Spring Flings 2017

Yes, I am super late to the game on this one (as it is now officially summer) but I thought it was worth sharing anyway. Things have been busy over here between helping with my cousin’s wedding, big changes at work, and enjoying the beautiful weather. That being said, this Spring seems to have really made me fall back in love with make up, nails, and blogging, so I have a few of my absolute favourites to talk about today.


NYX Liquid Suede in Stone Fox
I have been having a hard time getting out of the winter dark lipstick trend, have you? I have mainly been reaching for cool toned shades whether it is a deep purple hue or this gorgeous grey from NYX. These do transfer, which is the only bummer, but the formula is comfortable and is still flattering as it wears away. I find this easy to apply and reapply on-the-go despite it being a darker shade. All in all, this unique shade is amazing and I recommend it if you ‘re into funkier lipsticks.

Kat Von D Shade and Light Eye Palette
I have been going pretty light and neutral on the eyes lately and so this is my go-to palette hands down. These Kat Von D shadows are pigmented, blendable and powdery which is exactly what I look for in an eye shadow. Though these are natural, neutral nudes, there is still a heap of variety in this palette which makes it fun and inspiring. Even when I am feeling like a pop of colour, I can use this palette as a base before going for one of my colourful palettes or single shadows. It pretty much goes with anything.


Beyond the Nail Polish in Supernova with Starrily Menchie the Cat Nail Polish
I am currently all about holographic nails and so this combination gives me so much life. The pink hues work well together and depending on the lighting, you have a lovely rainbow glow that lasts. Both polishes easy to apply with a smooth formula and are cruelty-free so I recommend trying them out if you haven’t already.

Nars Radient Creamy Concealer in Vanilla
I don’t think I need to go on about this concealer as I have before just like so many others. This concealer just makes your undereye area look smooth and bright while being comfortable and (relatively) creaseless. Although this has definitely been in favourites before, I thought I would mention a little hack that I had learned that is quick and easy to get more from your product. I recommend only doing this when you’re running low on concealer, but when the time comes, remove the little device that removes excess product from your brush. It can easily be removed with tweezers and allows you to dig for more product along the sides.

The Honest Company Deodorant in Bergamot Sage
My new favourite deodorant: the Spray On deodorant. If you haven’t tried a spray deodorant, I recommend it. This one from The Honest Company in particular lasts all day without the feeling of product on your pits. It is lightweight with a bit of an earthy scent (as it is bergamot sage) and it lasts for quite a while. It is natural and cruelty free without the use of coconut oil (which breaks me out and is also in many natural stick deodorants).

ecotools muslin Polishing Cloths
Special mention, though it isn’t pictured here, are the Ecotools Muslin Polishing cloths. These are the gentlest way I have found to wash my face. I plan write an entire post about the various ways I use these to save time, money and being less wasteful (so stay tuned) but they are all I plan to use from now on to clean my skin.

Til next time, ttfn x

#Finish5 & Taking Out The Trash for Fall 2015

Well well well, here we are again. Hey all! I’m here with two months worth of empty products, and of course, my #Finish5 which I actually successfully finished something from!

finish 5 for august

Very excitingly, I finished up the Maybelline Coverstick Concealer in Green which I will not be picking up again, and I will explain why a little later on. I did leave the littlest bit in the tube if you can see it, simply because my brush couldn’t pick up any of the product. The remaining four products are not done and don’t look like I made a whole lot of progress. Frankly, I didn’t wear make up for the first half of this month due to sickness so I don’t feel like I used a whole lot of anything.

empty skin care

Now, let’s talk about what I actually emptied the majority of which is actually skin care. I finally finished the VII Code Oxygen Eye Masks** which were awesome for evening out my under eye area overnight. They felt nice, stay on well and I am likely to pick up another set in the future, but for now, I am going to finish up some eye creams instead. I finished several Pilatin Black Head masks as usual. Did anyone want a review of these? They are extremely effective peel off blackhead masks and I would be happy to do a whole post about them. The second mask I have there is my beloved Glamglow Supermud clearing treatment which is sadly 100% gone. It is totally worth the $76, just trust me (or read my full review). I think this was the third one I have gone through in 2-3 years.

