FUN Lacquer First Impressions

Recently due to my obsession with Simply Nailogical, I picked up a few shades from Live Love Polish. The website is full of cruelty-free, 3 and 5 free brands, and many shimmery and holographic shades, which I love. It is also full of smaller brands like FUN Lacquer which is the brand I was the most attracted to. To try out their line, I got a duo-chrome with holo glitter, a pure holo glitter and a linear holo topcoat. This brand is very holo heavy as you can tell.

Cheers to the Holidays (H) is a multichrome polish that shifts between some of my favourite colours: purple, blue, orange and red. I find it is mainly a red-purple on my nails but that holo really comes through. This polish is available without the holo glitter but I wanted to go all out. This is opaque in 2 coats and easy to apply.
Black Holo Witch is pure black holographic glitter in a clear base, meaning it isn’t one you simply paint on for it to be opaque. You can wear this over any polish for that extra sparkle or sponge it on for the full effect. This is sponged on. Like all glitter, it can be a pain to remove so use with caution. It is worth mentioning this was the chunkiest polish and doesn’t always apply smooth when simply painting it on.

Thumb to pinky: Deborah Lippmann Fashion, OPI Big Apple Red, Nails Inc Swiss Cottage, Wet n Wild Black Creme, Sally Hanson Coral Reef

Finally, Diamond is their original holographic top coat. It is one of the more subtle holos which is what I was going for because I want to be able to see the colour under the shade when I wear it. That being said, in the right lighting, it is that gorgeous linear rainbow that I was hoping for. It does slightly dull the colours underneath but it is worth it in the right lighting. I tried it over 2 different finishes and several different brands for comparison.
As far as application, these polishes are smooth and easy to apply for the most part. I love the brush and the formula works well. The one thing I was a little surprised in was how small the bottles were compared to OPI, for example. They are totally unique and something that isn’t available in-store which was my main draw. All of that being said, I would buy these again in a heartbeat!

Til next time, ttfn x

$100 Shoppers Haul

I was the lucky winner of the Canadian Beauty Bloggers + #Music Glam giveaway back in February. I know right? I feel like the luckiest lady ever. This prize pack included over $200 worth of skin care, make up, white strips, hair care and a generous gift card for Shoppers. Lets start with what was in the prize pack!

From Olay, there are three Olay Regenerist Advanced Anti-aging skin care items: the cleanser, the moisturizer and cleansing brush. I passed the moisturizer on to my mom who uses this every day but the cleanser and brush are staying with me. I have been using and loving the brush thus far and plan to give the cleanser a go once I am finished the few I have open. From Pantene, I received the Intense Hydration shampoo and conditioner but also the Pantene Air-Spray which I have been loving! From Crest, I have the 3D White whitestrips with the new Flex fit. I find my teeth get extremely sensitive with these so Roxanne graciously took them off my hands.

I don’t have a lot of make up from COVERGIRL but of course, I do already own the COVERGIRL lipstick in Succulent Cherry. I love it but don’t need two! Also from COVERGIRL is the new Plumpify Blast Pro mascara and Trunaked Goldens palette which I haven’t tried yet (honestly, my eyes have been horrible) but I have heard many good things.

 Now, onto the $100 haul. I have been a lot more conscious about what beauty brands are cruelty free and so with this $100 card, I decided to add more to my collection. Directly before this card came, my Shoppers stocked up on NYX but I was a little disappointed in their lack of selection. Never-the-less, I did pick up two things: the NYX HD Concealer in Fair which I have heard SO much about and the NYX Liquid Suede cream lipstick in Stone.

Swatch of NYX Liquid Suede cream lipstick in Stone.

On recommendation from Sarah at, I also picked up the GOSH X-Ceptional Wean Foundation in 11 Porcelain. I recently went through my foundations and discovered I only have two that work for me when I am this pale so ta-da, I picked up another which (first impression) I adore and matches me perfectly.

Swatch of the Annabelle Skinny Brow in Universal Medium (left) and Universal Light (right).
From Marcelle, I picked up an old fave (or three) of the Marcelle Double Precision liquid eye liner. This is super matte and lovely eye liner that I totally recommend. I also decided to finally pick up the Annabelle Skinny Brow liner in Universal Light just to see if it works out better than the Universal Medium.

When I was there, I also needed some nail polish remover and the Quo Nail Polish Remover in Regular and Strengthening. I always forget which of the Quo removers I don’t like so I figured if I got one of each (except the blue/green which I just finished), I would know which one I disliked. As you can tell, I already used up some of the Strengthening remover. And then I went a little nuts with Essence.

I have tried and love and almost used up the Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops that I have reviewed before but I also needed a new base coat so I also grabbed the Essence Gel Nail Polish Base coat. I have the top coat already to try as well so I am excited to see how these two work together.

I had hopped to pick up the NYX Proof It Waterproof eye shadow base but since it wasn’t at Shoppers, I got I Heart Stage eye shadow base from Essence. I am not sure if this is going to help prolong my eye shadow wear but I thought it was worth a try.

