues with blush lasting on my cheeks so I am going to recommend the ones I have that really stick for me. First off, the Too Faced Love Flushed blush in How Deep Is Your Love? sticks to my skin like glue. This colour goes on easily and I really love the colour. A more recent discovery for me was the L’Oreal True Match blush in C1-2 which isn’t really my shade (I am a W1-2 girl), but I still love the colour on me and it also stays put during the day. A final blush I 110% recommend is the Physicians Formula blush in Light Nude. This is the most natural blush of the three but man, it is a perfect kiss of colour that stays.

I don’t have a whole lot of pink in my eyeshadow collection because it isn’t the most flattering colour, but these two from Make Up For Ever are a different story. Extreme pigment, huge pan (you could probably even use it for blush) and the colour is cool toned enough that it doesn’t make you look ill. As a base, I also have the Hard Candy Fierce Effects eye pigment from the Lost and Found duo and the L’Oreal Infallible pigment in Always Pearly Pink which are both quite shimmery and gorgeous.
Though it itself isn’t pink, the packaging is so I thought I would throw it in. The Too Faced Better than Sex Mascara is just an A+ mascara. I am addicted to it but I am sure you’ve heard all about it already. A little clumpy, but super black, super length, great volume; simply a beautiful product.

For nail polish, I dug deep into my collection and found a pink I don’t think I have shown before. This is the L’Oreal 2 step nail polish in Keep Magenta. I have already used up the Step 2 top coat before I knew you were supposed to use the two together for an extra boost of colour (makes sense since the top coat was kind of pink). Oops. It’s still a lovely pink without the top coat anyways!
That’s my pretty in pink round up for today and my reminder to check your tatas! Early detection saves lives but I know there are way too many people out there that don’t take preventative measures – even ones so simple. That’s my PSA for today!
Til next time, ttfn x

Battle of the Brands: L’Oreal vs Hard Candy

Eye shadow is one of those things you can just never have enough of. With approx 20 palettes in varied sizes, several pigments and creams and eye shadow sticks, I still feel like I don’t have the right colour sometimes. Other times, I feel like I have 20 of the exact same colour that I never use. Just because I am a bit of a hoarder and own quite a bit of eye shadow doesn’t mean I am willing to keep things I don’t think are quality. I tend to compare and that’s where this series was born. Today, I will compare two very similar looking products together: The L’Oreal Infallible eye shadow singles vs the Hard Candy Fierce Effects eye shadow duos.

  I haven’t heard too much floating around the interweb about either of these products but I have owned the L’Oreal Infallible Eye Shadow in Hourglass Beige for several months now. Though I love it, it feels like a lot of money for a single drugstore eye shadow. Each of the singles is around $10 depending on where you shop so I didn’t really look into getting anymore until I was shopping in the US and saw the much more reasonable price tag. That’s where Always Pearly Pink was added to the make up family.

  I first saw the Hard Candy Fierce Effects in a recent RachhhLoves video where I was intrigued. Was this going to be a dupe? Hard Candy targets a younger audience by using brighter colours, more glitter and an edgier style of packaging. Because of this, they have a bolder selection of colours then the L’Oreal eye shadows. From Hard Candy, the colours are vibrant and there is a good mix of colour where the L’Oreal pigments are lighter and more neutral.The Hard Candy duos come in a smaller selection of colour and since the come in pairs, you can’t really pick and choose what you want. For beginners, they do have a card with some suggestions on how to use the duo for a ‘fierce effect’. All of this reflects who they are targeting. The Hard Candy eye shadows retail for around $5 for 2.

 Where I feel these two truly differ is the texture. The L’Oreal shadows seem to be more creamy and stick to the skin a little bit better than the Hard Candy shadows. There was also a little more fall out especially with the purple shade of the Lost & Found duo which I also found in the US. The L’Oreal shadows have a very beautiful metallic sheen to them where the Hard Candy ones have more of a light sheen or glitter but like I said, intense colour. One other plus is that the Hard Candy brand is cruelty free. High five Hard Candy.

In the end, they all feel great and look fantastic. Both shadows are extremely blendable and pigmented so I don’t think you can go wrong. It all comes down to your preference. Personally, I think the two are similar but not exactly dupes. I will more likely pick up more from Hard Candy in the future so keep an eye out!