The Ole Henriksen cleanser that I have here I did already review and talk about before and I like it quite a bit. I feel like that is mostly due to the fact it is a foaming cleanser which I prefer over anything. and everything. The Elizabeth Arden night cream sample was absolutely lovely to use but I just can’t bare to replace my Vichy Night Detox at this time. My acne is way to under control right now for me to even consider trying something new. I wasn’t entirely sure if the Annabelle Eye Make Up Remover Pads** counted as skin care but I wanted to include them here anyways. These did a good job at removing everything from your eyes whether waterproof or super duper black. I don’t love how oily this was and there had been a few mascaras that didn’t totally come off so I will probably pass on this in the future.

bath and body works aloha waikiki, pumpkin cinnamon bun and turquoise waters

wood craft cracklin fire and slatkin and co s'mores
Three three wick candles we finished include Aloha Waikiki, Turqioise Waters and Pumpkin Cinnamon Bun which I don’t think we will be picking up as they were all quite strong. I prefer something a little more subtle or more fruity/fresh scents. We also used up two mini candles one of which is Slatkin & Co’s S’mores and the other was a Wood Craft candle from the Dollar Mart by my house. They both rocked and I want a million more for next fall… or summer… or spring. Both lovely.

make up empties

Despite not using much make up this month, I used up a few things! The Maybelline concealer I had mentioned already, so lets move on to the other 4 things. I am kind of tempted to pick up the Mac Zoom Lash mascara mini. I really liked how it made my lashes look and I think it would be fantastic for anyone who wanted a lot of length. Speaking of, the Red Cherry falsies in #106 I used for my Halloween Costume and they looked gorgeous. I do still have these to use again and I would totally recommend them! The one product here I would not recommend is the Nars lipgloss in Supervixen from the Bronze Bares All Sephora collection. If you read my Fave/Unfave post back in June, you know my biggest issue with this lip gloss: the packaging. Well, it totally broke. I ended up storing the remaining lip gloss elsewhere because I couldn’t bring myself to toss a barely used $30 lip gloss. The colours is alright, the formula is alright, the brand really hasn’t impressed me yet. Last of my make up here is the Urban Decay De-slick setting spray which I didn’t see make a whole lot of difference in my oiliness so I will also not be picking this up.

nail and fragrence empties

For nail polish, I am not shocked that the OPI You’re So Vain-illa mini is gone. I used that polish constantly this year and have a full sized bottle to replace it! I was not so in love with the OPI Nail Envy and find that the Essie Grow Faster base coat that replaced this works much better. Sorry, OPI.

I don’t talk about perfume too often but I do love and own a full sized Clean Skin perfume. This sample came in a Sephora set and I totally forgot about it so I decided to use it up since I wear it every other day. A new sample for me was the Givenchy Dahlia Divin which smelled pretty but not totally my scent. This had about 3 uses in it.

hair and tool empties

Now for a few random hair and maybe skin and tool type products that I had to get rid of this month. First off, one of the reasons I am not purchasing the Maybelline Coverstick Concealer again is because it has ruined my brush (which is a no-name brush from a set on Amazon that looks a whole lot like a certain amazing looking brush set but for much less). Don’t get me wrong, I don’t blame the concealer exactly, but this brush got so clogged up with this stuff and it is not easy to clean it off. I actually can’t clean it off. Now all I can think of is how it totally clung to my brush and stained it and frankly, I just don’t trust a product that does that. What might it be doing to my skin? What has it done to my skin? Oh gosh.

Another tool I have sitting there is a little face shaver which I use to shape my brows either when I am a little lazy or in a hurry. This comes in a 3 pack and I am onto the next one. Love these little things. There is an empty pack of Clean and Clear Blotting papers which I have been using since grade 8 or so. I haven’t picked up a pack to replace this yet since I have a Sephora brand set but I think I still may go back to these.

