FUN Lacquer First Impressions

Recently due to my obsession with Simply Nailogical, I picked up a few shades from Live Love Polish. The website is full of cruelty-free, 3 and 5 free brands, and many shimmery and holographic shades, which I love. It is also full of smaller brands like FUN Lacquer which is the brand I was the most attracted to. To try out their line, I got a duo-chrome with holo glitter, a pure holo glitter and a linear holo topcoat. This brand is very holo heavy as you can tell.

Cheers to the Holidays (H) is a multichrome polish that shifts between some of my favourite colours: purple, blue, orange and red. I find it is mainly a red-purple on my nails but that holo really comes through. This polish is available without the holo glitter but I wanted to go all out. This is opaque in 2 coats and easy to apply.
Black Holo Witch is pure black holographic glitter in a clear base, meaning it isn’t one you simply paint on for it to be opaque. You can wear this over any polish for that extra sparkle or sponge it on for the full effect. This is sponged on. Like all glitter, it can be a pain to remove so use with caution. It is worth mentioning this was the chunkiest polish and doesn’t always apply smooth when simply painting it on.

Thumb to pinky: Deborah Lippmann Fashion, OPI Big Apple Red, Nails Inc Swiss Cottage, Wet n Wild Black Creme, Sally Hanson Coral Reef

Finally, Diamond is their original holographic top coat. It is one of the more subtle holos which is what I was going for because I want to be able to see the colour under the shade when I wear it. That being said, in the right lighting, it is that gorgeous linear rainbow that I was hoping for. It does slightly dull the colours underneath but it is worth it in the right lighting. I tried it over 2 different finishes and several different brands for comparison.
As far as application, these polishes are smooth and easy to apply for the most part. I love the brush and the formula works well. The one thing I was a little surprised in was how small the bottles were compared to OPI, for example. They are totally unique and something that isn’t available in-store which was my main draw. All of that being said, I would buy these again in a heartbeat!

Til next time, ttfn x

#NOTD: Spring Manicure ft Trust Fund Beauty 

I am honestly not sure what happened but I am back into doing my nails. For a while there, I wasn’t interested in doing nail art and I barely painted them. All that has changed and I blame these Trust Fund Beauty polishes. To honour them (and get a little spring mani happening), I have a quick and easy tutorial. I hope you like it!

Base coat: Essence the gel nail polish base coat.

Nail Polish: Trust Fund Beauty Credit Card Workout** which I applied on all nails except my middle finger. One coat works but I used two. 

Dry drops: Essence Nail Art Express dry drops used between coats except on my ring finger. 

Decals: Beyond the Nail dragonfly nail decals in Light Green. I applied these carefully to my ring finger while the polish was still wet using some tweezers to place them.

Top coat: Essence gel-look top coat on all the completed nails with another dry drop on top.

Stencil: Beyond the Nail Line Vinyl nail guides. These are super easy to use and place if you bend the card at the ends of the strip, you can easily peel a group of strips off and place them on your nail evenly.

With the strips on my nail, I quickly did a double coat of polish and removed the strips after a few seconds. I used the dry drops before adding a top coat to avoid smearing the polish.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my quick and easy spring nail art! Obviously you can use whatever colours you’d prefer but I love the bold shine of this silver.

Til next time, ttfn x

Spider Web Nail Art

It’s week 3 of the Halloween nail art tutorials! Have you tried any? I would love to see!
opi today i accomplished zero and alpine snow
This week is simple but neat in that there is texture, sparkle and a simple design. Starting with OPI’s Today I Accomplished Zero from the Coca Cola Collection as a base on every finger. This is a sheer black polish laced with very bright red sparkles throughout. Because the black is a bit sheerer, the more you layer the polish, the more red glitter you can see.
The glitter is also pretty thick in comparison to others I have seen and gives the nail a slight bit of texture while the glitter gives you shine. If you want your design to stand out, this is when you would want to put on a top coat.
opi alpine snow and today i accomplished zero
Note: I drew the web then used a top coat afterwords.
On the accent nail, I took OPI’s Alpine Snow (also used in my last tutorial as a base) and drew a simple web. If you’re not confident enough to draw directly on your nail, try on paper first. Start at the base of the nail and draw between 4-5 lines towards all edges of your nail. To do this, I have e.l.f.’s eyeliner brush. If you want really opaque white lines, coat your brush with more polish and go over a few times. The trick is not to make the lines too thick though!
spider web nail art halloween
Between the lines, draw small, slightly curved lines to connect it all together! The point is not to be too neat! It is a web, of course.
If you do want to seal it with a top coat, wait a while for the web to completely dry (or you will end up with white streaks). Done!
I really enjoyed these nails and they were very simple. You could add to the web with spider nail stickers for even more detail but I decided against it!

Have you got your Halloween Costume figured out yet?

Which nails are your favourite so far?

Til next time, ttfn x