My Current Brow Routine

Once upon a time, I really disliked my brows. They are now and have always been bushy and uneven, patchy and hard to shape. When big, bold and heavily made-up brows became trendy however, I figured out a way to make them work pretty well for me. Take a look at my current routine.

My brow maintenance mainly consists of plucking and a little bit of shaving once a week. Since my hair grows in fast, I also have to trim them up and brush them out a few times a week or they are a tad out of control. I will trim them first brushing the inner part of my brow up towards my forehead and the tail down towards my ear just to show me which hair needs to be trimmed up. Once my hair is tidy, I will pluck away the strays with my favourite tweezers from Revlon. Finally, to finish off any maintenance, I will use a face razor (found at Walmart) and shave above my brow until I am happy with the shape.

My favourite way to do my brows is with powder and I use the Quo Powder in Brunette and a angled liner brush also from Quo. I make a bit of an outline with the powder first before lightly filling in any patches. Some parts of my brow are a little stubborn so I will also go in with an eyebrow pencil to finish the job. After one more brush through, voila!



I hope you enjoyed seeing my brow routine in a bit more detail. If you’re interested in seeing this make up look, stay tuned for next week!

Til next time, ttfn x

Favourite ‘Behind The Scenes’ products

A Behind The Scene product is something that you really don’t see, but you always use and they help make your makeup look that much more flawless. This could be anything beauty from a cleanser to lip balm, but here are my top picks that seriously help me out.
I want to quickly mention: I personally have acne prone, oily skin which is not super reactive.
murad rapid age spot and pigment lightening serum
Dark Spot Correcting Serum
Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum is AWESOME. This is my second mini bottle of this serum and it works so well on my acne scars. I was afraid to purchase it initially because I have heard that it can cause some small bumps but I have not experienced anything like that. While using this, it has been so much easier to cover spots! Less redness, less concealer!
clinique liquid facial soap for oily skin
My current favourite cleanser is Clinique Liquid Facial Soap (oily skin version). This is very gentle, not too drying and takes off just about all of my make up. Murad and Clinique are two brands that my skin really reacts well with. This is obviously a mini bottle as well, but I have used it pretty much every day for at least 2 months! I notice a big difference in my skin if I don’t use it now, though I usually have 2 cleansers I switch between.
e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator
Lip Scrub
There are a million options for this, but the easiest for me is the e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator. There are several DIY scrubs and jar scrubs but they are too messy and kind of wasteful. I tend to over-do things when it comes to products and it just gets messy. With this, it’s fool-proof! With winter on it’s way (horrible thought, I know), it’s about time to start really fighting off chapped lips!
St. Ives Timeless Skin Mineral Clay Firming Mask
Out of every piece of skin or body care, my number 1 thing is masks. I am always drawn to them, they make me feel good and relaxed. They are luxurious and a fantastic treat. I have tried so many masks, but right now, I am loving the St. Ives Timeless Skin Mineral Clay Firming Mask. I know I am only 22, but this mask seems to really firm my skin especially in my cheeks, making my pores smaller, skin tighter, and overall, a better texture.
Mirabella Eye Blender brush
There is a big selection of brushes out there, but this brush completely changed how I do eye makeup. I received it in an ipsy bag and haven’t found anything even close to it. The Mirabella Eye Blender brush works magic. If you’re trying to get an effortless blend, this is the brush. It’s fluffy but firmer than the others I’ve used and it just looks beautiful.
Revlon tweezers
Sounds pretty silly and obvious, but these Revlon tweezers are awesome. They grab any hair no matter how thin or short. They give you so much control and make it so easy to do your brows – super important feature to me.
L'Oréal Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer
My favourite primer is the L’Oréal Magic Lumi Light Infusing Primer. I really don’t know what it is about this primer that I love so much. With oily skin, I prefer a matte finish, but this primer gives me an amazing finish without making my face an oily mess. I love it more than any other primer I have tried (so far). I do have a line up of mattifying primers that I will be trying next once I finish the few that I have open. I’ll keep you posted!
Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Strengthener
Base coat
Last but not least, nail’s are very important to me. This list wouldn’t be complete without a mention of a nail product. During the spring/summer, my nail’s were constantly splitting, ruining my nail length and polish. This was my solution: Sally Hansen Miracle Nail Strengthener – I think this is the 70% stronger formula. I had initially tried the 50% formula but obviously, 70% is better if you have brittle nails.

Did I miss anything?

Have you tried any of these products?

Til next time, ttfn x