Lately, we have a COLAB Extreme Volume dry shampoo in Paris. I was hoping that this would smell like my favourite Batiste dry shampoo (in Blush) but it did not. I still love the formula but plan to pick up the same formula in Rio for the future.

finish 5 for fall

My #Finish5 products for December include the Temptu highlight, Boots/No7 Overnight Revitalizing Eye Balm and Benefit Gimmie Brow again because I feel like I am so close to finishing them off, but I am not continuing on with the MUFE blush because there is just no way I will finish this anytime soon! This thing is endless and I am kind of glad because I love it. Replacing this and the Maybelline Concealer are the Elf Liquid Liner in Brown and the Rimmel Match Perfection concealer in 125 fair. I love these two and I don’t think it will be hard to finish them up in the next few weeks.

Til next time, ttfn x

Sephora Stocking Stuffers Under $20

Hey all! I’m back with more make up (and perhaps skin care) deals to share with you that were surprisingly good. Some of these are just the smaller travel sized products of their more expensive full sized mamas, but they will still take you for-ev-er to use up and work just as well.

Smashbox Photo Finish Primer mini for $19 which is actually a better deal than purchasing the full sized version.

Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Cheek Gelee mini which are not online in Canada but in stores for sure. Pictured is Pink Escape.

Bite Mix and Mingle duo for $17. This colour combo (Violet/Palomino) is no longer available.

Sephora Hide and Sleek Skinny Cheek Contour brush for $20.

Deborah Lippmann Nail Polish (Here is a mini set for $18) pictured are Through The Fire and It’s Raining Men.

Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer mini for $16 in the shade Vanilla.

Sephora Blotting Films for $10 (but these are often on sale for $7-$5).

Sephora Contour Eye Pencil for $12 in Banana Split and Cocoa.

Ole Henriksen Grease Relief Cleansing Clothes for $19/30 sheets or  $10/10 sheets which I don’t have at the moment but love.

Murad Acne Spot Treatment for $20.

I have used and loved all of these, but my fave part is the price tag! They would make fantastic gifts or additions for your make up lovers stocking this Christmas. 

Til next time, ttfn x

October 2015 Favourites & Unfavourites

Hey all! Who had a fantastic Halloween? I know I did. This year, I was a greek goddess and decked out in white and gold to go trick-or-treating with my niece and nephew. Actually, many of my favourite products from this past month snuck their way into my Greek Goddess make up look. What a lovely transition.

 I have reviewed this item this month so I wont go on about it but the Essence All About Sunrise palette has been a go to eye shadow palette for me. I have been playing around with a few different looks from the more subtle to the super gold goddess look I wore this Halloween. For $4.99, I recommend giving it a go especially if you’ve got brown or blue eyes. These colours will make them POP. Keep in mind though that not all of these palettes are made equally. I picked up the All About Candies compact recently with next spring in mind and with the luck I had the first time around, I thought it was going to be great. Wrong. The eye shadows are not nearly as pigmented and aren’t even quite as creamy as the All About Sunrise palette I’ve come to love. It’s a shame because I am really looking for some good pastels.

Keeping on eyes, I found a mascara that could rival my Too Faced Better Than Sex but with a drugstore price tag. I am talking about the Marcelle Curling and Lengthening mascara**. My only con with the product so far is the packaging. The writing on this thing is just on a peel off label which is already peeling off and looking a bit gross. Otherwise, it does totally lengthen and separate. It is a wet formula which I prefer with a curled wand and it isn’t a classic bristle brush which tends to be my fave as well but with the wand being curved, I don’t think it bothers me. Bravo Marcelle, another winner in my books!

I’m including the Benefit Gimmie Brow in this post because I have changed my mind about it. Initially, I didn’t like how this product preformed. It didn’t fill in the sparser areas of my brows and it was kind of clumpy. I’d go as far as saying my eyebrows looks a bit lopsided when I used it. Fast forward to Amy watching Jackie Aina being a genius as always and clean her mascara wands, etc. Duh. It seems like a no brainer but once I did that with my Gimmie Brow, it works 1000x better.