Til next time, ttfn x

Sephora, Farley Co and Make Up For Ever Haul

Happy February! February is always such an exciting month with Summer creeping closer, Valentine’s Day and, of course, my birthday. This year, the excitement of moving is absolutely overshadowing everything else but I am now packed up and ready to go. Back to January though, I decided to do some shopping near the end of the month plus received some fantastic goodies from Make Up For Ever and Farley Co, both of which I love. From Christmas, I also had $50 Sephora give cards to spend and finally gave in while shopping with my cousin on her birthday. I’m gonna start off with the most exciting thing I got…


My first choice isn’t usually nudes or neutrals, but it always happens that when I get something nude/neutral from someone/a brand, I end up obsessed. This Make Up For Ever Tease Me Lip Set** in Innocent is phenomenal. In truth, I have only tried the lip liner and gloss (which was featured in my Favourites), but the look is fantastic and sophisticated. It is also my new favourite lip gloss by far and hopefully, I can get my hands on a few more soon!



Mid January, I placed a Sephora order when I saw that this Boscia 500 point perk was available. I have been obsessive over skin care and cleansers lately so this little pack of samples was right up my ally. Inside is about 2 oz worth of product between the Detoxifying Cleanser, Purifying Nose Strip, Luminizing Mask and Revitalizing Hydration Gel samples. It isn’t available as a perk anymore, but I know from experience that the brand has great masks so I am pumped to try this out.
With the perk, I got another piece of skin care that I had been thinking about for a little bit. I love the Murad Essential C line from what I have tried thus far and was taking a look at some peels that could help with my scarring. Cue the Murad Intensive C Peel. I haven’t tried it but Murad is one of my go-to skin care brands so I have some pretty high hopes. Perhaps I will review it over the next few months.


Trip number 2 to Sephora ended with even more skin care, a liner and a foundation I have been swooning over for months. As I said, those gift cards were burning a hole in my pocket, so I decided to take the plunge and pick up the Benefit Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow Foundation. I have tried samples several times and it always felt great and matched my skin tone fantastically. I really hope that the results are the same now that I have purchased. To my surprise, it even came with a sample of the primer!
While browsing, we ended up in the Urban Decay section where the UD 24/7 Glide On Eye Liner in Freak caught my eye. Colourful liners pull me in every time and this one is such a unique green with a yellow pearlescent glow is unlike anything I have seen. I’m planning a pretty wicked eye look using this eye liner when it gets closer to the summer. What a beautiful piece to add to my collection.
Of course, even more skin care from the aisle of doom, I picked up the Skin Cleanse To Go box of goodies. Before purchase, I had tried the First Aid Beauty Cleanser and the Glam Glow Duel Cleanse Mask and knew I liked them both. Since purchase, I have also tried the Ole Henriksen cleansing clothes and am amazed. I really love these things and may have to splurge for a full sized pack. They removed make up and exfoliated my skin so well. Also in the pack was a Ren Renewal mask. I haven’t read up on it yet, but I have only heard good things about Ren so I am interested in giving it a go. Overall, totally worth it.


Farley Co has also sent me a few goodies for Valentine’s Day. I will be talking about the two COLAB dry shampoos in Rio and London** in an upcoming post, so let’s talk about the I Love… Raspberry and Blackberry spritzer**. It is so fruity and sweet but not sickly. If you prefer a light and flirty scent, it’s perfect especially for an event like Valentine’s Day. The name describes it pretty well I would say so if you’re into the fresh and fruity body sprays, this is right up your ally. There are also a few other unique scents in the line that are available too! I would imagine the Coconut and Cream fragrance would be divine too.

And last, a few impromptu items I picked up at Walmart. The Glamoflauge concealer from Hard Candy is a very popular full coverage concealer that I finally decided to grab and test out. My concealer and foundation are two things I seriously want to improve this year so I figured it was a good time to grab a few different ones to try. That is why I also picked up the Rimmel Clean Finish Matte foundation. I have tried it a few times and so far, I don’t know whether I am a fan or not. However, there hasn’t been much buzz about it that I have seen so I thought it may be good to try out and decide for myself.
That’s all I got in the month of January! I hope you enjoyed and have a few ideas what to splurge on next. Don’t forget that the $160 PayPal giveaway winner will be announced today so check out Twitter today. My Deborah Lippmann nail polish giveaway is still going strong too so feel free to give that a look too!
Til next time, ttfn x