#MOTD: Samples and Travel Size Beauty

Though I don’t post empites on my blog anymore (I use Instagram and Snapchat for that), there is no better feeling than finishing up a product. It’s almost as exciting as trying a new product. That’s exactly why I love trying out sample and travel sized products.
Because of that, as you can imagine, I have quite a few to go through. I have enough to make an entire look using around than $60 while using mainly high-end products. I have listed below where I received these products/whether they were a sample or travel sized. I hope you enjoy the look!



Clarins Hydra-Essential Cream (Influenster – Deluxe Sample)

Smells lovely but is not cruelty-free!

Estée Edit Pore Vanishing Stick (Sephora – Sample)

Did not leave my skin very smooth as you can tell. Also hard to use and not cruelty-free.

Tony Moly BCDation (Jolie – Foil Packet Sample)

Not quite a colour match but it felt lovely.

NARS Creamy Concealer in Vanilla (Travel Size – $16)

Love this concealer for under the eyes!

NYX HD Shadow Base (ipsy – sample)

It is more of a cream than I am used to but little/no creasing.

Trèstique mini highlight stick (ipsy – Deluxe Sample)

Felt a little thick and chunky. It’s subtle compared to what I am used to.

Make Up For Ever HD powder (travel sized – $24)

I find that this oxidizes my foundation and doesn’t do a whole lot to control shine.

Tarte Amazonian Clay blush in Paaarry (Sephora birthday – deluxe sample)

This is a lovely natural blush that lasts!

Too Faced Chocolate Soleil medium/deep (Sephora – deluxe sample)

I am not a huge bronzer user, but this smells nice and isn’t too dark!

Marc Jacobs highliner gel in Blacquer (Sephora birthday gift – deluxe sample)

I feel like this is a standard liner but I do like that it is a twist up rather than one that you have to sharpen!

Urban Decay eyeshadow (Sephora – deluxe sample)

Skimp is a great shade to set any cream shadow or primer, but I was a little disappointed in the quality of these shadows.

  • Skimp all over the eye
  • Guilt all over the lid

Bare Minerals (ipsy)

Fantastic quality and colour!

  • Passion in the outter corner and in the crease

Coastal Scents (ipsy)

These are extremely pigmented and blendable. I am impressed!

  • Greige in the outter corner

Buxom Lash Mascara (travel sized but no longer available – under $25)

Similar to the Too Faced BTS mascara but less chunky/clumpy. A new favourite!

Kat Von D Bow and Arrow liquid lipstick (travel sized but no longer available – $25)

My first time using a KVD liquid lipstick. I am not a matte lip lover but the colour was lovely and it didn’t feel like my lips were gonna peel off like some other liquid lipsticks. Definitely a success.

I hope you enjoyed this look! Do you have enough sample sized products to create a full face?

Til next time, ttfn x

My Last Ipsy Bag

It has been a year, officially, since I first subscribed to ipsy. Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t fallen out of love with this monthly subscription bag, but I will be moving out in a month and started to critically think about my spending. What it came down to was: close to $20 Canadian a month for a surprise bag of makeup? Looking back, I don’t know.

There have been bags full of products I will never use, and just about every bag has one thing that is a little disappointing. There are many other Ipsy perks like discounts, contests and a community but as a Canadian, the products don’t always ship to Canada or the contests are US Only. Even though the bags are technically worth the price for the product, I think there may be other products I want to sink my teeth into with a $20 price tag.

Back to this months bag. With Tarte and NYX products, you can’t go wrong or so I thought. Let’s start with one thing I can’t say I am excited about: the Beauty Without Cruelty cleanser. Have I tried it? Not yet. I feel a bit hesitant because if I like it, I don’t think that the brand even ships to Canada. Again, the discount is US only and I can’t see anywhere on their website about international orders. The product may be amazing, but I wouldn’t be able to purchase it if I wanted to. I will only have this deluxe sample. That being said, I do like trying new skin care and this looks like it will be good for my oily skin so I will give it a try.

Hair products are not my strong suit. I would never say no to a new serum, shampoo or spray, but I will probably never use this Style Sexy Hair Blow Out Spray. My hair is usually au natural out of fear of it getting oily, and I use heat very rarely. The one thing I do go through is dry shampoo as you may have seen in my empties post. This isn’t a win or lose for me, and I would love to try the brand so I may find an excuse to use it, but it’s a product I don’t need.

The most thrilling product this bag had to offer – and I feel like most other ipsters would agree – is the Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes mascara mini that everyone received. I have tried a few mini Tarte mascaras before which I did generally like so I am excited to receive this one. I may not be able to pull it out yet since I have about 10 mascaras to go through. However, a mini is perfect for my purse so it could very well be in my make up bag before you know it! Like lipstick, you can never have too many. I will use it and I will surely love it.