This month, I have a primer, 2 concealers and a foundation favourite. I am not sure if I strayed from these all month to be honest. The primer should be no surprise as I am all into the Smashbox Photo Finish primer line for its smooth feel and poreless finish. This is the mini Smashbox Photo Finish Colour Correcting primer. It doesn’t work miracles but it does reduce the redness on my face that always seems to interfere with foundation. Speaking of, I have been into the MUFE Ultra HD foundation. Again, I have done a review on this glorious foundation that you should check out for more detail and to see how it looks on the skin. Spoiler alert: it looks great.

Then there is concealer. I have the Hard Candy Glamoflauge in light and Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla. Again, Jackie convinced me to pick up the Nars concealer in the How To Cover Up Dark Circles video she posted and I am glad I did. The price tag is steep but to give it a try, I picked up the mini (available at Sephora in 2 shades) and we will see how far that goes. The Glamoflauge, however, I have had and used for a while but it always seemed a little greasy and heavy. That what the Sephora brand blotting papers I have here are for! After applying, I blot my under eye area and set with powder and voila! It is SUPER bright and less creamy/heavy plus a tiny dab goes a very long way. I have been switching between these two for the past month and I am sure I will continue to do so into November.

For some skin care, I have the Ole Henriksen African Red Clay Foaming cleanser and though I don’t consider it a fave necessarily, I have determined I love foaming cleansers 110% more than the creamy, gel or oil cleansers. I find it easier to work with and it really, really cleans my face. This stuff is almost gone and I am disappointed that it is the last foaming cleanser in my collection of cleansers.

Speaking of disappointing, I have an unpopular opinion to share. I was going to review this product but decided against it for now because I really don’t have much to say about it. I am talking about the Bioderma Sebum H2O Micellar Solution. It works exactly the same as a make up wipe but for 3x the cost plus the use of 3 or more cotton pads. I removed half my face with my Life Brand make up wipes and half with this and the only differences were the Bioderma side didn’t feel as stiff but it also took twice as long to remove and didn’t take off as much as the make up wipe side. Not worth it for me at all.

This little acne spot treatment sample has been working some miracles for me. I broke out randomly last week after being pretty clear for a while and so I whipped out this treatment. I have always liked Murad and this Acne Spot Fast Fix does the trick on my pimples, that’s for sure. As an added bonus, it smells really good and lasts forever.

I have also loved the Lippy Girl Lip Love Lip Conditioning stick this month. I put it on my lips at night and by morning, my lips are a) still coated in a layer of moisture, b) totally matte lip stick ready and c) feel super soft. Its organic, vegetarian and cruelty free as an added bonus plus is smells like Mint/Eucalyptus.

Finally, my last fave is a perfume. This is just a sample of the Aerin Amber Musk perfume but it has lasted a while and I plan on asking Santa for a bottle for Christmas this year. It smells really cozy and warm. I actually kept this sample because it reminds me of my favourite thrift store. Everyone compliments me when I wear it and I love how it lasts on my skin so hopefully, I can get my hands on at least the roller ball before this sample runs out!


I’ve been promising a giveaway for a while when I hit 555 followers on my instagram and overnight, it seems to have happened! 5 is obviously my favourite number so this milestone must be celebrated! Here are a few of my favourite things from the past year or so. You could win them all!

Included in no particular order: the Rimmel Scandaleyes Volume Flash mascara, the Too Faced Shadow Insurance eye shadow primer, the Marcelle Forever Sharp eye liners in Black and White, the COLAB Volume Extreme travel sized dry shampoo in London, and the Montagne Jeunesse Super Fruit Mud mask.

CANADA ONLY. Open until December 1, 2015. I will announce winners in my December 3 post as well as on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Please enter below!