I noticed Essence also had a few new products out so I picked up two of their new Liquid Lipsticks and two of their new highlighters. I have wanted to find some drugstore highlights to try and also different shades so these are the Hidden Stories highlighters in Rose in Wonderland (pink-silver) and Enter Wonderland (purple-silver). On first impression, they are a tad glittery but I want to play around with them more since they are my first cream highlighter experience.

Swatch from L to R: Essence Hidden Stories highlighter in Enter Wonderland, Rose in Wonderland, Essence Liquid Lipstick in Colour Party and Peach Party.

The two liquid lipsticks I kind of love so far. They are super minimal packaging wise which I love/hate, but they wear beautifully. These are Colour Party (pink) and Peach Party (Coral).

That’s my rather large haul for you! I am ultra-excited to try out all of these new beauties. Let me know if you want to see any reviews and I would be happy to do that!

Til next time, ttfn x

Try This Pin: Evergreen Nails

Hey all! It has been quite some time since I did a Pinterest post or even a nail art post so today, I am here with a festive combo! I was inspired by this pin as well as this pin which are both under my Nail Art board if you’re interested. All I used were my basics plus three.

sonia kashuk bewitched opi snow globetrotter
essie grow faster base coat essence nail art express dry drops

elf angled eyeliner brush
Base: Essie Grow Faster base coat

Quick Dry drops: Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops

Nail polish: Sonia Kashuk nail polish in Bewitched, OPI Love. Angel. Music. Baby. and OPI Snow Globetrotter.

Tools: e.l.f. Angled Eyeliner Brush

Gems: Sally Hansen I Heart Nail Art gemstone set

First step to any nail art is prep your nails. I cut, filed and washed my hands before applying my base coat and colour. I have been really into the evergreen + gold combo this season as you may or may not have seen in my festive #MOTD post. I always use my ring finger as an accent nail so that is where I applied my gold tree using my e.l.f. brush. I am obviously not an artist but I was pretty pleasantly surprised it worked out as well as it did.

evergreen nail art love angel music baby
I used my dry drops at this point because I didn’t want my tree to smudge but once the nails were dry, I applied the glitter top coat trying to ensure I only picked up the smaller glitters. I was going to leave it there but my tree was looking a little sad so I quickly popped a silvery gem on top of my tree and close to the base of each of my other nails.

festive evergreen nail art

I really loved these nails while they lasted. They were Christmas-y without being too intense and they got quite a few compliments (always lovely to hear). Let me know what you think!

Til next time, ttfn x

Whatcha Think About the Formula X Delete polish remover?

Hey all. I feel like I haven’t been showin’ any love to my nail polish/ nail polish related things lately and I have been holding onto this post for some time. In fact, this product has already come and gone from my collection of things. I am talking about the Formula X Delete Nail Polish Remover.

I actually didn’t plan on reviewing this even after taking some pictures because I was under the impression is was discontinued. I think what actually happened was it wasn’t showing up on Sephora’s Canadian website for a while and I am totally the type of person that’s like “It’s not exactly where I saw it last time, so it’s lost forever.” I discovered it was still in store to my disbelief and now, like magic, it has reappeared on

So, after that long winded introduction, what do I actually think of the thing? Well, I received this for Christmas 2014 and was thrilled to have a nail polish remover with a pump! It’s the little things guys. This product, however, when used with the flat cotton pads, is extremely annoying because the force of the pump actually shoots product through the pad and onto anything near by – your bed, the desk, your eye, anything. This is totally preventable by putting your fingers over top or using a thicker bit of cotton but it still was a bit surprising if I forgot or someone else used it. Along that same line, if you forget to lock it when putting on the lid, the nail polish remover gets everywhere.

Now the product. I actually wanted to test this against some of the tougher products so I have a nail wrap which is multicoloured with some glitter. I have used it with everything from reds to crimes to glitters and had the same or very similar result. For is text though, I thought the nail wrap kind of spoke for the power of this formula.

The Formula X Delete nail polish remover is just like any other for application. One to two pumps to soak the pad, press on the nail for ultimate exposure, and then slide off. After three slides, this some what glittery nail wrap was completely gone and I would say that’s impressive. I usually have to do some extra maneuvering to get everything but this wasn’t the case here.

One of the other perks is the lack of harsh nail polish remover smell. It does have a scent but it really isn’t nearly as bad as the typical no name nail polish remover I feel like most people use.

And now for the cons. To me, there are a few cons with this and the biggest one would be how sticky it is. It’s not so bad if you give your hands a bit of a moisture barrier before and after use. I’m not sure if it is the nail polish but it did happen every time I used it and made quite the mess. The next issue I have is the price. I can’t see myself spending $13 on a not so perfect nail polish remover especially of this size (150mL/5.4 Oz).

The verdict? I will not be picking this up. It was great while it lasted but I will be sticking to the big, stinky bottle of no name nail polish remover that doesn’t cost more than $5.