Can I be honest? I am not really a fan of the NYX Butter Balm. I have received a NYX Butter Gloss before which I really enjoyed so my hopes were pretty high. I don’t know what exactly I was expecting but I think the biggest let down is the constancy. I expected it to be slick and light like a Chapstick or balm, but instead it was kind of chunky (?!) and kind of thick. I am not a big fan of the colour either as Marshmallow is a very brown neutral though it is a lovely matte finish. Even the packaging was a bit sucky. The first time I went to roll it up, it wouldn’t. In fact, I thought that perhaps that was all the product you got. I love you NYX, but this product is a no go.

Last up is a Cailyn product which is on the list of brands I have discovered through ipsy (and actually like). I haven’t received too many products but I have enjoyed the Tinted Lip Balm quite a bit. The colours are really surprisingly gorgeous. This month, I received an eye polish in Orchid – a very deceiving name. When I saw this product online, it didn’t look like it would be the rose gold gorgeousness that it ended up being. My two tiffs with the product though: there is only about half a container of product and the shape is so odd that it makes it awkward to store. Both annoyances are worth it for that beautiful rosey shade.

The bag this month doesn’t really do anything for me. I don’t care for the shape or fabric though it is a bit structured which isn’t a bad trait. Regardless, it isn’t my favourite.
Products offered: ♥️♥️
Products received: ❤️❤️
Bag Design: ♥️♥️

Til next time, ttfn x

Demeter Fragrance 2014 Holiday Collection

Last Tuesday in my Everything Else Haul, I mentioned that Fall/Winter was the most wonderful time of the year based on the scents, colours and deals. Even last Friday in my November Favourites, I talked about my latest fragrance fav. I must be loving my nose lately because today, we are gonna talk all about yet anther fragrance. Specifically, the Demeter Fragrance Library**.
You may have heard of Demeter and all of their unique and amazing fragrances. I know I first heard of the brand through ipsy (perhaps you received the Pixie Dust Roll On Perfume Oil sample in November?). You know just by looking at their website that they have a very wide variety of scents that are different from anything else. Since Winter really does hold so many fantastic memories for me, I was most intrigued by Snow.

As a child, my days were very often spent hanging out with my cousins at my grandparents house. My grandma would babysit at least 4 of us during holidays or on the weekend or if we just wanted to visit. The coolest thing about winters at my grandparents was the hill in their backyard. We would all grab a crazy carpet or the one long, red toboggan and rush down the hill at full speed, not caring if we were getting cold or with snow down our shirts. It was such a blast! Snow by Demeter really captured and brought that back to me. The crisp air and smell of the wet earth underneath the foot of fluffy snow. That’s exactly what it smells like, and it reminds me of what was a very fond memory that I had forgotten for some time, but fills me with joy to think about now that we’re all older.



The other three fragrances I received are part of a Holiday 2014 Collector’s Edition 1 oz Set and are equally as enticing! Log Cabin, Fireplace and Christmas Tree are totally different from any other fragrance I have owned and really bring the holidays alive. I love using them around the home for an extra burst of warmth and they tend to last.
Log Cabin is a very heavily scented wooden smell. It reminds me of a forest more so than a cabin but to be fair, I’ve never been in a log cabin. It is really ambient and leans more on the manly side, but I find it calming.
Christmas Tree is surprisingly my favourite. I have never smelled a Balsam scent that wasn’t overpowering. This one though is very simple and realistic. It really brings the holiday smell into the house. We never had a real Christmas tree decorated (always synthetic) but this fragrance absolutely helps complete any Christmas Tree.
Lastly is Fireplace. Another very woody smell, it gives the illusion of warmth. It’s so comforting and really reminds me of a winter bonfire, getting all cozy with a hot chocolate and my hat tight to my head. I enjoyed this scent too as it is very welcoming.
The most amazing thing about these perfumes is that not only do you get a light scent, but for most, it comes with a memory. Because each fragrance is essentially an every day object, you can so easily associate them with something you’ve experienced. It’s also really neat that each fragrance can be bought in a small, 3mL sample size to test them all out! A really great stocking stuffer idea and inexpensive! They are so rewarding to wear and completely unique. I will be using these around my house all season long. Very generously, I was sent all four bottles for review and not one of them was disappointing.

Have you ever tried the Demeter Fragrances?

Til next time, ttfn x

November 2014 Ipsy Bag

The snow is here! Finally, it’s time to get into the Christmas Spirit a little bit more and I know I am really excited! All of the gold and glitter and sparkle of the season perfectly matches the theme of the November Ipsy Bag: Girl Meets Glitter!

Personally, I am thrilled. A little sparkle brightens everything so a full month screams glamour to me. I have to say, I am a little confused as to how some of the products I received fit this theme, but I am still happy with them! Let’s go from biggest to smallest, shall we?