My Favourite Things

Til next time, ttfn x

June 2015 Favourites & Unfavourites

June was a different kind of month for me. I switched out my usual make up routine for something much lighter to combat the summer sun and I have been spending a lot of time working out and being outside. My favourites really reflect that as you’re about to see! If you didn’t check out my #WorkoutWednesday post last week, take a look for some of my fav healthy meals I have been eating all month long. Without further adieu, my favourites.


 I will start off with biggest and probably oddest favourite: the Kaizen Natural Whey Protein powder in strawberry. I have two major pros for this: it mixes very well into water and it tastes like strawberry milk. As a bonus, of course, it has quite a bit of protein and is gluten free. I am going to try their other flavours once this runs out (which will be very soon since Roxy and I drink it daily) and will report back if anyone is interested!

I haven’t shown my underwear on a blog before… but I have been loving my Adidas Techfit sports bra (similar). It just feels like everything is secure without it being too tight, ya know? I believe I bought it at Sport Chek about 2 years ago and it is holding up very well.

  I am not much of an accessory girl as you could probably tell from my last tag, but I have been loving these Guess sun glasses! I bought them a little while ago and haven’t stopped wearing them since. The days I do forget them, I am really disappointed and I have found that I am extra careful with them since they are my first good pair of sun glasses.

I’ve been pretty lazy with my nails this month but for a good two weeks, I wore this majestic combination: NCLA Light Years Ahead with Sinful Colors Let Me Go on top. This combination reminds me of a unicorn which might not sound like it, but its a good thing. On their own, each polish is quite sheer and a little boring but this pair together is totally awesome.

 Finally, some make up. Some of you may have seen my angry tweet, but this Nars Lip gloss is going to drive me nuts. It broke pretty much instantly after using it. I have only had this problem with one other lip gloss before and I am so disappointed. My biggest frustration is that this lip gloss costs $30+! I would have returned it, but it was in my Bronze Bares All box. The other two lip glosses – or lip stains? – are the Rimmel Apocalips/Show Off lip lacquers. I have talked about these before and quite liked them. However, this month, they were horrible for me. I found them hard to apply, messy because they never dried and kind of gross feeling. I haven’t had them for more than a year so I couldn’t imagine they are expired. I don’t take back what I have said about them though! They are very pigmented and stay put (if you can deal with the application).

Last up, the lovely Sephora Skin Perfect CC cream. I was shocked by how much coverage this stuff has, not to mention SPF and a great colour match for my pale skin (unfortunately, the light shade is no longer available). I also got it on sale for $15 since it looks like it is about to be discontinued. If you have darker skin (that’s the only shade left), try this out and let me know how it goes!

Til next time, ttfn x

Sephora Favourites: Bronze Bares All

The second I saw this, I knew it would sell out FAST. This collection of 8 beachy, bronze products are frequently raved about. I snatched it up for $47 cdn ($130 value). Though this package isn’t available online currently (could be in store), each product is available on Sephora to purchase.


So, what’s included?

  • Sample sized Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in Medium/Deep ($38)
  • Sample sized Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Opal ($46)
  • Full sized Sephora Contour Eye Pencil 12hr Wear Waterproof in Cocoa($12)
  • Sample sized Formula X Nail Polish in Evocative ($13)
  • Sample sized Tarte The Sculptor Contouring Face Slenderizer in Park Ave Princess ™ ($29)
  • Full sized Duo Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Half Baked and Twice Baked ($22 Each)
  • Sample sized Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Madeira ($28)
  • Full sized Nars Lip Gloss in Supervixen ($31)


Starting from right to left, we have the Bite Beauty pencil. I haven’t tried a Bite Beauty product that I love… until now. When I first got this, I put it on over A bright pink lipstick I was wearing at this time and loved how it looked. Ever since, I have been obsessed with it. The shade I already had didn’t blow me away but I knew the formula was pretty good and was willing to give this a try. 