Til next time, ttfn x

$5 & Under Nail Product Picks

Hey all! Did you know I am freaking in love with nail polish? I know I’m not the only one here. Nail polish is probably the easiest thing to find for under $5 but there are some duds out there. If you’ve been around New Key Beauty for some time, you know how OPI Obsessed I am BUT did you know they are not the only brand I go gaga over. Check out these 5 under $5 nail products I love.

Revlon original nail polish (Walmart for $4-$5)

Colours shown L to R: Fearless, Posh, Graffiti

Pure Ice nail polish (Walmart for $2)

Colours shown L to R: Bare It All, Lucky Charming

Julie G by Jesse’s Girl nail polish (Online for $3.99)

Colours shown L to R: Rock Candy, Sugar Plum Fairy

Wet ‘n’ Wild Wildshine nail polish (Dollarama or Walmart for $1-$2)

Colours shown L to R: Black Creme, Putting On Airs

Essence Nail Art Express Dry Drops (Shoppers for $3-$4)

Bonus: OMG Nail Strips (Online 5 for $25 deal makes them $5 each)

All of these are easy to apply, last for a while when used with a base/top coat and have a fantastic price. At the very least, they are worth a try to see whether they are your new fave or not. Let me know what your recommendations for nail polish are below!

Til next time, ttfn x

Halloween Polish Picks 2015

If you read my Autumn Polish Picks, you’d know there was a serious lack of Halloweeny nail colours. Really, it was just going to be a super long post if I combined all of my Fall colours with my Halloween shades. Now that I have gone through my collection and picked out these glitters, blacks and creams, I am so excited to share them.

  First off is the colour I most associate with this time of year. This is Claire’s Galaxy nail polish. It reminds me of a spooky, starry night and I have already used it a few times (including in my batty nail art last week). Add a silver moon decal (hint hint) and you’ve got a simple and cute starry scene on your hands – literally.

  Of course, I had to add in a simple black cream in here and my pick is the Wet ‘n’ Wild Black Cream from their new collection. I picked this up at the Dollar Store this week to replace an embarrassingly old Wet ‘n’ Wild black polish I did have. The formula is so easy to apply and no matter where you buy it, it is inexpensive.

  This could just be me, but I think the Deborah Lippmann nail polish in Good Girl Gone Bad is a super cute and spooky colour for the season. I could see this mixed with some kind of bright slimy green colour for nail art or perhaps something witchy. Either way, it is different than the usual blacks and oranges that I would go for so I thought I would include it too.

  Speaking of which, I had to include some oranges. Tis the season of Jack-O-Lanterns and Candy Corn after all. Here is a cream orange shade I love all year round: China Glaze Stoked to be Soaked. It is bright and pure orange which is one of my favourite colours.

  For a little bit of shine, I also love the Sally Hansen polish in On Parade. This is a beautiful sparkling orange that I actually included in my 2014 Fall Polish Picks and wear all year round.

  Of course, if you want even more glitter, I have a few options for you. First, a glitter from Sinful Colors with different cuts of chunky black and gold throughout. This over Stoked to be Soaked is lovely and super Halloweeny without being too out there I think.

  Unfortunately, this next polish is discontinued but for those out there that did get this in their ipsy bag forever ago, I thought I would include it. This is Starrily’s Bzzz Bzzz which is a black and yellow square and circle cut glitter that I paired with Wet ‘n’ Wild’s Black Cream. It just screams Halloween to me though I suppose It should scream BEES!

  As I mentioned earlier, decals are a good addition to any nail polish but I have the Silver Moon decals from Beyond the Nail. I plan to do a little mani using these and Galaxy very soon. Beyond the Nail also has several awesome, super Halloweeny decals available so take a look!

Those are my many loved Halloween polish picks! What do you plan to be this Halloween?

Going Batty 


It’s been some time since I did any nail related posts and who better to do one with then the lovely Maddy from Spilled Polish/Beyond the Nail which I have talked about quite a bit lately! Maddy is a Canadian Beauty Blogger just like me and her nail art is so perfect, it’s unreal.

I, on the other hand, am not quite so talented but I did have a few tricks up my sleeve. We both decided to do a batty Halloween nail art look and I love how they both turned out.

  For mine, I used my favourite Halloween polish which is from Claire’s of all places. It is a black with silver glitter named Galaxy. I used that for an accent nail after applying my Easie Grow Faster base coat.

  For the rest of my nails, I used Ceramic Glaze Toasted Coconut with a thin coat. Over that, I used Sinful Colors Glow In The Dark with three coats to make sure the glow would really pick up. When I applied the third coat, I added a bat decal which I picked up last year at the Dollar Store (which were not easy to use but they ended up working alright). I applied it like I would false lashes: place the middle where I want it to go, wait for it to get a bit tacky, gently press the rest down.

I put a regular top coat on top and voila. And yes, it glows in the dark quite well. Check out Maddy’s amazing Halloween Bat nail art which I am totally batty for (hah). Do you want to see more Halloween nail art this year?

Till next time, ttfn x