This bag. I am in love with the glitter and the fact that it was created by Forever 21. I didn’t know this until I started to see other reviews pop up, but that’s really neat I think. The only thing that would have made this bag any better would be if the inside was as glowing as the outside.

Moving on to the Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Volume Shine Hairspray. This is one of the products that I don’t fully understand what that has to do with anything, but I am still happy to get it! I’m a girl that doesn’t frequently buy hair products especially in full size because I pretty much use only 2 things: dry shampoo and heat protector. This will come in handy for those infrequent times I do need a bit of hold. As a little note, I have to say, with one exception, I have loved the hair products I’ve gotten from ipsy.

Next up is one of the best products I received, and it’s the Elizabeth Mott You’re So FINE Eyeliner. The name and packaging on this product are so cute, plus it looks amazing on. Super dark, long wearing and subtle glitz throughout. Love it! One issue which I can easily overlook and that is the smell. It stinks bad. Luckily, you aren’t outing this product under your nose!

Next up, one of my beloved ipsy brands, J. Cat Beauty’s Wonder Lip Paint. Again, not sure where the glitter comes in for this product, but it is amazing. I plan on ordering several more, and then some from J. Cat in the very near future. It does take a little practice if you’re not used to brushing on your lip colour but it’s worth it. Amazing colour for the season.

Then we have the Be A Bombshell Eye Shadow base. I really haven’t been a fan of so many Be A Bombshell products but this one, I can deal with. It’s not overly opaque which I am happy with and it carries some shimmer through it, which looks very cute. I have to say though, I would reach for many other colours and brands before this one.

Last, and technically least, we have the Temptu Highlighter. I am so thrilled to finally have a cool toned highlight. It’s beautiful, and a little goes a long way. It is very watery and really dries quickly leaving a beautiful shine. I couldn’t be happier.

Overall, this bag was much better than last month. I didn’t receive the nail polish again, but I am glad I got to fall in love with a few new products instead.

Products offered: ♥️♥️♥️♥️
Products received: ❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bag Design: ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

Wanna sign up for ipsy? Use my link!

Til next time, ttfn x

October 2014 Ipsy Bag

I have been subscribed to ipsy for just about a year now (December 2013) and generally, I love the products. They have introduced me to First Aid Beauty and Jesse’s Girl along with countless other brands that I now love.
However, I wasn’t overly impressed this month. They offered fabulous products that I was interested in, but none of which I received.
jesses girl ocean breeze baked eye shadow
That’s a lie. My first and favourite product in the bag is the Jesse’s Girl Mineralized Baked Powder eye shadow in Ocean Breeze. It is huge, goes on quite dark which I like and is surprisingly not glittery. I mainly have mixed this with other blues to deepen the colour but I do enjoy it a lot. I wore it today actually 😉

starlooks guilty pleasure lip gloss
I received one other make up product but I don’t really care for it. The Starlooks Lip gloss formula is nice but I am not a big lip gloss wearer and the colour is too plain for me. I received the colour Guilty Pleasure which is almost a dusty pink. I will likely keep this, but I wish I could have switched this out for the Nicole by OPI nail polish (or a lipstick or a mascara or a face mask…)

 Skyn Iceland Glacial cleansing cloths
This product I haven’t actually tried yet, but bare with me. The Skyn Iceland Glacial cleansing cloths could be awesome but I am a little bias when it comes to make up wipes. I always buy the Baléa 3 in 1 cleansing cloths (a 56 pk) at Shoppers. They are frequently on sale for $6 and don’t sting my eyes, don’t smell bad PLUS actually remove my make up. You really can’t go wrong.

Face Oasis hydrating treatment by h2o+
I also received the Face Oasis hydrating treatment by h2o+ which I do plan to use eventually, but I have a feeling it is going to be way to hydrating for me. My skin doesn’t absorb oils or moisturizer very well (maybe because it’s oily?) so I only wear it at night, and I usually use treatments that will fix my oiliness or scarring as those are my two issues.

Ayres Body Butter
The last product I received was the Ayres Body Butter which I gave away pretty quickly. I really don’t use body butter very quickly since it is so thick and as I said, my skin doesn’t absorb anything very well. I really am not a fan of body products and would much prefer nail polish, lipsticks, dry shampoo, etc.

ipsy bag oct 2014
The shining star for me this month was the bag. I am IN LOVE with the design and colour. It’s so pretty! I love the material so much too.This in a big winner for me.

If you’re interested in signing up for ipsy, click this link.

Products offered: * * * *
Products received: * *
Bag Design: * * * * *

Do you receive an ipsy bag?

What’s your favourite type of product to receive?

Til next time, ttfn x