Again, I do have a few shadows from Urban Decay but I don’t own either of these colours. If you know me, you know I don’t typically go for nude colours on my eyes too much, but I won’t say no to trying something new. When I swatched these, it nearly took my breath away. Creamy, soft, smooth, intense and overall, gorgeous. Though I own the Electric and Ammo palettes, I don’t think either are as fantastic feeling as this was. I am completely in love and will (hopefully) grab a few more single shades in the future.


Onto one product I don’t own and haven’t tried: the Tarte Sculptor contour stick. To be honest, I was pretty intimidated with this. It looks dark and a little orange. When applied, it is sheer and very blendable which gives me some hope. I would say it isn’t a perfect contour shade, but I want to test it out before making much of a judgement.


The Sephora Eye Liner is one of my faves. I do already own one shade in Banana Split which is an amazing yellow. Their colour range is absolutely fantastic and I am happy to have another one of the liners. I am a little shocked that this was the colour included in this package though because there is some glitter in it. However, it is a lovely dark brown with just a subtle sparkle in it, making it different than other liners I own. I am happy with it since it is different than your typical brown liner.


I have tried Formula X nail polish in the past and immediately tossed it. I was not impressed with how goopy it was or the wear of it. That being said, I was willing to give it another chance when I saw there was one included in this package. When this came in, I wasn’t wearing nail polish and gave myself a little impromptu manicure at work. It was amazing. The formula, the colour, the wear – especially since I wasn’t wearing a top or base coat. I love it.


If you haven’t heard about this, where have you been? The Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal was a big deal when it came out (not too long ago) and I am so excited to give it a try. When swatched, it is disco ball glitter which is my favourite kind of highlight. I will be sure to report back once I have given it a proper try.


I have tried a Nars Lip Gloss before and honestly, I am not too crazy about them. I am not too much of a lip gloss lover in the first place, and with these being $31, I will probably never purchase one by itself. There just isn’t anything too special about them. That being said, it is awesome that you get a full sized Nars product included in this package. The colour is a sheer, sparkley mauve which again, I am not so crazy about.

 Out of these 8 products, this is the only one I already own. Too Faced is one of my beloved brands, but I don’t use the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer too much if I am honest. It is a nice product and there isn’t anything wrong with it, but I find I reach for other bronzers before this one. The smell is fantastic of course, but it is also comes off as a grey/brown and is light enough for my pale skin as long as I don’t load it on. I will be playing with this a little more in the future to see if it is worth keeping both of perhaps I will have to give one away.


Overall, I 100% recommend the Formula X Nail Polish, the Sephora Eye Liner, the Urban Decay Eye Shadow and the Bite Beauty Lip Pencil. They are gorgeous in colour, smooth in formula and have a wide range of colour to choose from.

Til next time, ttfn x

Mini Sephora & OMG Nail Strips Haul

Hauls are always so much fun for me to read/watch. I guess I am just a little bit curious to see what other people are interested in, what might be new out there, older products I maybe haven’t heard of and, let’s face it, I love to see people’s reactions to products. Shopping always gives me a warm, fuzzy feeling, but make up shopping is a whole other ball game. I know I am not alone, but just seeing all of the pretty colours and the magical things make up can do is so fun. Before moving out, I did get to do a little bit of online shopping at, you guessed it, Sephora but I also bought few other bits from OMG Nail Strips (speaking of, awesome new product on their website* – check it out!).

First and foremost, I got my super exciting Nars birthday gift. Being VIB Rouge at Sephora, I received both Nars lippies and a black liner. I am not hurting for black liners, but I haven’t tried this liner (I believe it is the Larger Than Life Longwear in Via Veneto) yet so it could be amazingly mind-blowingly different. For the two lippies, I already own the Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien from a 2014 500 point perk (I think…) which also came with the liner. I promptly gave the liner away since, at the time, I had so many to go through. The Nars Velvet Matte lip pencil in Cruella is what I had my eye on when this gift was announced. Natalie received this in January when we went shopping and every time she wears it, it looks so amazing on her! I hope I love it just as much on me.

Speaking of Sephora perks, I got try out a Marc Jacobs Le Marc Lip Crème for 100 points. I believe it is an entirely new line of lipsticks but don’t quote me on that. This one in particular is in the colour Kiss Kiss Bang Bang which doesn’t really blow me away. With a very velvety finish though, and a hydrating formula, I am glad I got it. Luxury lippies are always lots of fun to try out – hence why I have so many minis. Marc Jacobs in itself is a fantastic brand that I plan to take a close look at very soon.

Ok, onto actual purchases. As an oily girl, I frequently need a bit of touching up during the day. I like to use the Clean and Clear oil absorbing sheets (which last an incredible amount of time since there are about 50 in a pack) but thought it may be time to try something new. I have heard so many good things about the Sephora brand blotting papers and these Vitamin C blotting papers were on sale on Sephora’s website for $5, so I figured it would be a good time to give them a try. Honestly, I don’t know whether the Vitamin C factor will actually do anything special but $5 for 100 papers can’t be beat.

While in the sale section, I saw the Urban Decay Ammo palette complete with a mini Urban Decay Primer potion for only $20. As you may know from my previous empties post, I had a sample of the Primer Potion and instantly decided to purchase. Phenomenal staying power is the words I would use to describe this stuff. The mini Primer Potion is $14, so for only an extra $6, I got a palette? Sign me up. I can finally start to use my new eye shadows without fear so you will be seeing this again soon I am sure! Unfortunately, the deal is no longer available.

Samples and sales and mini’s are obviously my favourite things so there is no shock that I checked out the travel sized section at Sephora. I am all about trying different things and having options, so having a mini product to use just means I can try more things more often. Primers are another product that I really have a whole lot of from ipsy bags, Sephora samples or value packs over the years, but I recently made a pretty important discovery. All these years, I could never find a good foundation match. I always thought it was just because I am so pale, or I am more yellow-toned and things just didn’t match. I knew that I had some discolouration in my face, but I never realized that a bit of green would completely fix my issues. I have a green Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector concealer that I have been using thus far to cover discolouration, but it can be heavy especially on my cheeks. So, though I am not a fan of the original, I picked up the Smashbox Photofinish Color Correcting primer. No, I haven’t tried it yet. I am almost done 2 of the opened primers in my drawer which will promptly be replaced by this so I can give it a good try. I am so excited!

Again, scouring that travel sized beauty section, I came across this Ole Henriksen Clean Truth Cleansing Duo. Since my last haul, I have fallen madly, deeply, truly in love with the Ole Henriksen Grease Relief Cleansing Cloths. These are meant to be oil free and pore refining, but I mostly notice how exfoliating these bad boys are. My face feels so clean and so good after using these, but they are not an every day thing. Being a bit of a hoarder, I promptly looked up what other wipes the brand had and the price. I was hoping and praying I hadn’t just fallen for an extremely expensive product that will only last a month. Amazingly, the brand has several different wipes and several different packages to choose from and for only $19-$22 for 30. The package I received comes with a 10 pack of the Clean Truth Cleansing clothes which are meant to be brightening as well as the African Red Tea foaming cleanser. I am very excited to give these a try as well as the other wipes I am sure to purchase in the future.

Onto the amazing OMG Nail Strips I got. If you recall, around the end of December, I raved about OMG Nail Strips, specifically how long they lasted and how easy they were to remove with nail polish remover. No fuss and no mess but all the cuteness. There are a hundred and one designs from cute little patterns to unique and adorable and intricate artwork. With no shipping cost internationally, and an amazing 5 for $25 deal, I picked up 5 more designs that I am crazy about. I am bursting at the seams to put them all on, especially the amazingly cute nautical design, In The Navy*.
From left to right:
Spilled Paint*
Kitty Love*
In The Navy*
White Hearts*
Painted Rose*

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little haul. Just a reminder that my Deborah Lippmann Glitter Polish draw ends TOMORROW (Feb 28th, 2015) so enter if you’re interested.
Til next time, ttfn x

*affiliate links included